Jung Il woo participated in Museum Week.

This actually happened on…

August 13, 2020

A 13th… and a very special day!!!

Jung Il Woo  attended this event as the public relations ambassador of the National Museum of Korea along with the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Park Yang-woo and other major members of the museum world.

These are the photos I found:

And this is a video he just posted at Bilibili… behind the scenes:

My Screen Shots:

This special Museum Week was organized jointly between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Cultural Foundation of the National Museum of Korea. It was conceived to highlight diversity and inclusion bringing people closer to the museums during this difficult time of Covid 19.  Art was displayed “Out to the Street” in many creative ways. The ministry organized nine programs at selected museums and art galleries in the Seoul metropolitan area, Gangwon Province, and the Chungcheong, Jeolla and Gyeongsang regions, as well as on Jeju Island.

Two huge horizontal LED screen were installed on the entrance of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.  A video creation with museum treasures was featured and played in a continuous loop.  It was the combination of two great efforts.  The first is Lee Nam Lee’s work ‘Museum-Reborn Light’, relics are born amidst Korean plum blossoms and flying butterflies bringing the process of creation of the civilization in a dynamic way. The second is Collage Plus by Jang Seung-hyo & Kim Yong-min’s work “Fantastic History” conveys the meaning of harmony, communication, and sharing of humanity through the unfolding of various cultural assets around the world.

Sadly as hard as I looked I was not able to find a video of the screen in front of the palace.  Up to now.  But I found some photos.  These come from HERE.

These are some photos of the National Museum of Korea for this event…

It was designed to provide opportunities for experiences and experiences, and to create opportunities for experts to explore the social role of museums and art galleries together.
In the ’45th National Museum of Korea Drawing Feast’ held on August 11 (Tuesday), elementary, middle and high school students (including foreign students) from all over the country visited the museum and expressed their inspiration from the exhibits. In the future, a total of 40 works will be selected and awarded the first prize (the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award) to 4 people and the Creativity Award (the Director of the National Museum of Korea) to 36 people.
The ‘2020 Museum Education Symposium’ was also held for two days from August 12 (Wed) to 13 (Thu). This year’s symposium, with the theme of’Museum as a Healing Space’, is a place to look at the possibility of a museum as an emotional and healing space beyond the space of information provision. The concerns and attempts of various museums were shared. In addition, the role of the children’s museum as a complex space for play, learning, and healing was discussed through various approaches such as art therapy and ecological sensibility, starting with children’s mind reading in the 4th industrial revolution era.   Cr. http://sbook.allabout.co.kr/

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day, the National Museum of Korea specially unveiled the “Taegeukgi given to Denny by Gojong” (Registered Cultural Property No. 382), the oldest remaining Taegeukgi in Korea. (Taegeuki is the South Korean flag.)
Denny’s Taegeukgi was given by King Gojong (rued 1863-1907) when he returned to the United States by Owen N. Denny, an American diplomatic adviser. In 1886, Denny became a diplomatic adviser to King Gojong at the recommendation of the Qing Dynasty Li Hongjang (1823~1901). He was hated by the Qing Dynasty for diplomatic activities to check the Qing Dynasty, such as recommending cooperation with Russia and other European countries, and signing a land road trade agreement with Russia, and was dismissed from his diplomatic advisory position in 1890. At this time, this Taegeukgi was the gift that Gojong gave to Denny with his heart.
In this special release, a video introducing the history of Taegeukgi was prepared, and a large banner enlarged by Denny’s Taegeukgi was installed in the middle of the road of history in the permanent exhibition hall to induce interest in Taegeukgi to visitors who visited the museum during Liberation Day.  Cr. http://sbook.allabout.co.kr/

Here is an article I translated about this event:

“2020 Museum and Art Museum Week” will be held from the 14th.”

The opening event will be held on the 13th with the attendance of the National Museum’s public relations ambassador Jung Il-woo, with the attendance of Minister Park Yang-woo of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, major figures in the museum world, and members of the event organizing committee and steering committee.

During this event, various programs are held at national, public and private museums and art galleries nationwide, including the National Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, and special discounts are provided to visitors to enjoy museums and art museums.

On the 13th, the “museum (museum) that came out of the streets”, which has been arousing curiosity, will be revealed on the wall in front of the main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The’Museum Coming to the Street’ is a media art (35m width, 3.5 length) in which the works in the exhibition hall were embodied by Lee Nam Lee and Collage Plus (Jang Seung Hyo & Kim Yong Min) team, which are receiving global attention m). It is expected that the works in the exhibition halls of museums and art museums that have stayed in the past can communicate directly with the public on the streets of Gwanghwamun, just like living creatures, and the people who pass through the streets will be able to feel unexpected joy and receive comfort.

In Lee Nam Lee’s work ‘Museum-Reborn Light’, relics are born amidst Korean plum blossoms and flying butterflies. And the process of creation of civilization in a dynamic way

Collage Plus (Jang Seung-hyo & Kim Yong-min)’s work “Fantastic History” conveys the meaning of harmony, communication, and sharing of humanity through the unfolding of various cultural assets around the world.

Various related events, such as a’tour to museums and art museums with themes (themes)’,’promoting diversity and inclusion’, and education fairs, also await visitors.

The 14th International Conference on Korean Museums, in which 16 academic societies and organizations including the World Museum Association (ICOM) Korea Committee and the Korea Museum Association participate, is held under the theme of “Museum for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion.” In this conference, various opinions for the development of museums and art museums in the environment changed by Corona 19 will be shared.

At the bazaar held by the Korean Museum Association, catalogs and cultural products donated by museums and art galleries nationwide can be purchased at low prices. The National Museum of Culture and Culture Foundation also sells various museum souvenirs and books at discount during the cultural product shopping week, and conducts social networking (SNS) events.

For more information on major programs, event schedules, and how to apply for the 2020 Museum and Art Museum Week, visit the official website of the Museum and Art Museum Week and the website of each participating institution. To prevent the spread of Corona 19, visitors must make advance reservations for each institution.

An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, “I hope that visiting museums and art museums will be a time of comfort and a comfortable rest for the people in their daily lives tired from Corona 19.” “We will do our best to follow the safety rules.”

Source: Tech World News (http://www.epnc.co.kr

This is the official poster of the event:

And HERE is the official website.  If you click on the purple, there is a very cool page with links to all the museums participating.  It could come handy if you are traveling around South Korea.

I searched a bit about the artists… Jang Seung-hyo & Kim Yong-min.  I found this in the Instagram account of museum week:

And HERE you can see some of their work.

By the way did you hear about this coming up… it’s impressive and…on my list for my next trip to South Korea:


Where is your mask on that group photo Ilwoo Ssi!  As much as I want to see your beautiful face, I rather see you healthy!