Jung II-woo First Fan Meeting in Japan Press Conference

June 25, 2009

Jung II-woo worked so hard preparing for both this press conference and his first Japanese Fan Meet.  He worried a lot!  Because it was his First Fan Meet to be held in a different country, he wanted to leave a really good impression. He practiced an introduction to say to the press, but was so nervous he was not able to deliver it. But with his candor, he won the heart of the press the more they asked him questions. Then the totally unexpected happened! Jung II-woo presented all members of the press with a hand towel that was hand dyed by his mom!  Imagine that!!!  What a sweet gesture!  He had previously signed each towel as well.  They were impressed!!!

So, first I will post the photos, then a couple of articles that contains the questions from the press conference and his answers.  Cr. On photos

Ready?                                   Set?…                                     Delight!!!

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Jung II-woo “1st Fan Meeting ~ Secret Time in Japan” Press Conference
Eur | 2009.06.25  Cr. Ilwoostory Japan

In 2006, he made his debut in the movie “Quiet World”. In a popular situation comedy “exceptionally high kick!”, The sports utility in outstanding looks, fighting strength is strong, women take a popularity by acting Lee Yunho, who is motivated to study but not large. Afterwards, Jun Il, who is a good-looking actor who is expected to break the most in 2009, such as being selected as the protagonist of the fusion period drama “Bizarre Irujima”. Such being the first time he came to Japan with fullness, the first time I visit Japan, I am doing my first fan meeting, and so many media that visited the interview were also enthusiastic! It is! It is!
Also on this day, a dozen viewers of KNTV were invited to a conference, and it was a form of watching Jung Il.

Jung · Il who appeared in smile ☆ of Nikoniko in the venue where many press coverage came. Black suits figure model is Mositta (cool) ~ ~! It is! It is! In the case of

“We attempted greeting in Japanese but we abandoned because of tension> <;;) Thank you very much for giving me today’s message, I prepared a Japanese greeting but I was nervous I’m sorry …, sorry> <; The press will also rejoin in a shy embarrassment figure.>> <When Jung Il stood on a chair, a press conference began.
In the case of
– First of all, do you feel?
“This time, I am very nervous because of my first fan meeting, and on the other hand I am excited, but it was a very short period of time but I did my best to prepare for the fans I’d like you to enjoy it pleasantly. “

– Have you ever stayed in Japan?
“Yes, I have been to Japan about 5 times so far, last year I took a photo album in Tokyo and after the filming of the drama ‘Unstoppable High Kick!’ Finished, the staff and performers’ people I also went to play in Fukushima, and I also did a drama ‘The Return of Iljimae’ shoot at Tsushima. “

– What is the best deciding factor to appear in the drama “The Return of Iljimae”? Please tell us which parts you will be attracted to decide on appearance when you decide to appear in the work in the future.
“By appeared in the drama” Kicking High Kick! “, I received a lot of love from a lot of people, but I realized that there are many parts that I do not reach myself while photographing this work So after photographing the movie “My love” I went into college and thought that I should learn English and Japanese and fulfill the inner aspects of myself.  I have been doing that for a period of one year blank period .
And this time, it is the reason why I chose this role called Iljimée, but the drama “High Kick! “From Kim Byung-uk’s director,” It is a chance that you should go to the fans’ director and learn lots of things “. It happened to be a private seat, I met a fan director, and got a story about the drama “The Return of Iljimae”. When you start shooting, the director is only to get angry. I had a hard time and experienced a trial, but I think that I could grow up a notch through this drama. So, I really appreciate your fans.
And because it is a reason to decide the appearance, my profession is an actor, so I do not think that I want to do more in the work. I hope to continue working with wonderful directors, wonderful writers and wonderful actor seniors. If there is opportunity to appear in many works, I would like to see everyone through the work. “

– I was challenged by drama “The Return of Iljimae” such as sword fighting, action, love scenes etc, but please let me know if there are scenes remaining in shooting episodes or impressions.
“First of all it was an episode, but when I visited Japan for shooting, the Japanese people who came to see the shooting site said” Ah, Iris Jim! Iru Jima! “At that time, Because the name is “Il”, I thought to you that I was calling my name “I really appreciate it!” I told you later that I was called the name of the role (laugh).
Next is the scene that is left in the impression, the thing that I like the most is the 16th episode. There is a scene where Irajima is changed into a very cold personality thought that Wol-hee who is a thought was dead, but I like the action and voice tone at that time, the performance very much. “

– Were you trained to take action scenes?
“I practiced at the action school for about a month before entering the shooting of the drama.I also had a lot of Aikido and sports etc. when I was a little, I think that experience was also helpful. It remained in memory. “

– It was full of love scenes too.
“Ah ~, love scene … ^^; (lol) Because the fan director liked love scenes, it was quite a lot, even if it was not in the script,” Oi, Iljimae, make a quick tutuu “and improvise there was sometimes a love scene entering it. “

– What did you prepare for playing a love scene? Did you have any problems with NG?
“I think that love scenes are one of the acting, because Yoon Jin-soo of the opponent took a good lead, so I was able to do without any problems ^ ^”

– A lot of people have been played by Iljimae who is a national hero of Korea so far, but have you tried to make efforts for playing your own Iljimae?
“I tried to faithfully play Iljimé drawn by Ko Woo-young’s original work.The fans must not take out the image of Lee Yunho of the drama” Fantastic high kick! “, Extreme story, He was told not to show even a smile.In addition, director Fan said, “There are no born heroes, only those who gain step by step and add the last barrier will become heroes. I thought that every scene is a gateway and pioneer themselves. “Even though I made a voice tone or expression, I truly did my best and hoped for it.”
– What role are you most similar to Jung Il himself in the past performances?
“I think that all the roles I’ve played so far are myself, but it was the role of Lee Yunho of the drama ‘Unstoppable high kick!’ That was played the most relaxed so far, It was very delicate in pronunciation and vocalization, so when I was playing Ji Woo in the movie “My love”, I thought about supplementing that part. “

– Do you have a role you would like to play from now?
“I’ve been taking photographs of historical plays for nearly a year, so I’d like to take a picture in the city center this time (laugh), so I would like to challenge the mini series of contemporary dramas.In addition, Because the character of “Iljimae” is a very heavy character, I’d like to play a bright and distinctive character like Lee Yunho of the drama “Unstoppable High Kick!”

– Please tell me your own strengths and weaknesses.
“People around me think that their thoughts are straight, they are firmly told, they seem to think thoroughly as they say” Is not it too much to spare? “The disadvantages are simple Because there is something there is a point where the idea goes away and goes over here and there are advantages, but it is also a disadvantage, but it is a place to laugh a lot Also said “smile without contents” I will (lol) “

– What do you think about the impression of Japanese people, that they are popular in Japan?
“What I was surprised about when I first started in Japan was that people in Japan were very moved by such things as considering people and being very humble and thinking for others. , I have a very good impression … I am popular in Japan so much (laugh) Thank you Thank you, I think I would like to do my best in the future “

– Finally message to the fans.
“This time, I also came up with the publicity of the drama ‘Bishoiru Irujimen.’ Since then I thought that I would like to see all the Japanese fans since the drama ‘I thought! High Kick!’ I am glad that I am truly honored to be able to meet the Japanese people indeed and I am glad that I will continue to climb one by one step by step, I would like to meet the expectations of all the fans.We thank you very much (for the last in Japanese) Thank you very much for everything!

During the press conference, Jung Il seemed to be considerably nervous at the first interview, such as pointing downwards when answering questions to reporters, but in the last photo session the double piece jumped out, He also showed me a relaxing appearance.

And then …, the surprise to the press at the end (laugh). He gave us a hand towel that was made with handmade Korean natural vegetable dyed handmade by Mr. Jung II-woo’s mom handed for him. (Iljime’s plum pattern Ver. And Jung Il’s photo & sign print Ver. And two kinds) We conveyed how much parents of Jung Il thinks of him carefully.Mr. Jung Il who was a very young man with both appearance and content. The next work is going to be public soon, I’d like to expect much from the future! It is! It is!
At the fan meeting after the press conference, it was done with a lot of contents, including a talk show, a biwa performance, a tea ceremony, a present of love-holding goods, a handshake party, a ballad song, and so on, with a cute attraction of Mr. Jung Il Smile, the event ended after about two and a half hours.


Japanese female reporter in a coma state?  Jung II-woo from “The Return of Iljimae” from the press conference of Japan’s first fan meeting held a lively site
JPNews | 2009/06/23   Cr. Ilwoostory Japan

Even though I and my younger brother are just cute as they are, Nuna is my girl ~ ♪

Jeong il of a fresh charm born in 1987 captured the hearts of Japanese sister fans with a refreshing smile.

On the last 20th, Tokyo Shinkababa Studio Coast. Next to the ocean, Japan’s first fan meeting of Korean national champion Jung Yi, 21 years old (Japan age) famous for event places such as BoA, Kumi Kumi and other concerts are held in summer was held.

<Returned Imei plum (kntv)> Jeong il, who is the first public director and a Japanese fan to meet for the first time, seemed quite nervous from the meeting at the fan meeting for two hours.

■ Are you trembling? Press conference place

The black hair which had eyebrows in a slim suit unified with black is a figure that makes the line shine even more beautiful thin beautiful line.

He seemed to be keen on practicing Japanese, but he also forgotten a very nervous greeting at the press conference hall. However, ‘laugh (워 여워 워)’ has repeatedly occurred among reporters on the eyes that disappears thinner and beautiful mouth. ”

Jung Yeo, who came back to Japan for about 5 times in Japan as a result of the filming and situational comedy <KICKIKI KIKI HIGH KICK> and Fukuoka traveling <Ichitai plum> returning to Tsushima When the shooting husband picked up ‘Iljimée ~’ and Ichige Ume When I called, he also talked about the episode that he was happy to think that he called his name ‘il’.

When asking about the cause of his popularity, saying that it seems to be considerate in the impression of Japan and the Japanese, it said it is embarrassing as “Do I have popularity?”

One word One thoughtfully thoughtful answer <High Kicks Expectingly> The figure of Yuno has no trace, and you can see the seriousness of <Ichibei plums that came back>. Acting for the first time in about two years is also an act, but it is a feeling that I personally became much more mature.

By the way, what was even more surprising was that we gave reporters a gift and took out the scarf that Jeong-il’s mother hand-printed directly. It was common for reporters to divide some reply items related to the event to reporters at a press conference hall, but it was the first time to receive a gift that the entertainer’s mother made directly. Japanese reporters also looked pretty impressed.

■ Female reporters The soul has been removed Exciting event

Ninety percent of reporters who came this day were female reporters and they were pretty excited from the time Jeon Il appeared before the press conference before the press conference. If it is older sister ‘Cute (워 여워)’ came to be seen here and there in the form of Jung Yi who seems to be protective instinct.

The thing that made female reporter more excited here is the fact that Jeon · Il directly delivered this scarf, demonstrated the service to shake hands! A 20 – year female reporter who was in the seat next to me was unable to hide the excitement, practicing ‘do your best’ in Korean and approaching Jeon Il.

After the press conference was finished, some people looked exaggerated at a glance very much like the facial expression of Jung Yi’s face behind the stage and cautiously asked, “Are you going to be Mr. Chung Il’s mother?” Again it was. In Korea, it is said that Korea Fan Meeting has been devoted to Korean fan meetings and customized scarfs in Japan due to customs that customers do not send by hand if visitors come to their homes.

Anyway, Jeong il, who took the hearts of female reporters at a press conference hall, will sit nearly all female reporters at the press seat despite being a peaceful Saturday afternoon, where the performance starts about an hour after the press conference is over I succeeded in doing.

Is Lee Min-ho my best friend? While watching each other during the middle and high era

And at 3 pm, the flashy stage of Jeong Il Japan’s first fan meeting finally came.

Whether Chung Il was much more stable than the press conference, 100% of the opening greetings were used in Japanese and received great applause. I talked quite concretely today’s feelings, appreciation feelings etc. in Japanese, which is not a simple self-introduction, and I could see that he tried a lot of effort.

He started talking about his debut for not being able to sleep for about 3 to 4 days, and he began talking about it during his debut work, and <thought high kick> saw a big traffic accident when I saw the audition, but I wanted to appear in the concussion situation for how long Was it truly misunderstood, let me tell the episode that my mother replied “Furlut obstetrics and gynecology” to the question “where do you know this place?” There is a laugh at the audience.

There was also a question about Lee Min-ho at Jung Il who raised the name with Lee Min-ho at the notable star in 2009, but now it is going back and forth between the houses and playing the game ‘Winning’, Samcheong-dong To make a bomb remark that it was not intimate just to be alert by listening to the rumor that ‘There is a child better with each other’ during the middle and high school period though it is ‘friendly’ to walk on Dong and Akugyo I also made it.

■ Chong · Ilu is a herbivory man · Beautiful cafe good ~

Jeong Il who did a lot of preparations for this day also saw the ‘Biwa’ performance of an unusual instrument, learned the Korean traditional tea ceremony and tea ceremony (to drink tea and eat sweets), fans I also tell you. It was a figure which I thought deeply about what kind of story it should be close to Japanese and Japanese people.

During the questions received during the question time of the fans, Tokyo has a beautiful cafe and stylish clothes many ‘Daikanyama’ where Tokyo likes to recommend in Tokyo and Seoul, Sole village with many beautiful cafes in Seoul, Samcheong-dong (Recommended Samcheong-dong), Apgujeong (Ak-jong) rodeo recommended.

It is doubtful that the ‘adorable man’ recommends ‘Cafe beautiful’ throughout many towns ‘noodles grazing man?’

He said that he likes clothes, saying that he can not drink, he said that he likes beautiful cafes, and that the skin is also white like porcelain is increasingly suspected. By the way the problem is to share this schedule with my best friend Lee Min-ho. A young celebrity thinks ‘a little while ago’ at that time.

■ All-in-one fan meeting! Aichi product large release ~

Even though the highlight of fan meeting was anything, it was ‘a love storage presentation’ time. It is an essential course if it is fan meeting, but it is because the scale was exceptional.

Elegantly even only that 12 items including clothes, hats, hats, favorite CDs, favorite novels ‘Norwegian Wood’, bracelets bought directly in Switzerland, scarves with mom handprints directly However, 10 cushions filled with photos and signatures, up to 10 Korean traditional porcelain boxes got bigger.

But this was not the only one. Jeong il cried as ‘Please wait a minute’ and began to put out further necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets and so on that had been attached to the body. This is truly the first time ever ‘raise everyone’ parade. If it is not good, at the audience seat ‘Are you really okay? ‘It is enough to tell the story.

Finally I gave a tremendous love-store when I got the gifts I gave to all 500 people who participated in this day’s seat with a handshake party.

I was able to understand how much he hoped for the first fan meeting in Japan with contents of fan meeting and love goods and wanted to convey thanks to those who participated.

Fact In fact, if you go to the fan meeting of the Korean style star of about 10,000 yen, there are many cases where gifts are full of keyholders, photos, pamphlets and villas related to related products. Even when huge outrageous spicy ramen comes out …

Of course fans are happy people only by seeing the face of the star even if there is nothing like a gift, but often feel at all if you see a humble star who does not know what to do and appreciate like this sometimes.

I felt that Japanese Korean fan meeting would be a little warmer if there was such a thankful heart when I first made a fan meeting, humble heart.

Will Chong · Il get even more famous next time asking Japan, can you see the same smile, same heart? All female reporters who gave time like Saturday afternoon like golden may have been the same idea.