Jung Il woo in a video thanking his Japanese Fans.

September 18, 2020

Here is the video… it’s actually straight when you play it!

Hello, This is Jung Il Woo.

Many people congratulated me for my birthday and sent me gifts, letters, and I was so thankful for you and I decided to make a video about it. I have been reading letters for around 4 days. I feel proud of you guys developing your Korean skills, you guys are the best. As a reward for your love, I will answer 99 questions for this month’s Q&A. Every time the video is uploaded, it will be with 9 questions and there will be a total of 11 videos. I will try to answer your questions sincerely, frankly and in a fun way. These days, we can’t really go outside freely, but in some way, I feel happy that we can at least communicate in this way. I hope the Q&A sessions will be a satisfying and fun time for you.

My hair is quite long, isn’t it? It is very long now. I can’t see what’s in front of me well. I am ready for my next acting role, and they are trying to find a concept for it. I am just letting my hair grow. I will show my good acting for you in my next acting role. I will see you in our Q&A time! Bye!

WITAT  (What I think about this)

Another spiritual exercise ^ ^…  Silent Sigh …

…wait!… silent sigh… I love this song by Badly Drawn Boy…  have you heard it?  It’s from a really good movie called: About a Boy…

“Never stop living here
Till it eats the heart from your soul
Keeps down the sound of your
Silent sigh…
Silent sigh, silent sigh, silent sigh
Keeps down all move me down
Could we love each other?”

Weirdest video I know!  But this song is my personal hymn to Ego dissatisfaction… Having no expectations is my goal, of anything or anyone… to just live, love and be happy living and loving… absolutely free… but the Ego always attaches and wants… and boy does it put on a good fight!  It’s like that duck!  It is then picked up when you think it’s dead by some other part of you, that takes it to the moon and relives it and it attaches again!   LOUD sigh! ^ ^