Jung Il woo’s Ong (Shrimp) Bath and Potato Balls Skewers Recipe. (옹바스)

Jung Il woo's Gambas and Potato Balls Skewers

Jung Il woo’s Ong Bath and Potato Balls Skewers Recipe.

This was from Convenience Store Restaurant Episode 7.  Cr. Jung Il woo & KBS2


Potato Balls Skewers / Mongsim ingredients:

4-5 potato-sized potatoes, 5TS of wheat flour (add water if stiff), a little salt, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, cooking oil, stick skewer

Shrimp / Ong Bath Ingredients:

150 ml of olive oil, 30 ml of chili oil, rosemary, kimchi seasoning, 15 garlic (half sliced / half whole garlic), 5 oversized shrimp cut into the back, 7 cocktail shrimps, 2 mushrooms (6 equal parts), lotus root (4 Halved), 5 olives, 5 banks, 12 pepperoncino, basil, salt, pepper


4 cherry tomatoes, parsley powder


Potato Balls Skewers:

1. Put the peeled potatoes in a mixer and grind finely.

2. Put the ground potatoes in a cotton cloth and squeeze tightly to separate water and dry matter.

3. Let the potato water stand for 15-20 minutes to cool the starch powder (sediment).

4. Mix the sunken starch powder (sediment) with the potato ingredients.

5. Put salt and Korean wheat flour in No. 4 and knead the dough well.

6. Peel the dough and put mozzarella cheese & cheddar cheese in a small size


7. On a deep fried Ongsim, alternate the mozzarella and cheddar cheese versions, sticking four on the skewer


Shrimp / Ong Bath:

1. Add 150ml of olive oil and 30ml of hot pepper oil and heat it.

Add only enough to cook and then deliver.

2. Stir-fry mushrooms, lotus root, olives, ginkgo, add garlic, and pepperoni.

3. Lightly season with salt and pepper.

4. When the garlic ripens yellow, add shrimp and onions.

5. Finally, cut and add the basil.

6. Sprinkle parsley powder with deco and cut 4 cherry tomatoes in half.

7. Ongsim, which was prepared in advance, is served with fried skewers next to it.

Source: The Convenience Store Restaurant Website. HERE.