Ilwoo’s Lean Chicken Romaine Caesar Salad

Lean Chicken Romaine Caesar Salad

September 20, 2020

Jung Il woo shared this recipe in his Bilibili account.  My tutor had a hard time translating it as they added music and his words were hard to hear.  So I don’t think I’ll ask him to translate any more of those Bilibili videos… So for the rest I’ll do my best guess!  I will write the ingredients on the top and then leave the translations as the steps.  It is great to read as he talks about what he likes to eat too and his very healthy habits. As a reminder if you are copying this, credit  Again… it is the right thing to do… and life always gives back what you give to it… it’s universal law.


chicken breast

romaine lettuce


greek yogurt


olive oil



black pepper


bay leaves

crushed garlics

parmesan cheese

egg (1 per serving)

100% whole wheat bread (optional)


Today, we will make Romaine Caesar Salad.

I am on a diet now, so I wanted to share some healthy and tasty food since I want you to eat that way. I already cooked the chicken breast and I put it under ice. If you put in the ice, the meat becomes more chewy. Today’s ingredients are anchovy, and usually they put mayonnaise when making Caesar salads, but this time, I will use Greek yogurt.

0:54 when you use yogurt, it is less calories so you gain less weight, and it is tasty, so I will use yogurt to make this dish. Things I put are simple. anchovy, bell pepper powder,  Olive oil, lime, salt, black pepper, crushed garlics.  so you can easily make it at home. While the chicken breast is cooling down, I will make sauce. Put two to two and a half big scoops of yogurt, if you eat alone, put less yogurts. You can put anchovies as a whole thing, but I usually make them small pieces.

1:41 in fact, it is very simple. Just cut them like this. When it is all done, put some anchovy, squeeze lime in, and if you want something more spicy, put the bell pepper powder. It gets spicy, so put as you like. And olive oil. I love olive oil so much. If you want a salad, just put olive oil and that’s good enough.

2:18 and then put some crushed garlic. Now mix them well. It’s very tasty. Now tear apart the chicken breast. Just tear them. Using hands is better. It is also good if you put bacon on top of the salad, but I am on a diet, so I removed the bacon. If you want to have bread, there are breads made of 100% whole wheat. They are not bad, also breads with grains and nuts, I think they are good. You need to do exercise to lose weight.

3:14 in fact, there should be some carbs so it can burn fat and make energy, so you must eat some carbs. I avoid flour when I am exercising, and noodles, even though I really love them.

3:34 I boiled the chicken breast for around 15 minutes, and I put cilantro and bay leaf and some black pepper, and then you can get rid of bad smells.

3:47. Now, the I tear the breast all apart. When it is done, put some black pepper on top of it. It helps get rid of bad smells. Now put some sauce on romaine. When it is done, put cheese on top of it.

4:28 I boiled some eggs, and…. What? I boiled it for 6 minutes, I peeled the eggs and put it on top. When you tear them apart, you see the yolk coming out! Now put chicken breast on top of it. Other breast parts, you mix with sauce. Ohh so tasty! Yes! All done!

5:16  Jung Il woo’s healthy recipe, we have finished the chicken breast romaine caesar salad! Follow as I did, and I think you can surely learn how to make it. See you next time!

Here is his completed dish: