Jung Il woo is an Ambassador to Seoul’s Shopping Festa Event.

2020 8 Jung Il woo is the ambassador to the Seoul Shopping Festa

August 5, 2020

Yes!  Jung Il woo invites you to:

2020 8 Seoul Shopping Festa Schedule.png

Seoul’s largest shopping festival, the 2020 Seoul Shopping Festa, runs from September 1st to September 13th. (^ ^). Shopping, fashion, beauty, experiences, culture, performances, food and beverage, lodging, medical care, transportation, etc. You can enjoy discounts of up to 60% at more than 100 brands and 3000 stores, and rich benefits. In September 2020, have a special time in Seoul with the Seoul Shopping Festa. See you in Seoul! Seoul Welcomes You!

Period September 1-September 13, 2020

Target Seoul citizens and domestic and foreign nationals visiting Seoul                                                                                                                                                                                      Contents Discount benefits and events in various fields such as shopping, fashion, beauty, experience, culture, performances, food and beverage, accommodation, medical care, transportation, etc.

Organizer/Host Seoul Tourism Foundation

These are the top brands participating:

2020 8 Seoul Shopping Festa Top 25 Brand participants

Here is an index Link

…and a coupon Link

Here is a screen shot of the coupon link view:

2020 8 Seoul Shopping Festa Coupon.png

Official Website Link HERE.


And for the final treat…


What does he say?  In overall, he talks about liking to shop when he was younger and how he knew many brands well, and how he still enjoys it. He also says that the Tourism Office of Seoul has been working very hard to bring some cheer to Seoul after spending so much time indoors because of the Coronavirus with this event.  He reminds people to use their face masks and wash their hands keeping social distance at the end too.