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March 2012

After the last episode of The Moon that Embraces the Sun aired, Jung II-woo had various interviews.  I will post some of them with photos…  sometimes the same photo shoot photographs were used in different ones, so what I decided to do is to group all the photos together where he’s wearing the same outfit with one of the interviews translated.

This first one has photos by Osen and TV Report.  Interview follows by Osen.  I found the Interviews in Ilwoostory Japan and translated them using Google Translate.

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Wondering what happened to his finger?  He cut it while filming with the swords in Episode 20 of the The Moon that Embraces the Sun.  Poor guy…I hope he didn’t require stitches!

OSEN | 2012.03.19 07: 59

[OSEN = Yunghai reporter] “How did you look?”

Jeong Ilwoo was wondering about many people’s thoughts about the end of the Yang’rim. I was deeply touched by Yang’s death god in the “Year of the Sun”, which is considered to be one of the best scenes ever since his debut. I am worried about my work and I am afraid that I have to go back to my friendship.

MBC met with ‘The Year of the Sun’ (hereinafter referred to as the sun), and Jung Ilwoo received the sunlight properly. Until now, if you have been an actress and a young star, Jung Il-woo has become an “authentic actor.” A superior visual is a bonus.
One day in March, when the national drama “Sun Shadam” came to an end, Still, he was there in the garden of Gangnyeonjeon, where he was held in the arms of fortune (Song Jae-rim) and grabbed the hands of Yun-hyeon (Kim Soo-hyun) Jung Il-woo, who had not been able to see the ending of the ending, seemed like a worldly person. He seemed tired and a little unhappy, and he seemed to be chewing on something more than just the drama.

“My story goes on in the dying scene … I did not like it anymore, so I told the bishop I wanted to do it once again.
I wonder if the journalist was older than him. I would like to say that he is an emotion due to the fact that he has watched his performance for some years as a reporter and sometimes as a viewer. “Actually, I’m really trying hard.”
The last god of Yangmyeon to death was clearly a moment of high performance of a certified official. Since the inaugural event of the “Sea of ​​the Sun” prevailed, the praise of “rediscovering of Jeong Ilwoo” was flooded online.
Jung Il-woo shot the scene and unconsciously touched the injured finger. Then I continued to talk in a serious tone.

“I watched a lot of footage and watched the footage, so I watched it several times before the broadcast. I knew what kind of picture it was. When I saw it on TV, I was fine. ”
On the 15th, he watched his last meeting with his family and said he could not sleep until 3-4 am the next day. I wonder what got on my chest. I thought a lot and did it again.
“I knew that Yangmyeong died from the beginning, and I thought that it was the most impact scene, so I said I was ready to do it … I have an unfortunate part, I think it is a smoke that will be remembered for a long time, If you think of Chung Il-woo, I think this scene will come out in the future. “

I asked personally if the ending of Yang’s death chose me. He said, “I acted like that to protect my beloved sister and brother-in-law, and I thought that it was all right, but it was the right choice. It was not an easy decision. “

I was curious about the reaction of people around me. How did the old fans or acquaintances think about the ‘Yang’ of ‘Jeong Ilwoo’?
“Because of this work, I was told ‘I learned about the seriousness of Chung Il-woo’, especially those who cried a lot when I saw the dead scene at the end.
I said that I had seen the first shade in the face and facial expression that played Yang-myeong, and I said, “Oh … yeah, in fact, Yang-myeong seemed like a depressed person.

In fact, Jeong Il-woo has been deeply troubled about the appearance of the “Sun Shade”. (I interviewed journalists shortly after finishing TVN ‘Ramen noodle shop’, but in the meantime, I received an offer to cast.

At that time, I thought I was supposed to appear, but I was really worried about it, and I was really good at it as a result, and when I got the suggestion, I went down to the province for four days alone and got a room. I took it and read it and thought about it a lot, and then I decided to do it.
It was not allowed for a long time to decide on the cast. So I ended up with a short but bold question. It was because there was not enough time to prepare for the station. I decided to go on, I was stuck in role analysis and acting practice. It is the ‘Yang-myeong of Jeong Il-woo’ so completed.
As a result, I heard a praise from the director, Kim Do-hoon PD. Kim PD gave a glimpse of Jeong Ilwoo’s growth through his social network after finishing the last filming.
“Oh, I saw that tweeter, and thank you so much,” he said, “I feel like I was right with Kim Dong-Hun.” Direction really likes his coach. I do not think it was different.”

Here is the link to this article in Korean.

OSEN|2012.03.19 08:00

I can not talk about Kim Soo-hyun, the main actor in the film.
“I am a friend of mine with Suhyeon. At the beginning of the work, it was not easy to be confused because it was the first time I met and also the invisible nerves (?) Among the leading actors. “There was a god that Suhyeon and Jangrim had first met, but at that time, I was not honest with them, and I was awkward, and I was awkward, but the second time we were drinking tea, we had a god talking to each other. “

God is dead. These are the closest people to him who is dying in blood and righteousness.
“I’ve never played dead in my work, but I have not done it. (It was a role to die in SBS drama ’49 days. I can not control my emotions even after the cut sound, and I was crying with Suhyun all the time. I and the actors are all crying. ”
The three people had a good time to hang out with a little gap in the middle of shooting. According to the testimonies of field staffs, whenever there was a waiting time, they chatted with each other and played with each other, and it seemed natural for them to become close friends.

“Suhyun’s acting greed is not a joke, because I am also very greedy … I was just as happy to say such a story when I left the smoke breathing. My older brother was 3 years older than us, and he was comfortable with me. ”
So, three people made a place to drink beer and socialize a few times in a busy way. Now the work is over, but I will continue to keep in touch and keep in touch.
If so, what would it be like a gregarious, Hangain who was an unrequited love affair? “I have a good sister, buy food well and have a very temperamental personality.” It seemed like I was having a good time, and invited me to come to the premiere of “Introduction to Architecture”.

Talking for a long time tells me that energy is still rising rather than getting tired. In fact, last year, after drama ’49 days’, ‘ramen noodle shop’ followed this’ sunday ‘until I had rested properly, like running like a racehorse. I am tired of my physical strength and I am going to work again in the second half of the year.

“I’m going to go to New York with a photo shoot, because I also have a fan meeting in Japan, so I do not think I will be in Korea for a while, so I will take a rest after a while. ”
The next work might be a movie. If it does, it will return to the screen after a long time since ‘My Love’ (2007). Once in a movie or a drama, now I am going to give more greed to a variety of roles. After finishing the “Sea of ​​the Sun”, I definitely feel like I have grown a lot more. I would have felt more confident than before and more courageous. I do not think it’s not the kind of ‘high kick’ that goes on in the ‘high kick’ anymore.

A young man in his twenties who is happy to chat with a beer with his friends, an actor who wanted to eat too much pasta while filming “The Sea of ​​the Sea” I’m already curious about the journal.
Even though a little scar on the injured finger is left, it seems to be a work that I can not forget that much. It ‘s called.

Park Joon-hyung reporter soul1014@osen.co.kr, providing fantasy

Update:  March 17 . Just found these.  Cr. Ilwoostory Japan

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