Jung Il woo and Na Mun-hee scheduled to appear at MBC’s Radio Star on September 2, 2020!

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August 12, 2020

Yes! Jung Il woo will be an MC! and Na Mun-hee will be a guest in the TV show called Radio Star in MBC.  This show hosted by Kim Gook-jin, Kim Gura and Ahn Young-mi. It airs on MBC on Wednesdays at 10:50(KST). The first episode aired on May 30, 2007.

This is an article translated to English form the pop.heraldcorp from August 11th.  Original in Korean.

“While Na Moon-hee is on an outing for entertainment through ‘Radio Star’, Jung Il-woo took the special MC.

According to the broadcaster on the 11th, Jung Il-woo will shoot as a special MC in the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’, where actor Na Mun-hee is scheduled to appear.

Na Moon-hee is the movie’Oh! Ahead of the release of ‘Moonhee’, it is expected to appear in ‘Radio Star’ and release various episodes about the work. Na Mun-hee, who was not easily seen in usual entertainment, is raising expectations about what kind of talk and artistic feeling he will show.

In particular, special MC Jung Il-woo is known to have steadily maintained a strong relationship with Na Mun-hee through his debut work, MBC sitcom ‘Unstoppable High Kick’, so he is also interested in the chemistry that the two will show.

Meanwhile, the movie’Oh! ‘Munhee’ is a rural investigation drama performed by Oh Moon-hee (Na Mun-hee), the only witness of a hit-and-run accident, and Doowon (Lee Hee-jun), the son of a stage show who does not cover fire. It is scheduled to be released on September 2nd.”


I Can’t wait!!!