Jung II-woo for Marie Claire Magazine

September 2009

This is a very surprising photo shoot.  It was made in an old pool. The paint is peeling off the walls.  There was some watering it. It was dirty…smelly…contaminated.  Jung II-woo did not complain, he walked right in…he sat and proceded like a pro posing as if it was a studio.  I am simply in awe…

I first include the photos and then the article further down.  Read the article…it is a great window to Jung II-woo’s fillings and thoughts of that time…and maybe even today’s?

Photos: Cr. Marie Claire.

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2009 9 JIW Marie Claire 42009 9 JIW Marie Claire 4

The following photos were part of a charity exhibit that Marie Claire organized along with 46 male artists of the moment, including Jung II-woo.  Following are the photos and a short article about the charity exhibit.  Then is the other article I mentioned above… By the way if you are wondering where Jung II-woo is, he is right under the T!



2009 9 JIW Marie Claire 5

Article about Charity Exhibit:  (Translated via Google Translate)

Seo Ji-sup – Park Yong Ha – Tiger JK … Male icon 46 pictures collection for relief fund shooting OSEN | 2009-09-18 10: 34: 28

46 male icons representative of this era publish the picture collection ‘The Man’ and participate in various events such as a gallery exhibition and online charity auction.

Fashion magazine marie claire Mr. So Ji Sub, Lee Min-ho, Park Yong Ha, Lee Bum Soe, Lee Seong-gyun, Jang Kiha, Cha Seung Won, JK Tiger, FT Island 46 topstarters participated in the production of a galleries collection to prepare international funds group JTS (Join Together Society) fund for Asian child poverty extermination activity.

At the same time with the publication of the special edition collection ‘The Man’ commemorating the 200th issue to be released in October, a pictorial exhibition opens at the same time. The 200th anniversary pictorial exhibition will be held at the Holim Arts Center on October 6 and 7, and the entertainers who participated in the painting work will participate and decorate their seats.

In addition, marie claire goes on charity auction ‘Charity Auction’ along with 21 prestigious fashion brands as part of the 200 th memorial event. For this auction opened to prepare for Asian Children’s Poverty Departure Fund, 40 products will be donated by domestic and foreign best-known brands, and all proceeds will be donated to JTS.


Article from Marie Claire Magazine:  (Translated via Google Translate.)

Jung Il  The boy, becomes a man

Marie claire | 2009.08.24

The boy melted his sisters with one clean laugh that I rolled round. And while popularity and star caused incomplete cracks, he quickly took out himself became a tough and reliable adult. Jung · Il’s start is now.

I met Jung Il exactly 4 times. It was not so good at the beginning, the second was not good first impression was a misunderstanding, the third time is not bad even if we meet again next time. And I finished my fourth meeting today and I got a ‘favorable impression’ that I want to become close to human.

Sunday afternoon when it boasted that it became dampy in Southeast Asia not to be inferior to stickiness, Jeong Il was invited to an abandoned old pool. Place to change clothing If you tried to reach the star in a place that was left untouched rather than this rough one, you got ready to accept with discomfort and temperament all over the body. However, the spine of reversal was on his correctness. It connects shooting shoots with maximum fast action, and how it walks into the contaminated water and stands standing. There was no need to request further. Because I knew and faced each other with difficulty. In the first mini series, I could not talk for a long time besides the promised time as the schedule was taken the day before the first filming of the first positive drama <Miss a girl>. The story outside the camera had to promise the next and after three days passed, I saw him again at the Apgujeong cafe. An interview with three hours of break time between the scene and the scene when taking a picture from the dawn. As his ice coffee came out his lips tightly closed like a shell began to move.

There is only one conclusion we left down standing the other side of the camera. ‘Jung II, you are already a man’

Was it because of a drama character? I heard the story that I became manly from the time since I came back (Ichiba plum). Yuno who passed by motorbike and went to play with a friend did not segregate <Yuan plum> returned to the past, I love to deepen a woman, I become a dresser and save the country and eventually to a certain child’s father in the end Because it was. By the way it’s only the change of actor Jung Yi in the camera. Actually, there are times when there is no separation from Yunho, there are times when the depth and width of thinking is wider than that of a plum. Chung Il changed based on the word man, it is a story that I can not divide different things. I just grew little by little on time.

Jung II certainly changed in <___ plum>. The tone of the voice had a sense of stability, and the depth of the eyes felt more than anything.

I controlled a lot of things inside. It was a legitimate historical drama with its foundation on the original, but it was a challenge for me to be a 21-year-old I wandered one era and acted a person carved with a hero in history. I did not make an effort to become a plum plum from walking style, line of sight processing after saying lines, breathing method, vocalization method. Broadcasting is the feeling of solving difficult assignments all the time. Together with the inside and outside of the camera <Branch plum> is also a growth record of Jungg Ir. It was a good opportunity to control himself objectively by controlling himself, although it was a work that many drama not only movies but also continued to breath for almost one year, as well as mentally.

‘Ikuei Ume Declaration’ was indeed a surprising reversal. Jung · Il enjoyed the top of the Stardom when <Kicking High Kick!> (Hereafter <High Kick>) ended. If it is a supremacist society like Japan, most of the drama and movie scenario should have looked for Jung Il.

Do you mean regret for not capturing characters that have emerged so clearly that they can further consolidate the Stardom for several years? If you ask why I was a plum, my reply is one. It is infinite trust to director who is unconditionally reflexive, fan-ilre without such a thorough reexamination of the conditions before and after. Of course there were also many concerns about not choosing the drama, the movie enough to show off. It is after Lee Jun-ki’s senior ‘s bamboo plum has gotten a good response, and there are many concerns that it is a legitimate historical theater that is neither comic nor fusion. I do not know if I was childish desire, but I did not want to draw a picture that anyone can draw. I wanted to learn fundamentally from the basics, not pretending to be pretending, pretending to seem unlawful. If there was one that came out of the picture I painted, it was only that he assumed the title role. The one-stop hero was a condition that was excluded from my drawing.

If you got the rule of acting to learn basic skills through <Ichibei plum>, there should have been obviously the person himself had to endure. Do you see that give & take clearly communicated in both directions?

Clearly I got what I wanted. Because I was centrally fluttering because I thought that I was the center and I started looking around the area. However, it was found that satisfactory results are not obtained merely by hard work. Although I do not regret it is regrettable but still the audience rating. Talk with the work you learn, but the staff will also receive compensation based on audience ratings. It seems that it is not easy to draw hyperbolas chosen by workability and entertainment. It seems that I had to play the role of a driving force of the audience rating so that more than one hundred staff could work with a little more condition, or something to the staff if I just did my best It is only a feeling of sorry.

So this time you chose a work that you may be the most successful. In contemporary drama, Trendy Drama, Romantic Comedy, Zaibatsu II.

The expression of a work that can perform a little easier than the word that sometimes works best is suitable. In the contemporary drama, I was looking for a piece that could be comfortably approached without pushing my emotions because <Ichiwa Ume> was a bit quiet. There is no case of a character that fits the actor exactly. It is to kill himself and let cast a cast, according to the given character.

Although I read in a certain article, there was also a story called Yuno’s growth edition.

Yuno who became smarter a bit and became more sociable? (Laugh) It is not an entirely new person but an adult version of Juno. People who have many things but who are going to be free from it, glossy and cynical, but warm humans appear at a decisive moment. Of course, this change essentially holds love making with Kang Hana.

The next day of our shooting was said to be the first shoot of a drama, how was it?

It is better that I become a bit sharp when I work. Because I am not perfect, I have a lot of burdens, so if I try to make it well, I can not stand myself behaving arrogantly. Because I did not have much work experience, I would like to suffer once a year for each work. By the way, this work is a bit different. It is uneasy as to whether there is excessive margin. I could not even think of capturing the first interview schedule the day before shooting if it was like before. It was that he retired to the house like a withdrawal and was reading only the script. By the way, I now have a lot of ways to utilize time efficiently, how to tap me lightly. I shot the first time in the neighborhood of Incheon airport but moved from the dawn and finished well except that he recovered a little while. And the atmosphere of the site was so good that I decided to work comfortably because I do not have to intend to do anything.

Compared to the third year of debut, there are not many works.

It is the result of repeatedly extracting new person creation and self-reproduction as acting. And since it is a work that expresses with feeling rather than reason, if you can express a character express a certain degree of recovery period is necessary to return to the original self. Although the time is not too long as the experience is not so much, I have not done much of the casting work though it is not intended. Still it is those who go through genre by genre if compared to actors around the same age. Situation comedy, historical theater, movies, miniseries that I am doing now. From now on, by making use of the experience during that time, only to spread the betting a little more interesting side.

Although it said that we had more room than before, what was the antidote that caused himself to release with anxiety and sensitivity?

time. Do not force yourself to go against it, do not try to jump over. When I started getting the reactions for the first time in ‘Yunho’, people thought that I easily became a star. Of course it was quite understandable that the young John Ho role of the film <Quiet world> was all without a good filmography line, so I understand it. <High Kick> When I participated in the audition, I was in a state where I could not walk properly either. As I talked about in an interview many times as soon as I met a traffic accident with my friend Lee Min-ho, in order to be good at quarreling and become a character of Yuno riding a motorcycle well without having to go through a considerable recovery time It was not. However, I could not overcome the desire to act character ‘Yunho’ with bruised bodily condition, and I had to become Yuno who made it a reluctant face on the surface after the next day I solved the bandage . Compared to Kim Bum and Kim Hye-sung, which had already been recognized to some extent, the way to make Jung II see attention for the first time in birth is not the best but to do its best is the only way. It is not easy to obtain in this world, meaning that everyone is trying hard not to see it on the surface. Of course it is not a story that luck did not support it.

Can we be proud that Jung II did not change in the last three years?

No, I changed. Perhaps the intention of the question is that it was quiet again after ‘Ichigo plum’ or ‘I was arrogant when I caught up in the midst’. If such an intention is made, the reply is ‘no’. The part that I recognize as being changed is to say the change of values ​​like thought about work, consideration to people.

<High Kick> When I was about to finish airing, Jung Il spoke frankly and was sharpening a little bit. I remember having felt the discomfort perceived from ’emerging star’.

remember. Was the shooting place not a mountain? I remembered it just for the moment and it was even hotter than today, so I remember it. And it looks like I dressed the winter coat the same thing. (Laugh) I am a little steep in character. The journey started fast. My fans also express that I take a quick walk and look at me and use a landscape law. According to my memory, it was very hot that day, I just wanted to finish shooting and move to a refreshing place. So it’s just a little bit faster than usual, but maybe I thought that I responded to shooting without sincerity by seeing it. However, as all ideas are relative, it may have been a little careless for me to memorize that without intention. Also one thing, to be frank. It seems this is the case to be frank and problematic. It is okay if it is tough, it is not busy even if you are busy, where you can say that you think you like it even if you do not like it and that the idea and the words coexist in the opposite direction. <High Kick> When I was tired frankly I heard power. It was good to do the act that I wanted to do, and it was good that he tried hard but it was impossible to cover the falling physical strength. Although the shooting volume was cramped but it was a newcomer, I had to interview from time to time, and of course I took additional advertisements as well. That’s why I answered that if people asked me if I got tired. At that time I could not understand. The more I became honest, the sharper the voice that I heard later became sharper, and raised misunderstanding.

If so, do you think that it moves now thinking according to this surface rule?

I still could not find out the definite importance. Whether acting like me was correct even if you took back the misunderstanding, was it right to live hiding yourself appropriately? difficult.

What is the energy to move Jung II-woo?

fan. Their hearts quietly support and believe from behind. It is my sincerity that fans sent me to celebrate the debut day 1000 this mochi which we are eating now. As soon as she came he got three pieces of 1000 days tok with his caricature sticker attached at the table) in the morning at the shooting venue how many fans want to ask for daughter ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 I brought it to the gift, but I made sure that I could lower my head as much as possible.

Fans also resemble stars.

Rather, it seems that I like the fans. Eagerly, always humbly. I am thinking about such a thing at this time.

The European photograph which I gave to the mini homepage several months ago became a hot topic. Picture alarm life, is it a useless modifier?

<Ichibei plum> Although I stayed in Europe for about a month after finishing, since the fans are worried about what I am doing, I raised how many. A lot of people living in pictorial lives, but as it is, it is an ordinary travel photograph.

Who and where did you go like that for a month.

London, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Frankfurt. I did not have a purpose, but when I looked around I feel that there is a reasonable trip. It was time to spare a lot of me and it was time to fill it against. Why, because traveling is fun because there is a place to come back, the length and thought of the trip that came up alone could cover the head and heart complicatedly, but it was rather simple.

In my memory Berlin was a poor but sexy city. How was it?

A friend of a junior high school studied shoe design in London, but when I was just off the Easter I left out to Berlin together. I borrowed a bicycle and passed through a map in Berlin for the first time in a day. In the daytime, I visited a museum tour mainly and asked in the evening and drank beer which individuals brewed. German beer tastes really oddly remembered, although I do not drink much. Berlin is the place where the club culture has developed the most in Europe though it is not originally noisy like a club and does not like a complicated place. I went to a club recommended by a hotel staff dressed up with two friends, but the only interesting thing about clubs is men. On top of that it is not easy to see it with frequent flickering. After thinking about it seems it was a homosexual club. As two men traveled, hotel officials apparently misunderstood us on that side. I did not feel uncomfortable or awkward. Because such happening is one of the pleasures of traveling the unfamiliar place. The food was also delicious, and the price was reasonable for travelers compared with other European cities, so Berlin is a city that I want to visit again in various ways.

I filled it with exhausted sensibility, so now I only have to run.

I wonder if we can not understand what we should put in and what should be discarded as long as that fine space is available. In this drama, I want to protect the appropriate line. An actor named Jung & Il who can neither do nor miss it is able to show us in the present state perfectly It is such tightly controlled acting. It is faithful to the script but I do not want to see the figure trained by the calculated acting study. You must become an actor who slowly leaches the character like a chef who spreads the taste by recipe. In such a meaning it is absolutely not rushed this time.

Finally, what kind of person, what kind of actor do you want to be?

Qualified actor. Someone who knows that they will be responsible.