Have a Delightful Merry Christmas! with Jung II-woo, Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum!


December 24, 2017

In thinking of what I could do for a Christmas post this year,  I thought of three words that define the perfect Christmas for me:  Peace, Love and Prosperity.

Though initially I thought I’d use an angel for Peace, I saw a photo of Jung II-woo sleeping and thought “that’s it!”

For prosperity, I thought I’d do a composition of Jung II-woo in front of a Christmas tree with many presents…but as I was looking at available photos from the past, I bumped into a few photos of Lee Min-Ho and Kim Bum as well.  Then… I got the idea of combining the images to create a post that would have all three of them!  I loved the idea of them celebrating Christmas together, like brothers.  And of course! the resulting image became very rapidly the image for Love!  The funny part of II-woo eyeing Bum’s donut was a plus!

Then prosperity became the angel I had originally thought for Peace…I really wanted an angel among the images!  So here they are…    And have yourself a delightful Merry Christmas!  Much peace, love and prosperity to Jung II-woo and his fandom!


Cr. Elle Girl December 2007, DCILwoo and me, Fan 13.

JIW Peace 2017 By Fan 13


Cr. Lee Min-ho’s Weibo, RingPang Donuts, Kim Bum, http://www.jungilwoo.com, Jung II-woo and me, Fan13.

JIW Christmas Love 2017


Cr. Elle girl December 2007, and me Fan 13.

JIW Prosperity 2017 By Fan 13

This is music I chose for them:



This is “Libera” an English Boys Choir I absolutely love.  Their sweet voices bring me much peace at this time of the year.  I imagine angels sing just like them!!!


This is “El Orfeón Universitario de la UCV.”  UCV stands for Universidad Central de Venezuela.  This university chorus was considered the best chorus of Venezuela when I lived there (over 20 years ago). Their happy Christmas music continues to bring happiness and nostalgia to all Venezuelans living all over this world.  The rhythm in it is called a “gaita.”  It is a fast moving pace music Venezuelans dance at this time of the year.  This song says something along the lines of:   “Take what I have offered you, a delicious “gaita” along with two or three things that I have kept for you, the rest that I have promised to give you for New Year’s, I’m so sorry but I don’t have it and I can’t make it up at this time.” 

As Venezuelans continue to suffer because of their terrible government, songs like these keep their spirits high. Those of us that have had to watch it from far suffer in a different way…in that helpless I wish I could help kind of way.  Right now food and medicine is lacking and for the first time children are dying of hunger. But the world does not care about Venezuela… and this is sometimes really painful to see.  Most of my family (and luckily my closest members) have all left Venezuela. My family is now spread among three continents in 5 different countries. We can rarely see each other and this is something that makes me sad sometimes.  But I never despair, quite the opposite I am thankful because they are safe and prospering. Everyday I pray for a change of government in the most peaceful manner and for their prosperity.  Now…let’s cheer up because it’s Christmas!  and…

Today my Instagram is one year old!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

I will continue to bring you many, many! more Jung II-woo Delights!  Thank you for you continued support of Jung II-woo and all his delights.

메리 크리스마스!   Merry Christmas!   Feliz Navidad!