Jung II-woo… Dreaming II-woo!

March 27, 2012

Happy White Day!   Today is sort of like a Valentine’s Day in various Asian countries including South Korea, except it is the men that give chocolates and other treats to the women.  (Valentine’s is when the women give the men chocolates.)  And this is a treat…!

Today we are having a really white day in Boston!  We are expecting 12 to 18 inches of snow!  Something like 30 to 40 cms!  It’s what we call “whiteout conditions!” All schools and universities are closed.  So I have the day off!

This is what is looking like so far:


And on this very white day,  I finally know where my favorite photo of Jung II-woo comes from!… Yes, it is the photo of my profile icon: ‘Dreaming Il-woo’!!!  It comes from an interview by Kukinews in March of 2012.  Looking more at my favorite photo of Ilwoo, I realize that another reason why I love this photo aside from his day dreaming stance and the beauty of his face and hair, is the red heart that peaks from his shirt… It’s like saying I love you!  And even the opening of his shirt…it’s like inviting us to love him.  I accept!!!  I love you Jung II-woo!  …   Yeah I know I read way too much into these photos!

The interview is right under…  Get ready…set…delight!!!

Jung II-woo Kukinews 2012 3 27 00001

Jung II-woo Kukinews 2012 3 27 00003.jpg

Jung II-woo Kukinews 2012 3 27 00002

kukinews|2012.03.27  “After High Kick…”

A man who looks sad somehow even though he smiles cleanly. The man who tells much in his eyes. Jung Il-woo (25), who feels in a smile, creates more tension. He was laughing, but never laughing.

In the MBC drama Moon Embracing the Sun”, a popular drama series, a few months of longevity in the Yang Myung station made Jung Il-woo feel another discovery and possibility. It is a turning point that it was hard to find a representative work after the debut film sitcom ‘Unstoppable High Kick’.

“In the meantime, if ‘High Kick’ was my masterpiece, I feel like I have another masterpiece. I did not think I had to get out of ‘high kick,’ but I had the desire to play the opposite character. I felt a step up through this work and got a reputation for new discovery. The courage and confidence that we will be able to play without stopping for life is the greatest gift. “

Jung Il-woo, who met for the interview, consistently had a bright expression on his face. I was confident that relief, satisfaction, and the results I had made after the completion of the big task had become a big baseline in the future.

The main actor of the “The Moon Embracing the Sun”

I asked in a straightforward way. It was about whether there was any worries until I took the role of Yang Myung, which is relatively smaller than Lee-hwon (Kim Soo-hyun). Yang is a prince of rank order of succession with intelligent charisma and peculiarity, but is a person who is in love with the king’s lady Heo Yeon-woo (Han Ga-in) who longs for freedom. It was true that the feeling of the main star was strong when compared with Kim Soo-hyun and the Han-gain.

“I could not do that. I thought a lot. When I saw the synopsis and listened to the director’s explanation, I came to feel that even if it was not the main character, it was a character that could show something. I chose not to have anything to minus to me. Most of all, my sister, who was a movie director when I was a child, gave me a strong recommendation for this drama.

I felt sorry. I felt sorry for the part that seemed to be shaken as a hurricane who interfered between Lee Hwon and Yeong-woo. As one can see, the entire drama is over.

“Yang was full of pain and sadness, but he was a friend who could not express himself because of his standing position, It was a very difficult and complicated character because all of his bright looks, darkness and sorrow had to be latent. What about me? I gave up everything for the drama in the drama, but if it was me, I would give up neatly. I’m a cool guy (laughs) “

“I will not be a sad character again … ”

“I’ve been tragic three times, and it’s the first time I’ve ever had such a hard time. Last year ’49 days’ drama ‘Do not do sad character anymore’ I said, but it was eventually. It was a tough act, but it was a piece of work that made me more comfortable. “

In 2006, Jung Il-woo came up as a comet through ‘High Kick’, but since then his films have failed to surpass his reputation. He said, “When I was working, I had a tendency to be in a hurry and my mind was in a hurry, and I was able to relax a lot after I had a chance to do something. I know that I am not in a hurry, “He said.

Nowadays, he often hears that he is a man. The appearance as well as acting became more mature. He said, “At one time, I had a good time in popularity, but there was not a good thing if I did not feel like it,” he said. “It was only a few moments before I realized that I had to fill up more.”

This led to a story about the actors who breathed together. He said, “(Kim) Soo-hyun is an animal-animated friend,” he said. “If I have a style to prepare and practice in detail, then Soo-hyun moves at that time on the spot. I have a good friend who has been shooting with my peers in a long time and I have learned a great deal. ” “Ga-in (sister) has always provided me with a lot of sisters.” “I bought a lot of rice for my juniors and it was a great driving force.”

“Pointing out the pronunciation and distress … To complement teeth correction”

Jung Il-woo sometimes pointed out the pronunciation of each one. Often the pronouncing ambiguity was a stumbling block to evaluating performance. Especially, he appeared in this historical drama and realized that he could not avoid it because he faced difficult and lengthy dialogue. So I plan to revise my teeth soon. “The pronunciation is always a part of worrying about postponement,” he said. “I have a tendency to pronounce it due to my lower back.

I also try hard to monitor the evaluation of the smoke. “Acting does not have to answer everybody ‘s words because there is no answer, but I always try to accept what I point out and work hard to fix it,” he said. “It seems to be happiness and blessing to live another life for every work. I feel pride and responsibility, and I will not lose my intention. “

Jung Il-woo has worked almost seamlessly in the last two years. I have been working hard in my work activities, overseas promotions and fan meetings. I plan to have a very short break now. “I am resting, strengthening my physical strength, and feeling a little comfortable, so I’m going to work on my next work,” he said. “I think I can find out what kind of acting I am doing.” In the past, there was a room that I could not feel. Jung Il-woo, who said, “The idea of ​​the work was opened,” was preparing another challenge again.

HERE is the article in Korean