Jung Il-woo invites everyone to the exhibit ‘Goryeo: the Glory of Korea’ at the National Museum of Korea with a special bonus!

January 17, 2019


Jung Il-woo as Public Relations Ambassador to the National Museum of Korea, is inviting everyone to attend the special exhibit of ‘Goryeo: The Glory of Korea.”  In the IG of the National Museum of Korea, it says:

2019 1 17 IG National Museum of Korea writing .jpg

This is the translation using Naver’s Papago:

#Jeong Ilwoo, ambassador of PR
While filming the drama, I introduced my New Year’s greeting.~😘
with New Year’s greetings
#On official Instagram
a gift of invitation to 100 people
The event is also in progress.
Join us and receive an invitation!
“Museum with Warm Friends” in 2019
Let’s Join the National Museum of Korea!💕
Go to participate in the event!
• Event duration: January 14 to January 30
• Winner’s announcement date: January 31
• Winners’ viewing period: February 1 to February 24
#Special exhibition #To meet _ such brilliant challenge
#2019 #Year year #New Year’s
#Event #
# Get your wartime invitation #! from my iPhone