Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 20. Photo and Video Recap.

This episode aired on July 4, 2021.  Spoiler alert!

This day was Independence Day for us Americans… well Bossam is not something I wanted to be independent from!  But it had to end sometime…

Favorite part…?  It’s pretty obvious for this last episode.  what could beat that light by the ocean and Jung Il woo?  I don’t think anything in this human world could.  My best dreams with him are always by the ocean… the water… the sun… him…!   This ending was so sweet… so cinderella like that it did not disappoint even without a kiss.


The rest of the MBN videos from this episode can be found HERE.

MBN Stills

I’m starting with the best…

And again to maintain the order…

And they lived happily ever after!

The End.

Wait… I still have my captures!   I made 117 captures… yeah you could say I was saying goodbye.


To Jung Il Woo…

Dearest Ilwoo Ssi, I have delayed as much as I could posting episode 20, the last episode of Bossam Steal the Fate. I loved it so much! I don’t want it to end!  Bossam is now one of my favorite dramas of yours.  Bawoo sits in the hall of my favorite 3 characters of yours!

I loved how you challenged yourself in a different persona that was much rougher, yet with the same kind heart.  I think we will always find that kindness deep down in any character you portray… it is in the end the biggest light to me you possess.  Also this character was the most mature you’ve ever played… it was so good because now I can see you acting for a long time. And with this role you were a dad!  And you were so sweet in this aspect of Bawoo. You couldn’t really get a better coworker for this than this kid as Chadol. These were always among my favorite scenes!

I’m glad you are taking time off to nourish and recharge.  I hope you are eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to replenish your body so it can produce more beautiful light!  You are a beacon, a lighthouse to many of us! Thank you for all your efforts… all the love to your co workers, crew and staff and your fans throughout … we all love you right back!

Looking so forward to what comes next… all the best in asking the universe and listening… close your eyes and stay quiet… do you feel the energy? Trust it with every bit of your being… what you need best acting wise, life wise is coming your way… and be so thankful Ilwoo Ssi! Thankful for every bit!
So thankful for you, for all this!
Always with you,
Fan 13