Jung Il woo dressed in Boston’s Autumn Colors

November 21, 2020

The end of November already! Can you believe it?  WOOw!

Today, I wanted to post the memory of the images I have been working on and posting on in Instagram based on my photos of this year’s Autumn.  All these photos as you read in the title come from the Boston metro area, and some from nearby neighboring cities and towns.  There is also one by Ilwoo from his Autumn on location in the southern South Korea.

I will go by color…


This next photo was taken and posted by Ilwoo in his Instagram.  It is a photo from the location where he is filming his next drama:


Red & Yellow



These I never posted in Instagram…  they are a special bonus for those extra special fans that check out these posts…  ^ ^

Almost two years ago we shared in Jung Il woo’s return to the entertainment world and us… do you remember this day?  Such an emotional day…  such a blessing having him back.  I remember how hard those two years of his absence were…




Walking and taking photos have definitely been some of those silver linings of Covid 19 for me.  This week for example as soon as I was done teaching around 3:00PM, I stepped out as fast as I could for a short walk.  As fast as I could because now sunset in Boston is around 4:17… (that’s today) and sadly it will continue to get earlier until Dec 21st.  It is hard for my Caribbean body when I can’t get out earlier and get some real sun.  But thank goodness there are always the weekends.  I am so much more observant and I feel I have more a more like a photographer’s eye.  Here are some of my original photos and some of the best I’ve ever taken in my life!