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March 19, 2012

This interview talks a lot about his feeling during and after the filming of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”  It’s right after the photos.  Cr. star.mk.co.kr, The Star

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Here is one Interview.  In English!

And coming up is another one translated from Korean using Google Translate:

STAR TODAY  “I am sadder than dying.”

Actor Jung Il-woo (25). This man who stimulated the protection instinct without knowing it is a prize man who knows how to die for the brilliance value. With the free soul and Yang Myung of MBC ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun Sun’ , Jung Il Woo has transformed into a full-fledged actor.

The process of casting started with the beginning of the production process. In the case of Jung II-woo, who was finally casted as the character Yang Myung, he was immersed in the TVN ‘Ramen Ramen Shop’ when he received her proposal.  Although he was known to be excellent in concentration, he was reminded of the “jellyfish” if he had a chance to breathe for a while after leaving the Ramen Shop. Challenges that we have not been able to do before have been strong.

Jung Il-woo, who met with the daily economic star Today after finishing all the drama shootings, said, “Yang Myung of the ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’ was a challenging character.” It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the first attempt to make bright and soft image a little darker and heavier that has ever modified Jung Il-Woo until now.

“I am a very poor friend in the original, and I have a double-sidedness in the drama. I have a desire to show that I am a dark friend, but not a really dark friend.

I was hesitant to appear because I was not sure about the character, but it was Kim Do-Hoon PD and Jin Su-wan writer who convinced Jung Il-woo.

“The director and respiration were all in sync, and the director is the person in charge, but that’s what I do, especially in those areas.” At the end of the filming, Kim PD commented about Jung Il-woo in an interview with the magazine, “It’s not common for an actor to be so patient and dedicated.”

Another sun that can not be the sun, Yang was a sad fate born of a woman who had never wanted to concede to his brother Yun (Kim Soo Hyun) who had everything. When was the happiest and sadest moment of playing such a good fortune?

“The easiest thing to do was to play with the stick and play with it, and I was able to take pictures myself, but I did not think it was the moment when Yang Myung  was the best. The most sad thing was when I was not going to die, but I can not say that it was a sad scene in my view.”

It was surprising.  So, what kind of scene was the saddest scene Yang Myung Il-woo mentioned? “It’s a scene that tells me that I have misunderstood a knife and a sword, and took the king’s woman, and that she was going to keep it, and it seemed to me that it was hurting and struggling between hisbeloved brother and his beloved woman. “

However, the scene in which the impact of the two was most survived was the scene where the last rebellion was suppressed and fiercely fought. The last moment of Yang Myung, which was bloodied, “Potion” of Jung Il-woo, a man who lives to die, eventually burst. Yang died of the end of the original work, but Jung Il-woo survived.

“I was trying to protect my beloved sister and lady, and I thought I was going to die with all of it. I was preparing my mind before shooting, but the impact was very strong.” Regarding the scenes of Doomyong with Kim Soo-hyun and Song Jae-rim, he said, “I really felt like breathing was right.”

In the scene at that time, as well as Jung Ilwoo, Kim Soo-hyun seemed to burst into tears. The tears of red dying blood and the tears of tears in the sight of helplessly gazing at the Yang Myung, Jung Il-woo laughed and said, “Soo-hyun and I both have a lot of tears.”

Jeong Il-woo nods his head with a smile as he asks if he has had a drink to comfort the soul of Yang-dong. At this moment, I would like Yang to say, “Now that I am happy with the word happiness.

‘Sun-moon’ is over, but Jung Il-woo is starting now. In 2007, MBC sitcom ‘High Kick without a hitch’ was a star like a comet, but now has become the basis for establishing a role as a true performer. Maybe it ‘s a gift from Jung Il – woo’ s last 4 years.

“I’ve always followed ‘High Kicks’ like tags, but I think I’ve got another masterpiece this time. It’s true that I was uneasy because of the short preparation period, but I did my best in the given situation and this is good. “

If the bright and healthy feeling has been the main image to explain Jung Il-woo, I am afraid that I would like the challenge of portraying characters who are stronger and manly in the future.

“I have become a comfortable smiley actor through the ‘Ramen Shop’, but now I feel that the smell has gotten a bit darker. I do not have comfort, but now I think I know a darker character can fit me.” It seems that the reason he successfully completed the Mission of Yang Myunng is to limit his work and characters to specific images.

“I do not think I’m good at acting yet, because I’ve got a lot of praise for the ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’, and because I’m a person I that has to try hard. I think I can show you. “

Original Interview in Korean