Jung Il-Woo’s Mara Xiang Guo Rice Dumplings Recipe. (마라샹궈 밥만두)

2019 11 16 Jung Il woo's Dumpling Recipe for New Item Release, Convenience Store Restaurant, Episode 4. Cr. Jung Il woo. 1

Mara Xiang Guo Rice Dumplings

This was from Convenience Store Restaurant Episode 11.  Cr. Jung Il woo & KBS2


rice dumplings, rice paper, mara oil sauce (sancho) 1 20g,

glutinous rice 200g,

chopped garlic little,

large shrimp 250g (cut into small pieces about 1cm),

Tofu 80g, 60g garlic chopped (sliced), mushrooms 80g, cabbage 80g, soaked in zucchini water for 4 or 5 hours.  (That was the water he was squeezing out on the Episode 1!)

sweet chili sauce, condensed milk


1. Fry the chopped garlic in a frying pan in oil, cook with shrimp and meat.
2. Add various vegetables such as garlic 쫑, oyster mushroom, dried tofu, zucchini, cabbage, and cook.
Add the spicy flavor with marathon sauce to make dumplings.
3. [Steamed dumpling version] Fill the rice paper soaked with water with 2 cows
Wrap the dumpling skin once more to make it.
4. [Fried dumpling version] Stir-fried with glutinous rice in the 2nd beef
Bake on a frying pan until it is crispy on the outside.
5. Prepare steamed dumplings in sweet chili sauce and grilled dumplings in condensed milk.

Recipe Source: Convenience Store Restaurant Website. HERE.