Jung Il-woo in Haechi /Hatch (SBS) Trailer made by Fan 13 for YouTube.

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January 13, 2019

Hello Jung Il-woo fans!  With the help of my Korean tutor I translated the entire trailer of Haechi.  I decided to create my own version so I could post it on YouTube and thus reach many more English speakers.  It is surprising to me that up to this date, this trailer is not in the SBS YouTube Channel.  Only the first version is there.

So here it is:

I can’t wait to delight in this drama!  It looks so good!

Update January 15, 2019

When I visited the YouTube Page of SBS Now to see if the newest trailer of Haechi would be up (which it’s still not!) I noticed something in their page. Take a look:

SBS NOW Home Page January 13, 2019.png

Did you notice it?  It says Together, we make delight!  I couldn’t believe it!  How perfect is that?!

Anyways…here is the Teaser or Trailer 1 of Haechi that is posted there…

Come on SBS!  Time to get Trailer 2 up!  We need to promote this delight!!!