Jung II-woo in Take Care of the Young Lady Episodes 4, 6 & 7

I want to highlight a few things about the episodes mentioned above.  It has to do with Jung II-woo and how much he cares about what he does.  For episode 4, he was required to sing without accompaniment music.  As you may know, Jung II-woo does not feel very comfortable singing and he was dreading that!  Still he found the strength inside of himself and dealt with his discomfort and did it.  The result is so endearing!

I also read that in episode 7, he was required to pretend he was playing the piano.  And a double’s hands would be shot up close to make it look like it was Jung II-woo playing.  Well Jung II-woo would have nothing of the sort.  So he started practicing piano about a month before, so he could play it himself.  It is one of my favorite parts…just because I know that he went the extra mile.

Reading about these anecdotes really brings to light the fact that for Jung II-woo, acting, performing is hard work.  It really makes me admire him more! It’s not easy putting yourself in the uncomfortable line, but you learn so much!

I have a lot of photos for this post… Cr. KBS2     Enjoy!!!

Episode 4:



It’s not often you get to see his cute bottom…had to post it! IMG_5144IMG_5145IMG_5146IMG_5147IMG_5148IMG_5149IMG_5150IMG_5151IMG_5152

He looks so sexy on this pink shirt:  IMG_5153IMG_5154IMG_5157IMG_5158IMG_5159IMG_5160IMG_5161

Jung II-woo singing…



Episode 6

I like this episode a lot…” the Farm Episode.” On one side you have Jung II-woo in nature looking ever so grumpy, and …Yoon Sang-hyun simply hilarious!




Episode 7…the piano part!