Jung Il Woo… dazzles me! in the Twilight Literary Edition. Part 3

October 31, 2020

¡Happy Halloween!  I have been wanting to write this post probably for about a month.  I knew I wanted to combine Jung Il Woo with Twilight and Halloween!  And finally I am!!!

Twilight… how many of you are fans of the books?  The movies?  I am a huge fan, I loved especially the first book which I consumed in two days… I stayed up until 3 in the morning as I couldn’t put it down!  Even though I do not care much for horror or bloody Halloween films, Twilight was different as it is the ultimate Love story.   It also has a happy ending… and I like happy endings!  Which is why for me Twilight is probably my second favorite love story. The first?  Pride and Prejudice of course.

So let’s get started… first let’s set the mood… darkness… coldness… it’s hard for me to place Ilwoo in this context, as he is such a bright light to me… but there is a dark, a sad side to Ilwoo… if you know him well.  He sometimes reflects it in his music taste… and he has had some photo shoots that also have this… I think the first one is this one from September 2007.  It was for Elle Girl and it is a black and white photo shoot… the ambience is blurry wilderness…it looks mysterious and he never smiles in it.  He looks a bit hungry…  wait did I feel something on my neck?!!!

Cr. DCIlwoo

Next… oh!  I love these… he actually had this photo shoot in an old pool.  The paint was peeling away, it actually had stagnant water but Ilwoo never complained of the smell, or even having to put his feet in it.  He new the photographer had a vision and helped him achieve it as much as he could!  I love that about Ilwoo… he cares so much about other people… and I definitely like a man that doesn’t mind getting dirty over one that does!  These are from Marie Claire Magazine, September 2009.

WOOw is right… the look on his face… no messing with him!

Now it is time for perhaps the most vampirish of all his photo shoots.  Yes!  That is correct, this is from Singles Magazine, May 2011.  Especially this first photo… just look at him!

I really wanted to play with a red moon, but alas… I ran out of time.  There is always next year!

One of the things that I really loved about Edward and the vampires in Twilight were their powers.  I loved that Edward could hear thoughts, and Alice see the future…  and Bella… her ability to protect… so great.  I also love their speed… and how they can appear almost ghostly like between the speed and the paleness!  Talking about ghosts, there is a photo shoot where Ilwoo looked like a ghost!  Do you remember that photo shoot with Kim So-eun for 10asia.co also in May of 2011?  Here let me refresh your memory, or show you:

But these are not the one’s I’m referring to.  They are actually these:

I took out those logos… way too big and annoying!  (You’re welcome!) Cr. Fan 13.   See how much he looks like a ghost?  This one coming up to:

So these and the one coming up inspired me to do some ghost like images on windows…

Cr. Fan 13 (For editing the logo out…) And here are my creations… I liked the pink hue… for extra paranormal creepiness…

Yes that one came from this one:

Definitely a friendly ghost like casper…

Alright let’s get back to our vamp theme…

Remember Edward’s words…  “I’m the world’s most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell as if I wouldn’t need any of that.” (moves at super speed) “As if you could outrun me !” (leaps down from a high place) “As if you could fight me off !” (uproots a small tree from the ground with one hand) “I am designed to kill.”

And shall we remember Robert Pattison’s Edward?…  Yes please!

Scary huh?  Scary to thing that someone could outdo… this vampire, but I believe Ilwoo does… read on!

I liked Stephanie Meyer’s new additions to the vampire characteristics, like the dazzling diamond skin and the way their eyes changed color when they were hungry. Whenever Edward was hungry his eyes would become dark…red!  So… I was curious… what would Ilwoo look like with red eyes…  I used photoshop to give Ilwoo red eyes… its’ pretty impacting I must warn you!  I used images from the photoshoot for KWave Magazine from December of 2014.  These images showed his eyes up close in a very dramatic way.  So I will first place the red eyed edits and then the original… so you don’t get too spooked!

“What if I’m not a superhero. What if I’m the bad guy?”  Gulp…!

I think Ilwoo in these photos is so much more dramatic…!  So to me he wins, no contest!

I continued to play with the photos of this photo shoot.  I added crimson accents to them… pretty bloody!

This last photo is the one that creeps me out the most!  He looks so … scary!

Of course I had to play and see if I could make well… dazzle!  Would you like to see him step into the sunshine and dazzle?  

^  ^   You say you want to see him dazzle for real…  I know, I wish I could too… but here is probably the closest thing:

I know… just WOOw…   I’m totally immortal now!

I decided to create some screen captures from that video.  Here they are:

Last but not least I will leave you with perhaps my favorite scene in all of the Twilight movies.

Happy Ending… like I said!

By the way,  Midnight Sun, Stephanie Meyer’s new Twilight book is so, so, so great!  Reading it all from the vampire perspective was so different, refreshing and sometimes hilarious!  She gives a lot of insight into the internal world of Edward, the poor guy suffers so much!  And to me he is so much more interesting than Bella as a character!  He can dazzle… and he does!  So I highly recommend it!