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March 19, 2012

I love these photos and the first interview below.  It takes you through an ABC of all Jung II-woo related things.  So fun and different for an interview…and so telling!  Enjoy!

Photo Cr. On photos!

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[Chung Il Woo AtoZ] Mobile phone shortcut key 1 …

EDaily  2012-03-19

Article by Park Mi-ae

Translated from Korean using Google Translate.

Jung Il-woo was a lot different from the drama ‘The Sun with the Sun’ If Yang was lonesome and depressed, he was the owner of bright and healthy energy. I listened to all that (A to Z).

-Actor learning? A person who expresses many works and characters and expresses the happiness of unhappiness and sorrow.

-Beauty’s Ideal? It changes every time, but now I have no ideal.

-Cell phone Who is Hotkey 1? I do not have a shortcut for the iPhone because … .

-Destiny Do you believe in destiny? I do not believe. I believe in the power of effort than destiny.

-Energy is the driving force? My own. I seem to be growing up in my own struggle with failure and success. Of course there is love of fans.

-Friend What is your most precious friend? Friends in junior high school. I have been friends since I was a child and I have been able to talk with my friends. My friends at high school were friendly, but I could not meet after graduation.

-Goal What is your goal in life? To be satisfied with acting by oneself.

-Hobby hobby? Then it changes.

-If What if I did not become an actor? I wonder if he is doing fashion related work. I also have interest and want to learn.

– You joined Jooin late? I was invited to take a picture during the filming of ‘Namsan Ramen Shop’. In fact, when I said “I do not care” I was very worried around. Is it going well? The choice is ultimately yours. I read the original very funny. I decided not to regret it.

-K-pop What if you have a favorite K-pop star and song? Big Bang. I like the big bang singing style. I do not want to get caught up in fashion. Lyrics come in your ears. I like old songs but now I listen to ‘Blue’.

(This gave me goosebumps!  I actually posted a few days ago a different ‘Blue’ in one of my posts!  I thought of what song I would dedicate to Prince Yang Myung and the song ‘blue’ by Miles Davis was what I chose!!! Astonishing!)

This is the song ‘blue’ that Jung II-woo was talking about:

No idea what it says…but I like it!  It doesn’t sound blue to me…it sounds wishful and happy…  I think it was filmed near the photoshoot that Jung II-woo has in New York later on this year!

-Love What is love? Sometimes I get happy and sometimes I get sick.

-Motto What is your motto? Do not regret it often.

-No.1 The most important thing in life? trust. Belief is the most important thing among people who work with loved ones. And you must have faith in yourself.

-Opportunity What is the greatest opportunity in your life? I met ‘High Kick without a hitch’. Because it is the work which made debut.

-Pocket Always carrying? wallet. Cell phone, notes. If you have a busy notebook, forget it. It is better to use handwriting than to store it on a cell phone. It may be a memory when I see it later.

-Question What do you worry about these days? Until recently, trouble was about the work. The preparatory period was short, and the time left for me was a pity. Every piece seems like that.

-Role model? This also changes frequently. When I was in ‘high kicks without a hitch’, it was Mr. Soo Jae, a foreign actor and a domestic actor.

-Secret If only one secret is disclosed? It is a secret.

-Travel Where to go on a trip? I want to go backpacking alone rather than go anywhere. I envy those who leave vainly alone without any plans. I have never been able to do it and I have never had the courage to do so. I want to go to Nepal or India where culture is completely different.

-University school life? Celebrity is not about convenience. I go to school every fortune. But it ‘s hard to go to school while I work.

-Vote There’s a general election soon, what’s the vote? I will go to something else if it is not very urgent.

-Weapon own the biggest weapon? Adaptability. Sometimes it is difficult, but I usually adapt well.

-You. What do you say to your fans? As well as the existing fans, and those who have become new fans through the character Yangmyung, I thank you for cheering and loving Jung Ilwoo. Thanks to my fans, I seem to be getting stronger every time I do my work.

-Zealous What do you want to pour? It is acting.

Here is the article in Korean.

Jung Il-woo “I nodded in Huryeon”
EDaily  2012.03.19   Naver

By: Park Mi-ae

Yang Yang has never been able to reveal his own ambitions once and for all. Until the last minute. What about Jeong Ilwoo who played such a good name?

‘Oh, it is a korean.’

After the filming of “The Year of the Sun” (hereinafter referred to as “The Year of the Sun”), I met Chung Il Woo at a cafe in Gangnam, Seoul. It was a chilly day with cold weather. Even though the outside air was full, he was out of the cafe. I confronted my eyes when I met my eyes. I said hello to you first, saying “Hello” with a smile. His eyes were on his leather jacket. The atmosphere was quite different when I was wearing a hanbok.

It was not only clothes that Jeong Ilwoo showed different from Yang. In an abstract question leading to “What is acting?” “What is love?”, He frowned, saying, “Why is this question so difficult?” The expression of honest emotions burst into laughter. When I wondered about the style of love, he answered, “I would not have watched it like Yangmyeong.” “Once you express my heart and your opponent refuses, then I should step back.” Jeong Ilwoo was a man who was candid and energetic to make his opponent feel good.

His attitude toward acting was also different. I had enough time and serious to talk about my work or character. There was no room for jokes. When he was preparing for filming, he said that he would remember one of his ambassadors. He said that he spent a lot of time analyzing scenes and preparing for shooting more than others. I was able to read the seriousness of acting with only one posture of script. “Learning is a different person, a career that shows different lives. I can not show the life of the person at will. Mr. Soon-jae also told me not to learn the adverb chi. ”

So, there is a lot of disappointment in every work. This is due to the lack of time to fully analyze the drama reality drama, which is filmed close to live broadcasting. I added ‘Sun Shade’. As soon as the previous work ‘The Ramen noodle shop’ was finished, it was put into it immediately. I did not have enough time, so I could not put enough emotions into the characters.

However, the presence of Jeong Ilwoo was stronger as the society repeated. At the end, the act of dying that Jung Ilwoo introduced rang a lot of viewers. “As I was filming, I felt that I was getting more involved in my work. I was able to make another color while doing ‘the sun’. I’m confident. I’m already waiting for the next piece. ”

Here is the article in Korean.