Happy 14th Debut Anniversary Jung Il woo!

Congratulations on the 14th year since your Debut Jung Ilwoo!   14 years!   What an accomplishment in that hard world of entertainment.  And as if that is not enough, in Kdrama entertainment.  It is so tough to survive in this particular world of entertainment.  The demands on beauty on one hand and then the fierce competition… but Jung Il woo has carved his very own spot, with his talent, his beauty, his hard work and kindness.

To Jung Il Woo: As you start this year, I really wish this Covid 19 chapter to pass as quick as possible.  I wish you also a great new drama!  Though to be honest I’m too biased to find anything wrong with any of your dramas!  When I see you in them, I know how hard and how much effort and passion you put in everything you do, so there is no way I could ever not like it.  I think this is probably one of the qualities I admire the most in you… that you give it not just 100%, but more like 200%!  You do the best that you can… and that is the best way to live life, because then you are free of regrets.

So as I thought of what to do for you to post here and in social media,  I decided on you dressed in white and in white backgrounds.  Why? I wanted to give the images an ethereal angelic look… maybe it’s the stress of this election, but this is what came to my mind as I try to remain calm and in peace.  Then for the messages, I wanted to use examples instead of the topic usual words, for example instead of saying I wish you”Love” I opted for “Kisses”… so something that was an immediate example of the topic that I wished for you.

I also used the images from his dramas, he has 13 of them that have aired!

Jung Il woo I wish you…

Kisses divine from the love of your life!

Balance in body, mind and spirit.

Quiet spiritual mind that guides your life.

Peaceful walks in forests, el Camino de Santiago, and other wonderful walking routes across the world!

Learning experiences that bring you much knowledge and abilities, but more importantly wisdom.

Coziness and comforting times with your family.

Thoughtful moments of service and kindness.

Cheers my love!

Thankfulness for everyday, every person, every circumstance… it’s all meant to be part of your life! It is the base. of seeing life in its positive true light. To be one with Universal Energy, GOD. There is always something to be thankful for even in the darkest moments when we choose to really see beyond what is.  I am so filled with gratitude and awe for all these years you have been in my life.  All that I have learned and created because of you!  All the inspiration and love I feel as I write every word!! I am eternally, humbly grateful!

Surprises and unexpected discoveries!

Inspiration to create… to do the best in your craft of acting and entertaining.

World traveling with many cultural connections!

Fun playful moments with your friends, with your colleagues and staff.

Fearless, confident moments of trusting, knowing and doing.

Flavorful, yummy tastes that make your tongue dance Kpop and Salsa! ^ ^

This is a photo, of my idea for this post in my Kribbit idea book, and my Jung Il woo pencil.  SO happy to be your fan Ilwoo Ssi!  Can’t wait for the great adventures ahead… and to write about them!  So happy and honored to be a scribe, a teller of the WOOnderful life of Jung Il woo!

With unconditional love,

Fan 13