Jung Il-woo in the Second Trailer of Haechi and three articles about Haechi.

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January 17, 2019

It’s finally up in YouTube!  Direct from SBS Now, here it is:

And these are three translated articles related to Haechi that have been published at the http://news.imaeil.com.

Article 1:

‘Hatch’ Jeong Il-woo – Kwon-yul – Goa, the second teaser is released! First appearance of three people who changed the history of Korea



2019 1 13  Article Photo about Haechi. Cr.news.imaeil.com.jpg

The second teaser video of SBS’s ‘Hatch’ was released in 2019. Jeong Il-woo – Kwon Yul, Kwon Yeul – Da-mo, and Ko Ah-ra, who changed history, overwhelm the eyes of the viewers with one gulp.

SBS’s “Haechi” (director Lee Yong-seok / played by Kim Jong-hak Pro) first aired on February 11, 2019, led by director Lee Yong-seok, who was recognized for his outstanding directing ability in the fusion drama “Iljimae” and “Mystery Thriller” “The Secrets of Villages – Archiara,” and Kim led the success of the movie “Lee San-dong”-ma.

The second teaser video of “Hatch” was released on Naver TV Cast(https://tv.naver.com/v/5026167) and is drawing keen attention from fans of the drama fans. Jung Il-woo (Lee Geum  in Yeonying County), Kwon Yul (Park Moon-soo ), and Go Ara (Yeoji ) will convey the level of immersion that cannot be looked at.

Especially, Jung Il-woo, who cries over the ground with heavy rain in an unusual atmosphere, is attracting attention. Jung Il-woo, who was sitting on the ground like them, and his drunken twisting, saying, “I am that humble prince,” makes me wonder what he is and what kind of situation he is in in in Joseon.

Meanwhile, Jung Il-woo, who is blowing up tension with his fierce eyes that changed 180 degrees at the end of the teaser’s video, is drawing attention. Jung Il-woo’s solemn eyes and hard-line hypocrisy, who answers the cry of “Do you need a prince?” make one more curious about what kind of performance he will perform as if he is dreaming of revolt at the same time.

And I said, “Where is this law? “They’re the ones who broke the law. Why can’t we fight back?” “I’m sure they’ll live with their eyes wide open. Until we catch him, the three people who will change the history of Joseon along with Jung Il-woo are expected to see their angry image of Damo, the Japanese military`s founder, increase tensions.

Above all, the scenes of officials rushing to and from the palace in an urgent manner under the slogan, “The third will never get the latter,” and the images of inside and outside of the palace collapsed are drawing attention at the most. Through the images of people standing on the path of bloody life and death, it is intriguing to see what is happening in Joseon and how the battle over the throne and the fierce power struggle will be portrayed through Haechi.

SBS’s ‘Hatch’ is scheduled to air for the first time on February 11, 2019, following ‘Revenge is back.’

Article 2:



Hatch, Jung Ilwoo, come back to the small screen after two years. He plays the young Prince Yeongjo.  (Lee Geum)

2019 01 16 article photo about haechi 2 cr.news.imaeil.com

Actor Jung Il-woo returns to the house in two years with SBS ‘Hatch’. Jung Il-woo is turning into a problematic kingship system that should not be a king.

The SBS drama ‘Hatch’ (Lee Yong-seok / Yongyoung Kim / Yong-young Kim / Producer Kim Jong-hak Productions) is scheduled to be broadcasted on February 11th and will be the story of friendship and love drawn by Prince Jung . Lee Yong-seok, director of Yi Suk Lee, who was recognized for outstanding talent in “Il-san”, “Dong-il” and “Ma’s” Attracts a lot of attention.

Chung Ilwoo was the King of the Yeonyeong County, which was not a king. He is a half-prince, half-prince, born from the body of a Musashi, and has a perfect genius, a brilliant brain, and a cool sense of judgment, but he is not welcomed anywhere.

‘Hatch’ is on the 16th (Wed), Young Yeongjo ‘Yeonyeong Gun’ in charge of the role of Jung Ilwoo’s first shot of the cut is raising expectations. In the public steel, JUng Il-woo, who reveals the unrivaled use of the problematic kingship system and the heavy force with only the eyes of the strong, was shown. Contrary to the imposing appearance of the royal court, the image of Jung Il-woo, somewhat lonely, is overwhelmed by the anguish and pain of the problematic kingship born in the body of a mistress. In particular, Jung Il-woo leaves a question in a dark forest with an expression of thoughtfulness. The lips that are firmly clenched, the letter grabbing in the hand, and the sparkling eyes that seem to have made up for something give rise to a tension that makes the hand sweat with just the steel.

From the first shooting, JUng Ilwoo was fully immersed in the character of ‘Yeonyeong Gun’, and opened his eyes. The posthumous statement that the young man embarked on the transformation of the young man into a young man, including the desire hidden in the heart of the problematic royal regime.

In the meantime, Jung Il-woo plays the younger generation of Joseon 21st King Yeongjo, who has never been treated as a drama. Jung Il-woo, who has been strengthening his field by emitting a distinctive presence in the historical drama genre such as “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” – “The Night Watchman’s Journal”, explodes what kind of synergy he would have with Kim Young-yong. In addition, Jung Il-woo can not be a king, but the prince becomes a king’s king.

Regarding his first film, Jung Il-woo said, “I am glad to be back with a good work called” Hatch “in two years after the release of the call.” After feeling lucky, “I felt like returning home from a long vacation. I will do my best to shoot with all my strength. “After dismissing the call, he expressed his determination and enthusiasm for his first comeback:  “Hatch”.

Meanwhile, Chung Il-woo starring SBS new monthly drama ‘Hatch’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on Monday, February 11, following ‘Return of Revenge’.

Article 3:

Yeongjo’s first young man, will be featured in a drama: Haechi. Key points coming up ahead.


SBS funE

2019 1 15 Article about Haechi from SBS Fun.jpg

SBS drama “Hatch” (play Kim Yi-yong, director Yongseok Lee), which will be broadcasted on February 11th, will feature the story of friendship and love of the prince of trouble (Chung Il Woo) who should not be a king. Lee Yong-seok, who has been recognized for his outstanding performance in the secrets of the mystery thriller “Village-Archa” and the fusion drama “Iljimae” with Lee Young-yong, Collect.

The three points of the honeymoon point of the historical drama “hatch” that will convey the new but heavy story are mentioned.

# Young man’s first youth drama

‘Hatch’ captivates the attention of young generation of Joseon 21st King Yeongjo who has never been treated properly and his dramatic career. Until now, Yeongjo has been treated as a fiction with the father of Sado Catholic Jungjo and Young-Joon’s brother-in-law (Daegil) who died at the time of a newborn child.

Especially, how to play actor Jung Il-woo who gave a overwhelming presence in the poetry drama genre such as ‘Moon in the Sun’ and ‘Night Scene Diary’, Lee Young-Joon’s youthful days that Lee Yong- I am looking forward to seeing how the throne of the throne is drawn.

# Chosun government part = present prosecutor’s office, Dohwase → Jeokukwon → Hyeonminseo

“Hatch” is the first time in the drama, it is interesting to deal with a different material called the Chosun government. ‘Hatch’ is a legendary animal that distinguishes between good and evil and keeps its justice. Through the ‘hatch’, we notice that the enormous usability of the Choson government and the inside, the desires and beliefs of various human groups, will be revealed in a story that adds satire and humor.

In particular, Kim Yi-young focuses on the fact that all the works in the past have dealt with professional drama in the Joseon era. I was wondering how the interesting story of the Chosun Dynasty of the Chosun Dynasty of the pen would be raised because the ‘Dansan’ was set up to draw a painting, the ‘Dongyi’

# Kim Young-yong – Director Yongsuk Lee – Meeting with Jung Il Woo

‘Hatch’ attracts attention with the encounter of the historical drama such as Kim Il-young, director Yongsuk Lee, and Jung Il-woo. There is reason to see ‘hatch’ with Kim Yi-young, who has shaken the Korean dramatic scene, and Lee Ji-seok, director of ‘Iljimae’, who uploaded Lee Jun Ki to the stardom. There is a strong interest in the synergies of these meetings until now, until Jung Il-woo, who will play the prince of “Yeonyeong-gun,” which should not be a king.

The production team of “Hatch” said, “I will do my best to make a well-made drama that meets the expectations of viewers. I hope to see the development of a spectacle that will not miss a moment of how youthful youth and drama will be drawn together with the appearance of the Chosun government, which will be implemented as a CRT.

‘Hatch’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on Monday night, February 11, following ‘Revenge is back’.

These are a few more images from behind the scenes of Haechi. Credit: various!

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