Jung Il Woo’s Ending Comments about Bossam

In  a Dispatch article from July 5th, 2021, Jung Il woo expressed his ending comments about participating in the drama Bossam Steal the Fate.

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“A work that was both a challenge and an adventure”… Jung Il-woo, ‘Bossam’ Ending Comments

Source: Dispatch

Actor Jung Il-woo said goodbye to MBN’s Saturday drama ‘Bossam – Stealing Destiny’ (played by Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul, directed by Kwon Seok-jang, hereinafter ‘Bossam’).

On the 5th, ‘Bossam’ shared his thoughts on Jung Il-woo’s drama ending. Jung Il-woo expressed his heartfelt regret to leave ‘Bossam’ and his sincere affection for his work.

First, “For me, ‘Bossam’ was a challenge and an adventure. It is a work that gave me the opportunity to learn and feel a lot, and to grow both as an actor and as a person.”

Jung Il-woo takes on the role of ‘Bau’, a subsistence boss. A person who lives as a bossamman while hiding the identity of a yangban. He’s a life at the bottom of nothing he hasn’t done to survive.

He gained rave reviews as a historical drama veteran. Through the bow, the charm of a rough man and the heartbreaking story hidden in it were perfectly expressed. He captivated viewers with his desperate romance.

Jung Il-woo said about his breathing with Kwon Yu-ri (as Ongju Soo-kyung), “As we became more comfortable with each other, ‘steamed acting’ came out.

He handed the ball to coach Kwon Seok-jang. “The first credit is the director. The director’s detailed direction was able to maximize the emotional line,” he said.

Jung Il-woo said, “Thank you for the love of many people.

Finally, “The result of my best efforts received a good evaluation, so it was able to become another valuable work for me. Thank you again,” he added.

Jung Il-woo has been challenging all genres, such as ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’, ‘Haechi’, and the play ‘Elephant Song’. He showed an enterprising acting transformation. Looking forward to his next.

Meanwhile, ‘Bossam’ wrote a new history by recording the highest viewership rating since the opening of MBN. It ended on the 4th, breaking its own highest ratings of 9.8% and the highest of 11.2% nationwide.

[Dispatch = Reporter Song Su-min]