Happy 34th Birthday Jung II Woo!

September 9, 2020

It’s your birthday!  Today, 34 (33 Western) years ago, divine providence brought you to life!  On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create …my dream come true!

Ilwoo Ssi, I wish you another WOOnderful year in your life!  May it be filled with health, peace and joy.  May you enjoy many lovely walks and learn and discover new things!  Another delicious dish somewhere else in the world?  I am so happy that life brought you to my life!  May you be successful in your future projects, I wish you the very best as an actor!  I hope to be with you another year supporting and sharing your acting, modeling, cooking endeavors with fans all over the world.  I am so thankful for you and all the inspiration and daydreams you kindle within me…!

To celebrate your 34th birthday, I created 34 beautiful graphics using your photos.  (More actually!  That’s how much you inspire me!)  I also created a new video.  The first time I heard the song “I Adore You” by Harry Styles, all I could think was of you! I decided to use some of my graphics and incorporate them into the song with some of the most beautiful photo shoots you’ve had..  To me these graphics of you represent, the magical, whimsical, the fantastic aspect of life that cannot be defined in any human terms…  love?!  The miracle of you being in my life even though there are mountains and oceans between us…  and this feeling that you are with me all the time manifesting in my life!  Like when I was looking for a movie to watch the other night. As soon as I saw 34, through my intuition, I knew that it was the movie… I felt it immediately!…  then when it related to the Boston Marathon… I was WOOed!   ^ ^

Here is the video:  Jung II Woo, I Adore You!  (I know I share these feelings with many of your fans!)

Here are 34 of the graphics I created.  I hope you enjoy them… they are filled with your colors, your beauty and … your delights!

It was so fun doing this!  I finally made my dream come true of creating Ilwoo comic art!  Thank you for all these amazing creative moments Ilwoo Ssi!