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March 19, 2012

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Here is a video with the same outfit…

In this video Jung II-woo talks about how beautiful Kim So-hyun, the child actress who plays the queen in the drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” was to him when he first saw her:

MBC ‘Actor Chun · Il of the Moon holding the sun (Taiyo Moon) appeared in this drama
I chose a child actor Kim So-hyun as an ideal.

Jung Yu appeared in the tvN entertainment information program ‘e news’ broadcasted at 8 pm on 19th,
Designated Kim So-hyun as a question of the production staff who is the ideal among ‘actress Hinatsu’ actress.

Jeong Il and Kim So-hyun appeared in the same drama, but Kim So-hyun acted a child role. The two of us could never meet at the time of shooting the sun holding moon. Jung Il is “at an end party
I saw Kim So-hyun for the first time but it was really beautiful “Eye mouth mouth nose is also very clear
I felt I was going to be even more cute if I got bigger. “

Jeon Il continued to say, “All attractions are different for each actor” while “Ideal is refreshing in character
I am talking to a woman who is friendly and does not have anything to do.

This was Kim So-hyun then…



And this is now… I wonder if he still thinks the same:


Anyways, moving on…

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mydaily|12-03-19 08:00

Yoon-ho, a rebel who grew up in a crush on her teacher at “High Kick”, threw his life for his beloved sister and lady. Actor Jung Il-woo clearly knew that he could do well while he grew up in Yoon-ho, and yet he could not do well.

“I got a lot of love through ‘High Kicks without a hitch.’ There is a part of my acting that I like and a part that I do not like. I had a lot of worries and worries before the decision, but this time I showed another aspect of Jung Il-woo to viewers, and the ‘smoke is growing’ so thank you for your words. “

Jung Il-woo said, “I learned how to balance smoke.” I asked what balance. “Yang has a bright figure and a dark figure, and there is also a pain in the inside. I learned how to balance those things”

One month after the previous work, tvN ‘Flower Boy Ramen shop,’ was over, Jung Il-woo transformed himself into ‘The sun covered by the sun’. I have become a pseudonym for all of my other brother Hwon, who has all the things and has a double-handed son.

“I had a hard time physically, but in order to play another character, I saw a lot of scripts before I started to work, I tried to catch the tone and tone while reading the dialogue aloud, and I watched a lot of how young Yang people acted. I was helped by watching the acting, and I tried to catch the connection because other people acted but eventually they were the same person. “

Just as viewers can not forget the scene of accepting death for Yang-Myung, Jung Il-woo also cited the scene as the most impressive moment, saying, “I tried to express the pain of sacrificing everything to protect my beloved ones.”

“I do not want to be a character who can not be in reality, but it is a character who has pain as a writer, a pain that can not have any one thing,” He said.

“I am not a pauper, I am a pauper and I am immersed in it.” “If I am a poet,” Yang said, “I should have power to get a pawn.” But in the end, I could not betray it. I do not think it was similar. “

As Jung Il-woo said, Yang Myung was shaken. And the scene in which the shaking was manifested specifically was the confrontation with Kim Soo-hyun. When Yang Myung, who had been persuaded even to be despised, said to the king, “It is not because of the nasty smell that the flock is twisted in front of my house, but because there is no heir to hand over the goldsmith to the goldsmith. I am afraid that I am afraid, but I am afraid that someday I will have a long time to live in this life, rather than my mother.

“It was a very important god, and it was a situation in which Yang-gi was stabbing the sword, but it could not be done by stinging it in. Yang-myeong was sleeping and threatening the kingdom, so his life might be blown. It is a scene that I have done a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. Teacher Kim had a lot of advice “

Kim Soo-hyun, who appears as a key figure in the drama, King Lee Hwon, recently told of Il-woo that he was sorry for his interview with My Daily.  Kim Jung-soo said, “Jung Il-woo did ‘a High Kick without hitting’ and it was not orthodox.” Orthodox means that he played a hard and strong role like a king in theater. I do not know exactly what it is.” he said.

Jung Il-woo also read an interview with Kim Soo-hyun, saying, “Of course, there are parts to fix, and I think Kim Soo-hyun, it is an act of humility, praise, and acceptance. When I asked if I was satisfied with my performance, the answer was:

“Satisfaction? No, there are still a lot of things that are not enough, but when all the work is done, I feel sorry but I do not regret it, and I have been running for almost two years without any hesitation. I will try to give “

And the thought was clear. When Hwon got off from Yang Myung Station and took the role, he asked a sensitive question whether it was burdened.

“What I thought from a long time ago is that I may not be able to talk about appearing in a certain work well, but it is not my work, and I think this is my work because I did this” The film is a work by Kim Do-hoon, who is casting several casting candidates in any drama and casting at the end.

The actor Kim Soo-hyun and Jeong Il-woo’s ideal type that Jeong Il-woo saw from the side continued in the interview.

[Actor Jung Il Woo. Photo = Kwak Kyung-hoon reporter kphoto@mydaily.co.kr]
Lee, Seung-rak reporter roku@mydaily.co.kr


These are another interviews  like the previous one that I found it in Soompi.  Cr. snklgs


1. JIW said that he would do the same thing YM did —sacrifice for the woman he loves. Because with YM gone, everything is solved.

2. He read the book around 5 times. In the book, YM is a dark and timid character. In the drama, he was able to bring out a brighter side of YM.

3. It takes time for him to fall in love. It usually begins with being aware that he is interested in someone, so he begins looking at her. THen after 3-4 months after he gets to know her, he falls in love. Even with some of those who he has broken up with, he still thinks of them sometimes.

4. He has perfect acting pitch with KSH. He finds it strange since KSH is a guy. ( before MS, JIW stated that he had perfect acting pitch with LYW from 49 days). He has things that KSH doesn’t have, and vice versa. So they are really able to learn very much from each other. When they act together, the act as if their lives are at stake. In a separate interview, he said that KSH is the first actor that he wants to work with again in the future.

5. He’s planning on going on a trip with Song Jae RIm and KSH sometime mid-April when they’ll have some free time. Destination is secret :rolleyes:

6. THe scene where Woon fights off warriors outside of YM’s house when YM was on house arrest took 9 hours because SJR is pretty bad when it comes to kinesthetics —which JIW finds amusing since Woon is supposed to be Joseon’s genius warrior/athlete.

7. It took them around 4 days to film YM’s death scene.

A different interview

1. For the past 6 months, he hasn’t had any vacation since he filmed FBRS and MS back to back. Specially during MS, he didn’t have time to spend with his family. WHen he watched the final ep his mom and his sister were crying, he then felt that ” I really died, ( LOL)”. But he himself did not cry while watching it because he saw the edited version many times before. Originally, YM had a narration part during his death scene. But JIW didn’t like the idea and advocated against it, so finally the director took out the narration ( this was from another interview). Anyway, that is why he saw the death scene many times since they were recording the narration along with it.

2. When asked how he chooses what roles to play, he said that of course he takes into consideration who he is going to work with. But in the end, he decides after reading the script whether he could see himself disappearing into the role. But for YM, his mom and his sister highly recommended it to him. His mom watched ” Dragon’s Tears” before, and she said that there was this character called Yang Nyon who was very similar to YM. His mom wanted to see him play a role like that.

3. Normally if he had time, he would prepare for roles by reading/studying the script. But he did not have time, so he watched SKK ( amuses me that he watched this^^) and Dragon’s Tears –other works by the author of MS.

4. When asked how his experience doing Iljimae helped him during MS, JIW said that ” of course, I had a lot of know-how”–he was referring to the fact that he knew that shooting it would be cold. So after he was casted, he spent 3days and 4 nights shopping for goods that will keep him warm. Like, he’d wear 4-5 layers of underwear and attached 10 packs of Kairo ( packets that you attached to your skin or clothing that’ll keep you warm–has iron fillings –IDK how you call these in English or Korean, so I’m using the Japanese term for it). He further remarked that since HGI and KSH were noobs at filming sageuk they were ill-prepared for the cold, so he gave them lots of “presents” and JIW laughs at himself while saying this.

5. The interviewer remarked about his beautiful skin..JIW said that due to being so busy with filming MS, there was a point there were he couldn’t wash his face for 10 days. So when he went back to Seoul, he had to go to a dermatologist to get his skin treated.

6. After filming 49 days, he didn’t have enough rest before doing FBRS and his physical condition got worse since he did MS right after FBRS. He was so busy that he hardly had time to even go to the cafeteria to eat. When he was filming FBRS, he wasn’t able to eat even a single bowl of ramyun. But during MS, he ate about 100 bowls of it. After, when he went to an Eastern medicine doctor, they gave him medicine that seniors in high school take ( highly stressful time). He admits that he really had a hard time since he maxed out his body.

7. YM sacrificed himself not only because of YW but also for his brother.

8. As for his ideal type, it changes often

9. Before he would act by studying the script, but during MS, he became one with YM–he feels that this role improved his acting skills.

10. When asked about his future plans, he said that he really wants to rest. But he has to go back to school because he needs to graduate by next year.


Due to the success of its cable showing in Japan and high-interest for JIW, FBRS will be shown on regular Japanese tv channel TBS in June in the Kantou area ( Tokyo and surroundings), It will also be available for rental by June 6.

There is a probability that MS will be shown on NHK ( Japanese national tv).

JIW said that after reading MS, he thought YM was the character that had the most impact. And the scene that showed this impact was his death. He said that it all begins and ends with YM’s death, in the sense that the narrative achieves its resolution with YM’s death and that Hwon and YW could really be together safely after YM’s sacrifice. I forgot who wrote the same thing, was it javabeans?–that the reason why JIW chose MS was for the death scene, now we have confirmation from JIW that the death scene was a crucial part of YM’s existence–in the sense that YM existed so he could die.

He’s also an actor that does not rely on personal experience to act. For example, he did not tap into his personal sad experiences to depict YM. Rather, he’s the type who immerses himself into the script and creates his character as he acts with other actors. He learned this way of acting from Lee Sunjae ( grandpa in High Kick).

He learned a lot by acting with KSH. He said that very scene he had KSH was great. He himself is a passionate actor. But KSH also is very passionate and there was that level of competition when they both acted. Off screen, they got along well ( one factor was age) and joked around. But when the camera started rolling, they both brought a fierceness so powerful that the staff would remark, ” What’s up with you guys?” ^^He said that KSH is really a great actor and the fact that KSH is such a good actor at that age inspired him to do better. He said that he totally agrees with everyone’s good evaluation of KSH’s acting prowess. He also said that what he doesn’t have that KSH does is KSH’s voice quality and ability to deliver/act through voice.