Jung II-woo Delights is one year old in Instagram!


December 24, 2017

These photos come from a Japanese Magazine via Ilwoostory Japan. Though I have no idea what it says I love the photos…  with them I celebrate my first year in Instagram!  Like a Christmas gift, this account and later on this website have given me the discovery and the ability to share all the delights of this great man Jung II-woo!  If you were to tell me I would have this fever for a Korean man even two years ago, I would have said “You are crazy!” but here I am!  I don’t ask why, at this point I know I was meant to do all this…  like the moon rotates around the Earth.

It has been an amazing journey so far!  I am so thankful to you Jung II-woo fans for your support.  I also want to thank all the fans around the world that have made websites (mostly in Asian countries) and the great image data base that is DCILwoo and Daum Cafe.  Jung II-woo’s is a treasure and his talent and beauty both outside and inside, should be made known all over the world!   Especially at this time when he’s away.  So celebrate that we are so lucky to live in this planet at the same time as our sweet II-woo!

Thankfully yours,

Jung II-woo’s Fan 13

Below is my very first post in Instagram.  I still absolutely love this photo…  I love that it not only how beautiful he is on the outside: his skin, his hair, but also on the inside, in  the dreamy way he’s looking upwards, beyond. I call this photo “Dreaming II-woo.”

jungilwoo.delights Instagram First Post .PNG


Here are at last the photos from the Japanese Magazine:

Photo Cr. Ilwoostory Japan

2011 JIW in Japanese Magazine 12011 JIW in Japanese Magazine 22011 JIW in Japanese Magazine 32011 JIW in Japanese Magazine 42011 JIW in Japanese Magazine 5