Buying a ticket for Jung Il woo’s Fan Meeting. Prepare yourself ahead!


I decided to share some information I found was useful while experiencing buying a ticket with Biletino. For practice, I “bought” actually 2 tickets for other events, one free one and one for like 10$.     EN ESPAÑOL AQUI

If you are on a desktop, you can change the language of the site to English!  And you can change the language of the site to any other language by coying the URL and placing it in Google Translate as you would any word or phrase. This is Spanish for example:

T0 buy a ticket these are the steps:

Sign in to your account. You can use Google to do it.  All you need to create an account is an email and a password.

Look for Ilwoo’s event and click on it…

Then click the tab that says “Show Tickets,” (You can see the price is $28.)

After this you will have the ability to pick a ticket to pay in three currencies.

These will be open and the next step looks like this.  Yes, I was actually a step away of getting a ticket on July 2nd!   But I got stuck on the Turkish phone bit… which was what I posted on Instagram that day.

I received timely advice to ignore that step of the Turkish phone and keep going and it worked! (Thank you!!!)  But then I got stuck again as my bank card needed further verification. The ticketing service is based in Turkey so to my bank it looked like fraud.   So after practicing a few times, here are my recommendations:

1) Make sure you are logged in to your account ahead of time on the day of the sale of the tickets.

2) What ever card you use, check that their customer service is 24 hours.  My Debit card for example, only has 8:00AM-8:00PM service,  So if tickets were togo on sale say at 10:00 AM, it would be like 5:00AM my time… which means that my bank’s customer service number is not in service yet… therefore I can’t buy a ticket as I can’t verify that it is me making that purchase.

3) Calling the number in the back of your card a few days ahead and say you will be purchasing a ticket in Turkey for $28 in the hopes of not having to verify your card in the middle of your ticket purchase.  (They wrote a note on my card… though she said it is not guaranteed.)

4) Since they have not disclosed the time of sale of tickets (as far as I know), start at 12:01AM Turkish time and check every 1/2 hour.   Come on!  How deep is your love for Ilwoo?  You know it’s worth it!  ^ ^

5) If you have a good friend who lives in Europe ask them to buy you a ticket for you … less hour difference!

Everyone good luck on the 12th!  Well really… all the best!  Luck has nothing to do with it.  It’s being prepared as much as possible.  I will pray that many of the fans that get these tickets are fans that have never seen him before in a Fan Meeting or those fans for whom traveling all the way to Asia is too difficult.