Jung II-woo in various interviews.

November 2011

I decided to place all these photos at this point.  They belong to various interviews Jung II-woo gave in November of 2011.

This is an excerpt of the interview by tv Report translated to English.  The rest is in Korean right here.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop viewers are paying tribute to the various facial expressions of Jung Il-woo. For this remarkable development, Jung Il-woo made an effort. “When I was in “Unstoppable High Kick”, I got a message from Kim Byung-wook, ‘You do not have a lot of facial expressions.’ From then on, I practiced expressions while looking at the mirror like crazy, and then it became easy to express my acting on SBS drama “49 days”.

Cr. nocutnews.co, ahahtv and tvReport


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2011 11 tv report 1.12011 11 tv report 2.12011-11-tv-report-4-1.jpg2011-11-tv-report-3-1.jpg2011 11 tv report 4.1


2011 11 tv report 42011 11 tv report 1.jpg2011 11 tv report 2.jpg

2011 11 tv report 3.jpg