Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 2 with English Translation.

2011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 1
August 1, 2020

Is July really gone?  That was so fast!  Today our governor is supposed to announce Massachusetts’ Plan for going back to school.  If we are going ‘live’ or ‘virtual’ or a hybrid of both systems.  Public Schools have a delayed start going into the middle of September no matter what as they are demanding better ventilation systems and security measures.  I try to soak up every second of not wearing a mask and being in pajama shorts most of the day (I am not working this summer)… because I think this school year will be very demanding… it will require so much patience and kindness.  And lots of disinfectant!

But now let’s leave the world of Covid 19 behind and take Ilwoo’s hand and continue our travels through Vancouver.  He reveals a few things I didn’t know before… like he went on blind dates…!!!  Read on!

One More Time 정일우 – EP02 from DC ILWOO on Vimeo.

One More Time

Ep 2

0:08 The trips I went after I debuted were the times I regained myself as Jung il woo after the characters I played in the dramas. And those were the times I felt relaxed.

0:30 Third day of the trip, we decided to go to Stanley park near the downtown area where people can feel nature. I felt comfortable and relaxed seeing people riding bikes and canoes from early morning.

0:52  (talking about bike style)

1:00 Then shall we depart now?

Today I want my 15 seconds video to be speedy because I am riding a bike and symbolize youth. Therefore, even if I ride fast, please follow me well.

1:30 I never imagine myself jogging or riding a bike in the early morning in Korea. Am I too fast?

Wherever I go, it becomes picturesque.

2:00 before coming here, I went to Nike and did a lot of shopping. I bought all the necessary clothes and accessories there. I once was a Nike model.

2:20 The air is so fresh here so it is easy to wake up early in the morning.

2:35 The reason I debuted as an actor was… I participated in a play club in high school. My middle school seniors were already a part of the club, so I also joined without too much plan, but it made me dream about my life as an actor.

2:55 My parents did not against the idea of becoming an actor but they did not actively support me. They told me to do it if I want, but the consequences will be on me.

3:08 My friends told me “when are you on TV?” and that really stressed me out a lot at the beginning.

3:15 I did a lot of auditions. I went to the last stage and failed and yet I learned a lot through these auditions.

3:25 When I went to Seoul Art University, it was before I debuted. I went to blind dates, drank a lot of alcohol at the campus, and I got yelled from my seniors. But Hanyang university is after I debuted, so I was not able to get close to my classmates, so I feel sad about it. I have no friends at university.

4:11 While I was riding a bike, I made a promise to myself. I will work hard when I am back to Korea, but I will come back to Vancouver before this year is gone. I really like it here. I am looking forward to our remaining journey here. I am looking forward to mountain bike, and bungee jumping.

5:08 The reason why Vancouver is picked as one of the best cities to live in the world is because nature is very close to the downtown area.  Then shall we depart for the scenery?

5:39 This bridge was built 100 years ago and is 70 meters in height and 120 meters in length.

5:52 As the guide said it is magnificent being there. It feels as if I am in the middle of a big wild forest.

6:13 Wow, I am speechless.

6:43 I want to go there and swim. Am I allowed to swim there?

7:00 When I bungee jump, I will jump just like this. I am really thankful for M-TV and BC province.

7:34 It is not well known yet here, but I think it is a good place for family and couples. So many things to see and this is a wonderful place.  I feel like I am the tour guide.

8:00 Today, I rode a bike and now … I think my physical health will be much better when I am back in Korea.

8:14 So here I am going to buy things for you!

8:20 I am gonna have water.

Hey, gather here please. When we go to Bungee jumping place, we can do 2 people. I will obviously, and I have to pick one. The first person who crosses the bridge, not running, will choose the person.

10:15 you lost!

10:35 I won, so I will pick the person. Sera will be the one! We are on Tv so you have to jump with me! Promise.

10:59 I thought it is going to be me,

11:03 how can a tour guide jump? Not staff?

11:05 because we are REAL!

11:10 I will have a sick leave tomorrow. Bungee jumping is for those who haven’t done before. I already have done it!

11:18 It is less scary. That’s why I am telling you to jump. Why are you angry at me? I won and I chose you~

11:53 I rode a bike in the morning, fast walk and now hiking. I think it is worse than filming dramas. I see there is Korean flag.

12:18 Finally, it is decided that the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Korea so I posted a celebrating post on twitter. It is an amazing feeling. I will be 32 in 2018. I hope I can be there in Pyongchang so I can support the athletes. Congratulations!

12:53 Ilwoo bought for us (shoes).

13:02 We have to keep going up. I am dying. It feels like we are in some sort of drill. I feel like I will have bodyache. Aren’t you tired?

13:26 Tired. Here is the place where a fast hiking competition is taking place. Many people participate in this competition. The record is 25 minutes. We decided to hike in an unusual way.

13:47 Lets’ all go to the top leaving no one behind.

14:21 except Byeongjin, all of us rode the cable car. The moment I was going up to the peak, I yelled Yahoo! As I saw the vast land, It felt like how much I grew up and how I should live in the future. I also felt so thankful for all the friends and staff who support me.

(15:10 he is talking about this staff having fear about height , but can’t hear well.)

15:17 I think I am not fearful about the height. It is not that scary to me. I think I can bungee jump well tomorrow.

15:42 We are all here but where is Byeongjin? Byeongjin! Hurry up! The peak is almost here! Come run here!

16:08 how long did it take? (2 hour and 11 minutes) 2 hours and 11 minutes, what a champion!

16:40 aren’t we at the peak yet?

17:53 How did you put it so it went inside my pants! How can I put the snow out?!

18:17 Why don’t we prank on Il woo? Please help me. Let’s plan it. We still have some time left in this trip so let’s make a good plan.

19:10 Do you really have fear of height, sang yun? You don’t have fear, right? Writer?

I think I also have some fear.

19:28 I do have, I do. I really don’t like heights.

19:33  But for me, I don’t feel anything when I look to the bottom like this. I really think I don’t have a fear of height.

It is because of your age!

19:42 No, it is not because of that~

19:55 Wow, it is so pretty!

20:08 vancouver is the most livable city in Canada and it is considered as a paradise and now I see what that means as I am in the observatory.

20:20 That mountain

20:33 There is a mosquito here! I really hate them.

20:57 Hey, please take a picture for me.

(21:14 The photographer telling jung il woo about his poses for the 15 seconds videos.)

21:42 It’s been 3 days since we came to Canada. It was hot today, but you did really hard work. And we still have a lot of journey left, let’s cheer up a bit more and shoot our show.

22:08 You did a hard work today

22:11 Vancouver, I was always curious about this city, and after this visit I can see that the city is full of nature and it is very clean. It’s not been a long time since my shooting finished  so my life was always busy there but in Vancouver I feel more relaxed and people here also look very relaxed. I think I feel at ease and I am looking forward to tomorrow. See you tomorrow!

These are photos of this episode:

2011 7 OMT Day 2 Stanley Park 12011 7 OMT Day 2 Stanley Park 22011 7 OMT Day 2 Stanley Park 32011 7 OMT Day 2 Stanley Park 4

2011 7 OMT Day 2 Capilano Suspension Bridge 22011 7 OMT Day 2 Capilano Suspension Bridge 32011 7 OMT Day 2 Capilano Suspension Bridge 42011 7 OMT Day 2 Capilano Suspension Bridge 1

2011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 52011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 62011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 72011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 82011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 92011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain2011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 42011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 32011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 22011 7 OMT Day 2 Grouse Mountain 1

What a sweetheart!