Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 4 with English Translation.

2011 7 OMT Day 4 Whistler Peak2Peak

August 16, 2020

Hello!  How is your August going?  I hope you have been enjoying great weather.  If you are send some sunshine thoughts and prayers to Ilwoo and his beautiful country…  they are pretty soaked in South Korea with almost two months of daily rain.  And not just a little, it’s the monsoon which was supposed to start mid June and end at the beginning of July… this year it was first delayed and then it over stayed.

Ready to continue traveling with Ilwoo in Vancouver?  Here we go!

One More Time 정일우 – EP 04 from DC ILWOO on Vimeo.

One More Time
Episode 4


1:10 Whistler is filled with many people all year round. In winter, for skiing and in summer for mountain bikes or ziplines. Today is the day we are going to ride a mountain bike, so I want to show my other cool side. Let’s depart to the bike road!

2:42 I could feel how thrilling it would be when I am on the lift. How will it feel if I ride a bike on this high place? When I see people below me, I really want to ride as soon as possible.

3:25 Why am I doing this?

3:34 I think it is really different from the normal bike, balancing is the most important, and put your pedal side by side and then you can balance yourself.

3:54 Well, the practice is done, so I will go ride down. I heard it is around 40 minutes, I will try not to hurt myself and have fun riding. Fighting!

4:26 Just like the fast speed of the bike, I was not able to think anything. Just the road and bikes ahead of me, and my fast beating heartbeats. The reason why I am happy now is because I don’t have to think of people’s looks on me, and I don’t have to listen to anything and I am enjoying my own trip.

5:10 It is the best! So fun! Awesome!

5:24 The one I did is for beginners but still it is quite dangerous and very exciting. Look at me!

6:00 I rode my bike and did photo shooting and came here.

6:10 Wow! So cool! Wow! What I can say is just Wow!

6:35 I can’t think of anything but just wow. I feel like I am a part of the myth of the mountain. Standing like this.

6:48 Endless.

6:56 The one you can see now is the emblem for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and it has the meaning of welcoming, opening arms wide.

Finally Pyeongchang, Korea is decided to be a host of the Winter Olympics 2018. I am in the place where the 2018 Olympics was held and I feel something different here. I am really happy about it. I expect our athletes to do their best. Everyone, fighting!

7:47 The gondola/cable car you see there is the one that goes to the highest point among gondolas in the world and it is 4.4km long and can get to the end in 11 minutes. I think it is so beautiful.

8:19 We have never taken any pictures together!

8:39 Today was a long day. The mountain bike riding was very exciting and the photo shooting was good. It was a very productive day. That being said. Look at this! I bought some wine for the staff members. It has been 5 days and it means half of our tour is over. And I want to have this time to make us cheer up more.

9:38 Peanuts, cherries, my favorite fruits. That’s why I picked them. My other loving food, Olives. I really like them. Dispensable wine glasses. Cheeses as well. Ah, I thought there will be some sort of guidance about how the show should go, but it is really a “reality show” so there is nothing like that. It is so hard for me. Now we will start the party. Wow! There he is! Our PD is here. Then I am going to let him film me.

10:39 We are on the half way through the end of our journey and I want to use this time to solve some problem we might have among us unintentionally, and have a good time to cheer us up to end our journey well. Today Jung DJ will pick songs.

11:06 I like listening to songs. What is funny is that whenever I do acting roles, I always have one specific I have in my mind. While I was filming “49days” there were many songs but IU’s “Only I didn’t know” and among the lyrics there is a verse “There is no such thing called  ‘good farewell’”

11:33 I really have to say farewell to someone on the drama and that song really helped me.

11:50 I have a memory that I just liked a girl one way and ended without anything while I was in high school. And there are situations that two people like each other but because of the situations you have to break up. And there was a case like that to me as well.

12:15 someone just knocked on the door, who is it?

12:21 welcome! Come in!

12:40 I am not good at peeling apples, how should I do?

12:50 I almost cut my fingers.

Staff is saying if he can cook like this everyday but Ilwoo said just one time is already tiring.

13:02 Should you combine them? Can we actually have a party tonight? are these wine glasses?

13:20 Yeah, we have passed our half way and everyone did their best and we have a lot of things left to do. Everyone cheers!

13:40 I want Ilwoo who is in his mid 20s, who is actually very good at taking care of his staff, and from now on as well I hope he takes care of his staff more.

14:07 People consider him as a cold person when you don’t know him but when you are next to him, he really takes care of you.

14:26 When I see him, I feel that he takes care of other staff than me (he is the manager of Ilwoo)

14:38 Ahhh, no! I feel sad. You know how much I take care of him. It is a group so I can’t take care of everyone here. Normally, I spend 24 hours with him because we always go everywhere together. During that time, I always put you first and take care of you but when I am out here, there are ladies here. And there is a thing called “ladies first.”

15:05 That’s why you put the “lady” Jung Sera “first” to bungee jump.

15:34 the weather today is much better. (do you think about the stew for hungover?) Well, I have my own way to deal with it. The day after I drink a lot, I want to eat Cream Pasta. They say there are people who like something greasy like Black noodles, but I am more into cream pasta. Normal days, I don’t eat cream pasta but after drinking I like to eat cream pasta.

16:38 My oldest uncle (dad’s brother) rides his bike everyday at the Han river park. I want to join him at least several times a week. Riding a bike really helps you more than you think and it is a whole body exercise.

17:02 The weather is hot, drunk alcohol, why not ice creams?

17:26 We have been to many big cities this time, including Vancouver and Whistler, but our next destination is Victoria, the calmer place. We will do many activities there, one of them is visiting a farm. I will show you a more serious version of me.

18:10 Hongdae is also known for street performances but Other countries are more developed in street performances everywhere you go. Shall we go have a look?

19:06 These? For men? I bought them!

19:37 Today is the last day at Whistler and I was looking forward to seeing beautiful scenery about this city but, as soon as we were on the forest road, it became just a mere hope. Until this time was good.

20:13 The shaking car, the sky and the trees looked at least multiplied (too shaky) Whistler never disappoints me and that’s why I like you!

20:35 I feel like I am here for a documentary. What is going on?

20:53 Why are we even here, really!

21:15 eh! It is nothing! It is not difficult to do!

21:28 I wanted to go on a trip with Minho from Flower Boys and I had a car accident so I was not able to go. I have a good friend from middle school, and he is studying in London, and we met in London and travelled Europe together. Since I am not that young anymore, I think it is a good idea to travel with my friends. I think just having one backpack and going on a trip will teach me something so I am considering a trip abroad.

22:12 Hey my friends, I am sorry that I was not able to meet you guys when I am busy. You will know when you start working how difficult it is to have free time. I only have friends from middle school. I think of them as my forever friends and I don’t think we will hate each other because of little things, and we trust each other and support each other. Let’s have fun lives! Fighting!


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