Jung II-woo confused about his character Lee Tae-yoon.

September 2009

Sadly, this drama did not live up to the expectations of the public, not the actors.  Even before they were held way into the drama, the script writer left!   Jung II-woo became utterly confused about how to play Lee Tae-yoon and voiced it in a very candid way, kind of blaming himself for not being able to understand him.  But how could he?  The writing in this drama made his character into this mellow, third wheel that did not take a stand for the love of Kang Hye-na.  Jung II-woo mentions in an article how, if a woman treated him like that, he would walk away cooly and never look back.

“When I was filming Return of Iljimae, I struggled a lot so I thought that this time would be more relaxed, but I’m even more uncomfortable. Even if it’s only at this late stage, I think I have to find his focus. There are a lot of things I’m disappointed about.”

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Yoon Eun-hye received lots of criticism for her acting in this drama as well.  I feel so sad for her particularly, because her character is a shallow rich girl in the end.  It was a character doomed to fail from the start.  A sort of empty pretty doll.  The dresses, the makeup, the killer high heels. It was supposed to be her comeback role, and it ended up being a disaster for her professionally.  These are Yoon Sun-hye words:

“I feel how difficult it is for a woman to work at being pretty. When I was doing Coffee Prince, I just washed my face and applied lotion and skin cream and I was ready to film. But compared to back then, now I have to get up two hours earlier to do my makeup.” “I wear high heels that are about 12 to 13 cm high, and after filming for a long time, my legs are swollen like an elephant’s.”

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So sad…

To cheer up I will post these photographs, some posed and some from the drama where one can see Jung II-woo and some of the many faces he makes.    Cr. DCilwoo.


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This is probably my least favorite drama by Jung II-woo. Besides the reasons stated above, including the flatness of his character, and well the lack of…manhood!  It also bothered me a lot, that at the beginning there was this glimpse into deepening his character. Even though he is a chaebol (very rich man) too, he has chosen to be away from his family and be a civil rights lawyer that actually looks to protect workers from companies like the one his own family owns!  He has this amazing fight with his brother…and then that totally disappears!!!   Why?!

Then when they then try to push him and Yeo Eui-joo together at the end, that was it for me! Let’s have the two leads end together and the two second leads end together living happily ever after!  Please!!!