Posters for Haechi / Hatch Revealed.

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January 22, 2019

Yes!  They are bold and beautiful.  I found an article about them too so I translated and will place its writing in between the posters.  Ready?  Get set… Delight!

SBS funE | Reporter Kang Sun-ae

2019 1 22 Posters for Haechi : Hatch. 17.jpg

The six-member character poster with the faces of “Haechi,” Jeong Il-woo-Gora, Kwon Yul, Park Hoon-i-Lee, and Jung Moon-sung have been unveiled for the first time.

SBS’s new monthly drama “Haechi” (written by Kim Young and directed by Lee Yong-seok), which will be aired for the first time on February 11, is about love and friendship that should not be king, and Kim, who is the main character of the hit drama “Isan”-dong” and “Mama,” are the stories of love and friendship. Director Lee Yong-seok, who has been recognized for his excellent performances in fusion dramas “Iljimae” and mystery thriller “The Village – A Secret,” is drawing keen attention as he foresaw a luxurious historical drama with Kim Young-young.

Haechi revealed a poster of the six-member character, which shows the color of the character of the six main characters, including Jung Il-woo- Go ara, Kwon Yul, Park Hoon-Yi and Jung Moon-seong. As each character’s meaningful eyes, including the young man Yeongjo, who has never been properly dealt with, harmonizes with overwhelming visuals, increasing the level of immersion. In particular, the logo of the legendary animal that judges quarrels and good and evil, and the symbol of the Sagheonbu, the symbol of the Hatch, gives a powerful impact. With Haechi, which dominates the eyes of people who see only two words, the image of the Joseon Dynasty’s private ministry, which used to be the eyes and ears of kings, is drawing keen attention.

2019 1 22 Posters for Haechi : Hatch. 11.jpg

연잉군  아금  /  정일우      Yeon Ying-gun Lee Geum  by Jung Il-woo

First of all, Jung Il-woo, who plays the role of the controversial king, “Yeon Ying-gun Lee Geum,” focuses his attention with a red hanbok and charismatic expression. His eyes are as if he is watching his lips and the other person. Therefore, attention is focusing on how Yeongjo, who was born in a lower class, will later lead to the revival of the late Joseon Dynasty.

2019 1 22 Posters for Haechi : Hatch. 12.jpg

여지  / 고아라      Yeo-ji by Go Ara

Unlike her innocent appearance, she has a vivid face of Daemo, the best woman in Joseon Dynasty. In particular, Damo’s diligence and determination are evident from his reckless eyes, which seem to overwhelm his opponent in a single gulp. In this regard, the work of Go-ara, who will work together with the controversial royal family, Jung Il-woo, to correct the justice of Joseon, is drawing keen attention.

2019 1 22 Posters for Haechi : Hatch. 13.jpg

박문수  /  권율     Park Moon-soo  by Kwon Yul 

Park Moon-soo, a former preparation student, attracts the attention of the public. His character is full of righteous and enthusiastic spirit. Expectations are high on how the passionate performance of the authority to play the role of kingmaker Jung Il-woo, the king’s king in question, will be portrayed.

2019 1 22 Posters for Haechi : Hatch. 14.jpg

달문 박훈    Dal-moon as Park Hoon

With his disheveled hair and sharp eyes shining, Park expressed the role of “moon,” a wreath of “moon.” Expectations are high for his unusual transformation as wild boars and unfettered spirit are springing up like one cut. In particular, they are raising questions about the identity of their cool-looking eyes.

2019 1 22 Posters for Haechi : Hatch. 15.jpg

민진헌  /  이경영   Min Jin-won as Lee Geung-young

Min Jin-hon as the leader of the Noron forces  under the acting of Lee Geung-young  are eye-catching. Forth, a sly man with unlimited charisma and political ambition, seems to be a temple. As an aspiring scholar who tries to build a folding screen wage in the Joseon Dynasty and shake the world in his own hands, attention is paid to the passion Lee will show.

2019 1 22 Posters for Haechi : Hatch. 16.jpg

밀풍군   이탄  /  쩡문성     Mil Pung-kun Yetan  by  Jung Moon-song 

Jeong Il-woo and Jeong Moon-seong, who play the role of Prince of the Milpung County, draw attention to the colorful appearance of applying purple silk. With a cold-blooded look on his face without laughter and a look at his inner thoughts to win the crown, expectations are high on what kind of transformation he will seek against Jung Il-woo.

“The character poster released this time captured the long-cherished desire and longing that the six main characters, including Jung Il-woo – Go Ara – Kwon Yul, had hidden, symbolically expressed their desire,” the production crew said. “With the signal that fierce power struggle surrounding the presidential election begins, we expect to take place in the youth of King Yeongjo.”

Haechi will be on air for the first time at 10:00 p.m. on Feb. 11 following “Revenge is Back.