Jung Il woo started working in a new movie: “Highway Family” !!!

October 19, 2021

Yes!  What great news!

Yesterday, October 18th Jung Il woo started working on a new movie!  It has the literal name ‘Highway Family’ and it is Jung Il woo’s  appearance in his 5th movie! Previously he worked on ‘The World of Silence’ 2006, ‘My Love’ 2007, ‘The Rise of a Tomboy’ 2015 and made a short appearance in ‘The Discloser’ 0n 2017.

The movie  ‘Highway Family’ tells the story of a family living a homeless life living in a highway camping rest area.  Jung Il woo plays the homeless father of two with another one on the way.  The actress Kim Seul-gi plays Jung Il woo’s wife, a full-term pregnant woman who practically leads a journey without a destination embracing her husband, two children, and a child in her womb. Kim Seul-gi was born in Busan in 1991, (she just turned 30). She starred in the drama ‘Shh, Take Care of Him’ and the 2019 movie “Gift” with Shin Ha Kyun EXO’s Suho, Yoo Soo Bin, and more.

Actress Ra Mi-ran, who is very experienced and achieved the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress as an ‘Honest Candidate’,  play the role of a president of a used furniture store that has nostalgia for her son.  This is the actress who did the cameo of the widow that gets Bossam in the first episode of Bossam Steal the Fate.

The actor Baek Hyun-jin plays Ra Mi-ran’s husband.  He is blunt, but understands his wife’s pain more than anyone else, he will play a role in evoking the whole atmosphere of the movie. He is a well rounded actor who  appeared in the movies ‘Samjin Group English TOEIC Class’ and ’10 Months of Future’.

This film will be directed by the new director Sang-moon Lee, who has experience as an assistant director in the movies “Adults Don’t Know’ and “Killing Woman’.  He is also in charge of the Script.  This film is scheduled to finish in the second half of this year with a goal of being released in 2022.


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I wish Ilwoo and the cast and crew good health and weather!  I’m so delighted ^ ^ for you Ilwoo Ssi!