Jung II-woo interview by THE STAR

March 2012

This is an interview I never get tired of watching. The way he moves… is absolute delight! Update:  Just found these photos… Cr. The Star

Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 00014Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 00015Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 00016Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 00017Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 00013Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 00018




Main Translation Credit: Ilwoostory Japan.   Translated to English, edited and timed (in red): Fan 13 for Jung Il-woo Delights.

 0:00  IL: “THE STAR”

Hello to everyone who is a viewer.
It is Jung Il -woo was seeing you as Yang Myungg in the “Moon Embracing the sun”.
I am happy to meet you. “

<Images of Jung II-woo in various interviews and in the Moon Embracing the Sun.>    Cute side?
Jeonju International Film Festival Public Relations Ambassador                                               Is Jung-II a HOT guy?
THE STAR who has been growing up with Jung Il …
On the other hand it looks satisfying.

0:27 Q. What was meaningful to Jung II in the past year?
Il: “For me, I think that it was a tremendous challenge and a year when I could not afford it. Indeed, I have never appeared in so much since I debuted.
However, I also thought that Jung Il should change,
For that purpose, while constantly achieving the work, acting also as a person Hyeon-yul,
I thought that we must develop as a human being Jung il.
So I chose a work without holiday and, of course, I had plenty of troubles when choosing that work,
I decided to spend days sleeping for days and days,
I am glad that I think that decision was not in vain …
It is glad that courage and confidence seemed to have attached since the work ‘Moon holding the sun’ ended. “

<Image of bloody Yang Myung.>

1:27 Q. My thought to Yang Myung …
Ile: “My chest hurts so hard, it was a terrible task since the 49th was over, to get out of the character.
I care about my sorrow very much, I played with a lot of empathy, so it’s hard for me …
<’49 days’ It was hard to forget Son Yoo who showed us a love affair with Lee Yo Won …>  It is not that I will not do it again,
I was thinking of trying not to do sad and painful characters for a while
In less than a year, appeared in the “Moon Embracing the sun” …
It was such a character with three times more pain than Son is. “

2:06 Q. If I put a ‘title’ for my performance …
Il: “I tried crazy enough to become Yang Myeong … Yes.
Actually, when ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ ended, I started preparing the “Moon holding the sun” without holidays …
It was my first time to appear in the work, so I was disappointed of my physical strength,
It is like a mental strength was accomplished with one, this time the work is.
I tried hard to draw cool figures and I tried very hard to become Yang Myung.
I think that it is such a work that I tried very much to become Yang Myeong without missing a moment to moment. “

2:48 Q. Did you get awkward with ‘Hwon’ Kim Soo-hyun at the beginning?
Il: “It was the first time, it was only awkward,
Young Hwon and Yang Myeong fought fights.
As we meet fifteen years later with fights,
I purposely did so in order to immerse himself in the situation of the story. Do not be awkward. “

3:06 Q. When the broadcast ended, did everyone get along …?
Ile “Yes, everyone is getting in touch with each other and they are getting along well. Everyone is busy with each other …
But today there is a broadcasting end party. So I should meet again today and have a drink or something to drink. “

3:22 Q. When I went to the broadcast end party, who is it with?
Il: “I really did talk about the drama a lot.
So, from now on I would like to have a lot of private talks with Soo-hyun and Jae-rim brother.
<I would like to go to that seat ~>
Then I will talk about it – it was an interesting work. “

3:37 Q. What is the most popular place among the staff – Yang Myung – Yeom – Eun on the job site?
Il “Uncle Eun had a tremendous popularity among the staff.
My stylist also said that Uncle Brother was very good.
<Although why there is another sun! What? What? >
Therefore, I think that Mr. Uncle was most popular. “

3:59 Q. I want to co-star again!
Il: “(Before the end of the question) Soo-hyun! I think it is an actor like a stimulant that makes me greedy.
In the scene with Soo-hyun, there is more tension than the script, it is interesting.
It is a friend who wants to co-star again with Sung Hyun, even if it is not a movie, really wanting to co-star in a movie. “

<Footage of the Press Conference for “Moon Embracing the Sun”>                                      Q. ‘What is the actual romance style? 
Il: “It’s easy to heat and cool like an aluminum pot? It will seem cold soon if you break up.”

4:32 Il: I did not say that in a strange way.
If it really was a loved one, it was meant to dedicate everything and to fall in love without regret –
I regret that it seemed to be misunderstood.
If I could really love one, I could devote all of myself …
But that is to say that if you meet such a lover …
But it seems a bit difficult to start love.
First of all, knowing that person, I start love … It is difficult to get started.
<On that aspect it looks like Yang Myeong …? >
I think so. “

Q. Please tweet with Twitter, Live: read lines of embarrassment!

Tweeter Box: I am very grateful to all the fans who are so kind to me and all the staff and actors who have been suffering everyday.  I am very grateful because of you.
<Though it’s snowing, Yang Myung thinks of you though it will rain? ^^ Shock >

5:14 Il:  “I do not think I can do it! <laughs bending down>

5:18 Though it’s snowing, Yang Myung thinks of you though it will rain? … KISS!!!  

5:29 Q. Do you still wear Yang Myeong’s clothes?
Il: “What kind of style is it rather than taking off when the work ends,
Even though it ends, I drag the character as it is,
I seem to be able to escape naturally when I meet new characters.
While accepting new characters. That character is so hard for me rather than it,
I wonder if I forget it in nature.
<While saying so, it was new like Yang Myung throughout the interview, Jung Il>
Yang Myeong had a very painful feeling when he died, I think that I will remember forever. “

<Titles (About Jung II-woo) “Jung Il Woo is really a hardworking actor. Every second every minute he changes for the better continuously. For example, comparing with 12:50:01, 02 second will be better, comparing with 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock will be better, comparing with yesterday, today will have a better potential, a really amazing actor. I could see something growing.” PD Kim Do Hoon >   Read the article where the director says this:  HERE 

6:08 Q. What clothes do you want to wear next?
I think that my idea for myself has changed a lot while shooting the ‘Moon Embracing the sun’.
Before choosing the ‘Moon Embraing the sun’, I was afraid that anxiety was ahead of me,
From now on I would like to try challenging characters I’ve never played before,
I think probably to do a contemporary drama, but I think that I should try a trend drama.

6:40 To THE STAR  viewers:
Il thanks you all for watching THE STAR, and the love for  ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’ until now. “

6:46 <Title: To all my loved fans>
“And then, my beloved fans, Yan Myung and Jung Il support a lot of …
It became a very great force
I tried very hard to show good acting to reward your love.
As we prepare eagerly while taking rest so that we can show good acting in the next work,
Please also expect the next work.
I’d be happy if you remember ‘Moon Embracing the sun’ and Yang Myung forever in your heart.
Thank you very much, I love you. “

Photos taken (by me) from the video Cr. The STAR   I edited this first one:

Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 2.JPG

Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 1Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 3Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 5Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 6Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 4Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 9Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 10Jung II-woo for The STAR 2012 11


I really like watching Jung II-woo in interviews… though I can only catch words and short phrases, I love watching him move!  What a lovely man he is!!!  Such a gentleman in every way!  I feel so secure when I hear him…his voice is so reassuring and soothing to me!

Thank you life for such a treat! It’s Oscar’s night…normally I would be watching that show… today I don’t care…I’d rather watch Jung II-woo and work on this post!  I guess he truly delights me like no other creature in this planet!!!

About the content… I really had not given a thought that he really did portray two of his saddest characters at this time… Song Yi-soo and Prince Yang Myung. Sniff!  Thank goodness for Cha chi-soo sandwiched in between to lighten up those too!