Jung Il woo searches his fans top searches in Baidu… and comments. With English translation.

September 12, 2020

Jung Il woo posted this on Bilibili… he has been trying to connect more with his Chinese Fans. To do this he decided to look up what are the top searches about him in China’s biggest web search engine: Baidu.  He comments about each one… it was very interesting to hear the top searches there.  In my website, the top search and post most read is about his accident.  I’m surprised that did not make his list. I’m also very surprised that they don’t search for his girlfriend… that is another top search that lands people on my website.  Hummmm…

I will use anpan.0225 IG post as a base… I love the way she broke up the videos into 8 parts.  So here we go!  As always remember to give credit if you are using my translation as a base for your translation to another language.  Crediting someone’s work is the right way to repost… a lot of new accounts in Instagram have yet to learn this!   I’m glad he has more people starting accounts and giving Ilwoo lots of love, but its important to be respectful of other people’s hard work.

Today, I want to talk about related words when I search my name on China’s most used search engine. I think it will also be fun to me since I am seeing what people are searching about me. I can also answer you for what you are curious about me. I will open the portal website first. I see there are around 8 related words. First, Jung il woo’s drama pieces. How many did I film dramas?

I debuted with high kick, iljimae, my fair lady, and what was it? 49 days, cool guys hot ramen, moon embracing the sun, golden rainbow, diary of a night watchman, Cinderella and the Four Knights, Haechi, and Sweet Munchies. I did 11 dramas, High-End Crush, it is not on air yet but there is Chinese one and there is one from Thailand. I think it is around 14 pieces. Yeah…

(Me: So cute when he can’t remember…!  so you don’t count “The Girl’s Lies”?)

Second, Jungilwoo’s high kick. It is my debut, that’s why it is on the search, I think. I did this drama in 2006, as a debut. I did a film called “the world of silence” before but it was released after High Kick,  so my debut was with High Kick. I got a lot of love and I think High kick made today’s Jung il woo.  I am really thankful for this drama and I remember this a lot.

Next, Jung il woo’s Cinderella and the four knights. I did this drama before I joined the military. It is shortened as “Cin Ne Ghi (Cin Four Kni)” I heard it was a big hit in China. So, while Cinderella was on air, I did a drama in China, I did a variety show there. I was walking in Shanghai, many people recognized me and told me that they were watching Cinderella. I got a lot of love with this work.  Next, Jung il woo and Wang i buo. They say he is a actor and singer in China. I don’t know why he is in my related search words list, I am also curious. I am going to ask my fans why it is so, I don’t know why. He is good looking.

Next, Jung il woo’s singing. Singing. I did some OST for my dramas. (허수아비, ??,  scheduler song).  I also sing in my fan meetings. For my Chinese fan meetings, I did some Chinese songs. My favorite actor is Leslie Cheung, he sang a song from another person.

(Me.  This is the video of this song by Leslie Cheung with English Subtitles… it is very famous.)

Next, Jung il woo’s family. I am in my home. I think this search word has always come up since I debuted. I am thankful that I grew up happy under good parents. My parents are the ones I admire the most. Life as an actor is not always easy, but my parents always make me focus. I am really thankful for them. My older sister is giving me help a lot, and I am thankful for her as well. In case you were wondering, I am in my home.

Next, Jung il woo, Seoul Choa House. I want to live in Choa House (luxurious housing complex). I live in a normal place, I live on the first floor, and I have a garden, and I love it. I live with my parents and I want to move out and I am planning about it.

Next, Jung Il woo Weibo. It is my place where I communicate with my Chinese fans, and my SNS. I post many photos here to share with you guys. I just started a video platform, and I think they will be on Weibo as short clips. I want to communicate more with you, please come visit Weibo and Bilibili. If you have any questions, ask me on my SNS accounts, I will reply to you there. Bye!