Jung Il-woo talks about Haechi and his Aneurysm at a press conference by SBS.

Jung Il-woo at a SBS press Conference. Jan 21, 2019

Update! January 22, 2019. The video of the press conference came out.  Here it is:


January 21, 2019

On the afternoon of the 21st, a press conference was held on SBS, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. I found various articles so first I will post all the photos and then all the articles translated.  Get ready to delight…he looks absolutely divine!

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2019 1 21 jung il-woo at the sbs press conference for haechi. cr. sbs 92019 1 21 jung il-woo at the sbs press conference for haechi. cr. sbs 82019 1 21 jung il-woo at the sbs press conference for haechi. cr. sbs 72019 1 21 jung il-woo at the sbs press conference for haechi. cr. sbs 102019 1 21 jung il-woo at the sbs press conference for haechi. cr. sbs 11






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2019 1 21 Jung Il-woo at the SBS Press Conference for Haechi. Cr. SBS Edited by Fan 13 2.JPG

2019 1 21 Jung Il-woo at the SBS Press Conference for Haechi. Cr. SBS Edited by Fan 13 1.JPG

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[TV Lab] “Hatch,” Jeong Il-woo, came back stronger. #Alternative service #brain aneurysm 


Link to article in Korean HERE.
Actor Jung Il-woo will return to the small screen after two years. That is why he is very determined and passionate.

A press conference was held at the SBS building in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul on Wednesday, hosted by Kim Min-hyung, the main character of SBS’s new monthly drama “Haechi” (picture script, Kim Young-young, director Lee Yong-seok). Jeong called off the movie in December last year and chose Haechi as the first movie to return to the small screen in two years.

When asked about his military life, Jeong said carefully, “I am embarrassed because I have served as a substitute and I am careful to speak to him.”

“I was known to have done alternative service due to a car accident, but I was diagnosed with alternative service because of a car accident,” Jeong said. “After that, I went to a hospital to check my headache during filming of a drama and found a disease called cerebral aneurysm.” “I was worried about my military service because of the reason for the exemption, but I went to the military because it is a duty that the Korean people should do.”

Chung was given an alternative service as a social worker after suffering from a major car accident in the past. Afterwards, he was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm, but he was admitted to a training center and performed his duty of national defense as scheduled without asking for a re-examination.

“Now that I’ve finished my military service, I feel relieved, and I feel more patriotic and proud while I’m serving in the military.” “I think I can live a more honorable life as an actor.”

Haechi is the story of friendship and love drawn by the problematic prince (Jeong Il-woo) who should not be king. Jung plays the role of the young prince, ‘Yeon Ying-gun Lee Geum,’ a controversial royal prince who should not be king in the play. He is a prince who was born in Musudi, and is perfectly equipped with natural genius, bright brain, and cool judgment, but is not welcomed anywhere.

Jeong Il-woo, who portrayed a young Yeong-jo, said that his life was not that big, unlike Lee Geum-geum. Jeong Il-woo revealed the most difficult moment of his life.

Jung Il-woo said, “When I was suffering from the biggest shock, I was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm disease. I heard from the hospital that the disease is a time bomb-like disease and I don`t know when to die.

After that, Jeong Il-woo, who said, “Through today, I felt that it would be okay to live with people while enjoying my life more, showing a comfortable life,” adding, “I feel grateful and regretless, and I was always careful while keeping myself locked up. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime life, and let’s enjoy it every day. I felt that way a lot.”

Jeong Il-woo, who is currently filming the drama, said, “I was agonizing over various works during my military service. “I had a lot of thoughts about what I should return to, but it’s not the usual lyric that has been dealt with so far, but the story of Young King has come to be attractive,” Hatch said.

Jeong also explained about his new character approach. “Before, I thought about how I could be immersed in my character without Chung Il-woo. “The film tries to immerse itself in the character, questioning how much I have in common with Lee Geum’s character and why he can only do this.” “I’m grateful to the writer,” he said. “He took the character away from all the actors. I also read about five times with the writer. Before that, the director talked to the director and captured him on the spot. Now, of course, the director catches him on the spot, and the author keeps him firmly on the ground. “I think the approach has changed since I’ve been acting,” the producer of “Haechi” told the other than “Hatch

Jeong also noted that the filming environment, which changed the most from two years ago, is keeping the film 68 hours a week. He said, “The biggest change is the system, which is 68 hours a week. Our drama is shooting with the utmost care. I think it`s good to see such an improvement in the system.

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 12.37.52 pm

Link to article in Korean HERE.

[Integration] “Increasing self-esteem after service.”Jeong Il-woo, why do you think it’s a hit?

2019. 01. 21

Actor Jeong Il-woo will signal his return to Korea for the first time since he was discharged from the military as Haechi.

Jung Il-woo attended a press conference for the new SBS drama “Haechi” on Wednesday at Mokdong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

Haechi (played by Lee Yong-seok, screenwriter Kim Young-young, production) is a story of friendship and love drawn by a troubled prince (played by Jung Il-woo) who should not be king. Written by Kim, who led the box-office success story by starring Lee San, Dong-dong, and Ma, producer Lee Yong-seok, who directed the fusion drama “Iljimae” and the mystery thriller “The Secret of Aquarium.”

Jung Il-woo plays the role of Yeon Ying-gun Lee Geum, a controversial royal prince who should not be king in the play. He is a prince born in Musudi, and is perfectly equipped with genius, brilliant mind, and cool judgment, but he is not welcomed anywhere. It is the first time for the film to be released after the release of its original title. After completing his military service on November 30 last year, Chung will fire a signal of his comeback with a hatch.

“It has been a long time since I returned to Korea after serving in the military,” Jeong said. During my military service, I was worried and worried about many works. The movie is not about ordinary King Yeongjo, but about young King Yeongjo’s story, which has been discussed in the past, so I decided to make the movie as the first movie to be released after serving in the military.

He added, “I am embarrassed and cautious about my military service because I have done alternative service. It is known that he did alternative service due to traffic accidents, but he was diagnosed with a car accident and had a headache during filming, so he went to the hospital and found a cerebral aneurysm by accident. Therefore, there were many concerns about the military service because it was a reason for exemption. However, I thought that I should do it because it was a natural duty as a Korean citizen. While serving in the military, there seems to be more patriotism and pride. “I think I can lead an actor’s life with dignity.”

Did he change his mind about acting after serving in the military? “There is no significant change in the way we act,” he said. The place where I worked as an alternative service was a nursing home. Our nursing home was mostly dementia patients and stayed in hospitals until they died. It was the first time I’d seen people close to the end of my life watching my caretakers die. I think my feelings as an actor were different in acting. “Before that, I should be immersed in this character,” she said honestly, “Now I think I can take a step back and enjoy watching the entire movie.”

“The ups and downs of my life weren’t big,” she said, discussing whether the role in the drama was similar to Lee Geum. The hardest time for me was when I was diagnosed with a condition called cerebral aneurysm. When I heard that this disease was such a time bomb that I could die, my view of life changed. Today, I felt that I had to live with no regrets and thanks. Jeong Il-woo, who used to be restrained and careful, said, “I think it’s okay to enjoy my life and show myself to people. Lee Keum also said, “When I want to give up my life due to a big accident, I think that the motives that I have to move forward are similar.”

It was also known that Jeong suffered from the disease recently. It has been reported that he lost 14 kilograms in a month to get a “hatch” shot after the military’s discharge from the military, which was caused by a decrease in his immune system. He’s completely cured now. “I am doing military service and gained about 13 kilograms,” he said. After I was discharged from the military, I lost about 14 kilograms and since then, my immune system has declined. I feel sorry for the production staff and staff in that respect because I couldn’t take care of myself. “Now that I’ve recovered from my condition, I’m shooting without a hitch,” she said.

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Link to article in Korean HERE.

Actor Jung Il-woo, who returned to Haechi, “It’s an honor to play Yeong-jo.”
Jeong Il-woo, a reporter for SBS’s new monthly drama “Haechi” and “Lee Geum.”


Jung Il-woo will return to the SBS new monthly drama <Hatch> after finishing his military service.

“Haechi,” which will premiere on February 11, features a story about Prince Yeon Ying-gun Lee Geum (Jeong Il-woo), a man born in an immeasurable body, Park Moon-soo (Kwon Yool-yul), a 2 percent short-lived inspector, a hot-blooded Damo-gul (Gora Boon), and a rising star on that street, who wins the final right and reform of the Joseon Dynasty.

Jeong Il-woo, the main actor who played the role of Lee Geum, a young bird in “Hatch,” held a press conference at the SBS building in Mok-dong, Seoul on Tuesday afternoon.

Cerebral aneurysm… He’s different in his attitude toward life.

The first question asked Jung Il-woo was about the military since he returned from his military service.

There is something hard to say about my military service because I am a substitute. I’ve been known to have been substituted for my old car accident, but the verdict is correct. However, I went to the hospital to examine my headache, and I happened to find a cerebral aneurysm.

I had a lot of concerns about the military service because of the reason for exemption from the military, but I thought it was my duty as a Korean citizen and now I feel relieved. Through his service, he has increased patriotism and pride.”

Jeong suffered from the virus not long ago, but asked questions about his current health. “I gained about 13 kilograms from my military service,” he said. “I lost 14 kilograms because I had to go back to the army, so I lost 14 kilograms and got the Herpes virus because I lost a lot of immunity.”

Is there a change in the attitude of acting after serving in the military? To this question, Jeong said, “There is no significant change in the way we deal with acting,” but confessed that his view of life has changed.

“I did alternative service at a nursing home, mostly dementia patients,” he said. “I watched the elders die, and it was my first time seeing them close to the end of my life, so I think I have changed my feelings as an actor.” “I used to focus on the character itself, but now I’ve taken a step back to look at the entire work and think about how I can immerse myself in this work and enjoy my leisure time,” he added.

“The brain aneurysm is a time bomb-like disease, so I heard that I might die at a hospital and my view of life has changed. Every day was considered precious, and I seem to have changed from Jeong Il-woo, who kept me in check, to Jeong Il-woo, who enjoys life more and shows me more comfortably with people. I thought it would be OK to live like that. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime life, so let’s enjoy it without regret,” I thought.”

Sixty-eight-hour shooting system, welcome change


There are a couple of articles in English below.

Soompi: Jung Il-woo reveals how the aneurysm has changed his life.

Soompi: Jung Il-woo revelas why he chose Haechi as his comeback drama.

By the way, in case you want to know more about Jung Il-woo’s accident and his aneurysm condition go HERE.



Martin Luther King Day.  Recent snow storm. Cozy warm home. Time.  Time to catch up in all the recent news of Jung Il-woo!  WOO hoo!

Of what I have read so far… Jung Il-woo mentioned various times how when he was younger he was very nervous.  He worried a lot about not having the talent to do certain work when he was very young.  He also suffered a lot after “My Fair Lady” as good roles as a lead were not coming in.  This is when he chose a secondary role in 49 days.  And this decision was so good it gave him the best acting year of his life thus far with “Flower Boy Ramen Shop and The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

As he has aged, he has had more experiences and has become more confident in himself and his ability as an actor. With the aneurysm diagnosis that came to our knowledge in 2016, and the time he spent at his military duty, he had time to take a break from being the star, to think, to be with himself, and from this a more mature and confident Jung Il -woo has emerged.  I think he is still a nervous type of person…  the lack of judgement in putting his body through such a drop of weight ordeal tells me so… he is a rabbit in the Chinese zodiac after all, but I feel he is a more settled rabbit.   He has a better mind set: to live and to enjoy!  And worry less… hey!  that reminds me of a song… yes!


Jung Il-woo trust life!  Trust that you will live a long healthy life!  Make good decisions for your body… like diet with more time!

May the angels protect you!