Jung Il woo and Na Mun-hee in Radio Star Episode 682.

2020 08 19 Jung Il woo and Na Mun-hee in MBC's Radio Star Episode 682.JPG

2020 08 19 Jung Il woo and Na Mun-hee in Radio Star Episode 682. Cr. YTN Star

Update August 20, 2020

Did you see the show?! … it’s available in English!  Keep reading further down for where to watch it if you haven’t.  It’s out in short highlight videos at MBC’s YouTube Channel so I’m going to include them here.  They might also subtitle them later on…

This is the best one… it includes a lot of Ilwoo parts:

This one is included in the above one:

In this one Ilwoo talks a bit more:

This is what I had posted before:

August 18, 2020

Hello, are you excited to see Jung Il woo with Na Mun-hee?  I wonder what new nugget we’ll get to find out!

So there are two ways to watch this show:

  1. “Kisstvshow” It’s free. Do a Google search for kisstvshow radiostar.  You should see a direct link.  Sometimes you’ll get a few pop windows so just go back to the original screen.  (I think you can watch this from anywhere in the world…)
  2. Viki-Rakuten It’s not free… but if you’ve never had it you can get a free trial.  It’s $9.99 a month (with Kokowa).  Just do a search within the App and you’ll see it. (Look for Korean drama Apps in your country if you don’t have Viki-Rakuten.)


Here is another article fresh of the press, though its Google translation is not too good:

‘Las’ Na Moon-hee “When my body and heart are tired, tears pour out because of Jung Il-woo”

Credit YTN Star.   Korean HERE

Actor Jung Il-woo is going to a sortie as a “Radio Star” special MC for senior Na Moon-hee, who breathed with a “high kick without hesitation,” and is holding a ceremony for the entertainment MC.

Na Moon-hee will confess that he expected Jung Il-woo’s “Las” appearance test, and will reveal an anecdote in which tears were poured out because of his junior Jung Il-woo, who is no less than a “steamed grandson.”

MBC’s’Radio Star’ (planning Sooyoung Ahn/Director Haengho Choi), scheduled to air on the 19th, will be decorated with a special feature of’Late Mangju (?)’ with Moonhee Na, Heejun Lee, Wonyoung Choi and Suji Lee.

In the special feature of ‘Late Manchu (?)’, Jung Il-woo appears as a special MC and shares high-class laughter and warm episodes with guests. Jung Il-woo decided to appear as an MC for “Lass” for Na Moon-hee, who had a heartfelt relationship after breathing in her debut sitcom “High Kick Without Hesitation”.

On the other hand, Na Moon-hee expected that Jung Il-woo would consider appearing in “Las”. Moon-hee Na reveals the reason and makes her curious about their story by saying, “This is such an adult~” to Jung Il-woo and saying that she could not hide her smile.

In addition, after the release of the movie “I Can Speak,” Na Moon-hee is invited to several film festivals and at the same time confesses that she suffered from shingles severely while carrying out the drama schedule. He raises curiosity by revealing an anecdote that poured out tears because of Jung Il-woo at a time when both body and mind were exhausted.

On the other hand, “late mangju (?)” who turned to actors while walking on a different path, Na Moon-hee, Lee Hee-joon, Choi Won-young, and Lee Su-ji will reveal audition tips based on the episodes and experiences of watching numerous auditions for acting. Hee-jun Lee, a “realist” and Won-young Choi, a “romanticist,” said that they gave tips on how to tell the story.

The secrets of the actors’ management are also revealed. Na Moon-hee, who is still passionate enough to challenge her first action acting in the 60th year of her debut, reveals the reason for visiting the market and sauna even when there is no schedule, while she confesses that she is nagging her best friend Kim Young-ok because of her excessive passion. Is expected.

Moon-hee Na and Il-Woo Jung’s episodes of ‘Strengthened Grandchildren’ can be confirmed through “Radio Star,” which airs at 10:50 this night.

YTN Star Reporter Boran Choi (ran613@ytnplus.co.kr)
[Photo provided = MBC’Radio Star’]

2020 08 19 Jung Il woo and Na Mun-hee in Radio Star Episode 682. Cr. YTN Star .jpg

WITAT  (After seeing the show)

As I commented in IG, Ilwoo looked like a fresh piece of lettuce!  He looked so clean and healthy!  Just perfect really! That shirt was so beautiful too. It made him look so light, soft… almost angelic like.

I wish Ilwoo would have been on the other side!  But it must be so nerve racking!  When they invited him to come back as a guest, his “neh” was like “No way Jose!”  Even as an MC, Ilwoo seemed a bit like a fish out of the water… not in his element.  He did his best as always reviewing his cards and trying to keep up.  He was such a sweetheart to be there for Na Mun-hee.