Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 1 with English Translation.

July 25, 2020

Hello!  Feel like taking a trip?  Let’s do it… let’s go to Canada with Jung Il Woo!

In July of 2011 Jung II-woo travelled to Vancouver Canada. He was chosen as a ambassador of Canada for Asia. Because of this did a reality show for MTV called “One More Time,” that later aired in 14 Asian countries.  He also did a photo shoot for CeCi Magazine while there.  It is such a delight to watch him in all this!  His playful personality and enthusiasm for all he does and sees is contagious!

Ever since I posted about this for the first time I had always wanted to know what he was saying!  So I decided to get it translated.  My intention was to create a video with subtitles, but sadly YouTube is blocking it so… I will include first the video and then the translation with the times in this post. I will include the photos after that.  Ready?  E



In 2011, the hot summer, I am starting a new trip at “One More Time”.


Hello, Guys. This is Jung Il woo. I debuted 6 year ago, and I had some acting roles in several dramas and films. The most recent one is the drama “49 days” and it’s been around 1 month after the drama finished. It is my honor to be in “One More Time”, please watch my episodes in Canada. Ready, action!


I am here for sunglasses. (do you have any specific style you want?)

1:50 I love clothes a lot and I feel like I am using all my money on fashion! I love accessories like rings, bracelets and watches, and I wear sunglasses as well.

This time, I will go to canada and I will take many scenery pictures. (you like taking pictures?)

2:14 yes, I like to take pictures, and whenever I travel, I tend to take a lot of pictures.

(talking about compact size is good)

2:30 I bought a camera and sunglasses I am departing tomorrow. I became an honorary ambassador for Canada. I have never been to Canada yet so I am curious about the country and there is a lot of diversity there so I think I will feel many different feelings I haven’t felt before.

3:00 Hello, good morning. There is traffic. There is plenty of time left. I will do an interview at the airport but this is a reality show so I will show you guys “real” me.

3:38 Hello, good morning. I couldn’t sleep well. did you sleep well? (I also couldn’t)

4:06 ah, airports always make me feel excited. The idea of going abroad makes me excited. Everyone says “Airport fashion look” and it stresses me out a lot. It burdens me what to wear. There will be photos taken but anyways I wore what is comfortable for me because I have to travel a long time on flight. (what’s your point today?) Socks.

4:55 I have a friend in Vancouver from middle school so I asked him questions and searched online but I don’t think it helps me a lot.

This is a documentary where ewan mcgregor travels from London to Africa by bicycle with his friends. This is a “real” documentary so I am seeing this to see if there is anything I can learn from.

2NE1’s Sandara Park did a drama together with me so we know each other well so I listen to her song. “I am the best”

6:00 well, the weather is so good and it makes me feel good. I am excited about Canada. Now we are leaving the airport to a hotel for check in.

Narrator = the first day of travel, the travel begins. Today is the day I will ride a tour bus to go around vancouver.

6:34: I slept so well so I feel refreshed. Actually I woke up at 5am and in Korea I tend to wake up late when I don’t have work, but today I woke up early and I am looking forward to today

7:14 first to get information about Vancouver, I went to the information center and took advice

7:27 where we are now is Gastown and today we will travel around the Blue Line.

There are a lot of Koreans, so I will ask them. Are there any suggestions to visit near here? (blah blah) Ah yeah?

8:04 I heard there is a steam clock and this way there are more things as well. Now, focus! All staff, come here please. We have to make a 15 seconds “Real Life” video in Vancouver.

(let’s do a meeting at the cafe. Drinking coffee and shopping nearby and finish)

8:43 Sounds like Jung Ilwoo = Shopping! (do whatever you want) No, not shopping. Well, let’s’ hop in! I think it is good that we use some footage about fans and don’t make it fake but make it natural like looking outside the window with some wind. Either you take it from outside or something. I want our staff to be in the video as well. I want us to talk a lot, not intentionally but just genuinely.

9:44 I want to show my genuine things as well. I am good at sudden actions.

10:00 oh yeah? Please stop here.

10:13 there it is, there is it. It is steam clock. They say it makes sounds. You can see the steam is out. The sky is so beautiful so you take a shot of me and take a steam clock afterwards.

11:13 let’s go out and see robson street.

11:36 there is a hot dog shop. Should I buy for all of you? Since we are at the hot dog place. Let’s make a video with the hot dog.

12:09 I receive pocket money and use my own money. (the hair designer, who has been working for him 7 years says that he is boasting about money) be quiet!

12:26 rock paper scissors! You go get it!

12:39 how are you? (good)

(I think you two are not so close. ) ah we two? (I think you two will fight in 30 seconds )

12:53 (in general, I don’t talk much.) He has so much grudge on me (I do everything for you) He said he does everything to me, but what do you mean?

13:12 (I thought that I was always doing well for him. Maybe he did not feel the same.)

Well, no, he does well to me

(Ilwoo, maybe you are too good at reading people’s mind?)

13:26 I am really good at reading the situation. I am level 100. (he already have everything that he needs help)

13:39 Thank you, oh no! I didn’t do it. It is already like this. I don’t act clumsy.

13:55 in Real Life, Ilwoo is eating tasty food.

14:08 Here, let’s buy the vancouver ice hockey team’s tshirts

14:25 I bought it. I will wear this and the cap when I ride my bike. The cap is so cool!

14:40 what’s tasty here?

14:52 I love cooking. I invite friends and do Shabu shabu and boil kimchi stew for them.

15:02 (he keeps telling us to buy food but never cooks for us)

15:07 but he knows that I cook well! He had a lot of food I made. ( he cooks at home)

15:20 I am good at making noodles as well. If you add some salt, you can have more scents from vegetables and it is more delicious. Isn’t is good? (it is good) I think she has bad feelings against me. Tell me, what is it?

15:50 well, the food here is not greasy as I thought.

16:24 salmon is not salty

16:32 I had a good meal. I am full. Let’s go to the next destination.

Narration = there are many performances going on in every street. It is known for people showing their talents. Should I also show off some of my talents? By taking pictures.

16:55 where are you going now?

We are going to find where to take pictures. Our concept is to make the pictures look like he is someone who really enjoys the trip.

It is Real Life. Jung Il woo’s free life.

17:33 I try to have different emotions for each concept. Basically it is the same as acting, so I think about matching emotions.

17:56 I came here to buy postcards. To be honest, we don’t really send handwritten letters. But when my fans send me letters with their handwritings, I can feel their feelings directly so it makes me feel good. That’s why I also want to write a letter and give it as a gift.

Nar. = if you are in this island, you must visit the public market.

18:37 let’s by the plums. Buy these.

18:47 wow!  I really love it! I love cherries! I can eat the whole 2 boxes of cherries alone.

19:02 did shooting, did shopping, we decided to take the “aquabus” to reach a beach.

19:16 the cherries are so tasty. Cherries are my favorite fruit. Cherries and seedless green grapes.

19:58 bye guys, bye!

20:12 I thought that it would be amazing if I come here with a girlfriend. There are people I feel like “I want this person to be with me”. I think they are someone I have common interests and get along well.

20:34 no matter if my drama gets popularity or not, there are still people who loves me and supports me, and they really makes me feel supported.  Also when I feel like the character I play in the role and I myself feels connected, I feel really happy as an actor.

21:00 I think it is hardest as an actor to control myself rather than comparing myself to other people. I always try to empty my thoughts. There are times I feel really irritated and annoyed but I try to empty my thoughts and it makes me at ease.

21:27 well it’s been one day after I came to Vancouver, it makes me feel so comfortable being here. There are times I feel uncomfortable when I am traveling , such as when I don’t like the city or when it rains, it drowns me down. But here, foods are tasty, there are many things happening, and it is very calm, not hectic and It is awesome to feel comfortable here. No stress.

22:14 I asked for an interview. I asked for an idea. I will cook for all of you before we leave Canada. And the reason I decided this is because my hairstylist told me that I never cooked for him and feeling bad about it. I think it will be really good memory.

23:01 Oh! Someone popular is there! (as if he is a random person as a joke)

23:10 you did not recognize me, right?

23:18 I am in the beach now people are playing beach volleyball  and we will have a match for buy drinks with locals here. I think you guys don’t agree with me. Do you? (Yeah~)

23:52 before the match, I have to warm up but when I actually do, it is not as easy as it seemed.

24:00 yeah, I will do just like this.

24:05 when I see the opponent, we have similar physicals so I think we have a good chance of winning, I decided to say hi.

24:32 telling teammates about their plans.

24:40 the game begins!

24:55 of course, we don’t lose easily! I will show you our power! Go byeongjin!(staff)

25:18 you can’t defeat us! Looks like we will definitely win!

25:45 I have a great feeling that we will lose but still don’t give up!

26:23 we lost with a bigger margin that I thought initially. We could have done better. But we have a good time with locals here.

26:34 I did well. (he is such a person who says he is good at everything, just like Blood Type O. type AB always think more)

26:45 No! I gained many points with my services.

26:58 this is it for today. My trip to Canada, see you next time



2011 7 OMT Airport 12011 7 OMT Airport 22011 7 OMT Airport 32011 7 OMT Airport 42011 7 OMT Airport 52011 7 OMT Airport 62011 7 OMT Airport 72011 7 OMT Airport 82011 7 OMT Airport 92011 7 OMT Airport 102011 7 OMT Airport 11

Trolley Tour

2011 7 OMT Day 1 Trolley 22011 7 OMT Day 1 Trolley 32011 7 OMT Day 1 Trolley 1


2011 7 OMT Day 1 Gastown 12011 7 OMT Day 1 Gastown 32011 7 OMT Day 1 Gastown 42011 7 OMT Day 1 Gastown 5

Robson Street

2011 7 OMT Day 1 Robson Street 12011 7 OMT Day 1 Robson Street 22011 7 OMT Day 1 Robson Street 32011 7 OMT Day 1 Robson Street 4

Having a Japadog

2011 7 OMT Day 1 Granville Island 4

Shopping at Granville Island

2011 7 OMT Day 1 Granville Island 12011 7 OMT Day 1 Granville Island 22011 7 OMT Day 1 Granville Island 3

Driving the Aquabus

2011 7 OMT Day 1 Aquabus 12011 7 OMT Day 1 Aquabus 22011 7 OMT Day 1 Aquabus 3

Playing volleyball at Kitsilano Beach

2011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach2011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach 72011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach 62011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach 52011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach 42011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach 32011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach 12011 7 OMT Day 1 Kits Beach 2