Jung II-woo’s First Japanese Fan Meet “Secret Time in Japan”

2009 JIW Japan Fan Meet

June 20, 2009

Jung II-woo is such a hard worker.   He spent a lot of time thinking about and preparing to meet his Japanese Fans!  He knew because it was the first time it had to be very special. So he wrote (with support) a text for his fans and practiced reading it in Japanese, so he could read it outloud that day.

He practiced playing the Biwa so he could play it for his fans.  He played three songs and I guess he sang in one of them too.   He also practiced singing.  Singing is really hard work for Jung II-woo. Still…he did the the best he could and sang: “사랑 해요 (I Love You) – Simply Sunday” and “사랑해 도 될역ance (You May Love Me) – 유리 상자 (Yurisangja)” in a medley.

Jung II-woo is also so kind.  As if his autographed photograph was not enough, he gave many unique and original gifts to some of the fans.   Some were crafted by his mom!!!  Can you imagine!!!  These were some of his gifts:

My favorite hat and parka                                                                                                                 The program when I first performed in high school,                                                                    My favorite CD (with a sign)                                                                                                                  My favorite book (Haruki Murakami)
Three types of scarves printed with plum blossoms and plum blossoms, which are traditional Korean dyes by Jung II-woo’s mom! Autographed by Jung II-woo- 12 people
Cushions made by his mom -10 people
Handmade Korean traditional craft box by his mom (signed on the back of the lid) 10 people
Necklace worn, ring, bracelet, Missanga 4 people

What a sweetheart!  I guess he also brought things from Switzerland and gave them out…!!!?

These were the gifts that someone got:

2009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 1 Interview 12.jpg

This is the account of what happened during the Fan Meet by a fan.  Because it was translated from Korean to Japanese and then to English it is well…pretty messed up!  But you can get a gist of what happened on that day and in what order…  Cr. ILwoostory Japan.

I tried really hard finding quality footage of this Fan Meet…but I am hindered by the fact that I do not speak Japanese.  (I tried doing a search in Japanese but had no luck.)  If you have any idea of one in YouTube would you please let me know?  However…!!!   I did find some very raw videos of him practicing Japanese, practicing singing, playing the Biwa, etc. in DCILwoo.  As far as I can tell these videos were shown during the Fan Meet and a  Fan captured them!  To that Fan…Thank you!  If it wasn’t because of you, I would have nothing to show!!!


These are the photos I have found so far.  I will continue to add as I find more.                Cr. On photos and DCIlwoo.

2009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 12009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 32009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 42009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 52009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 6

2009 6 JIW Japanese Fan Meet .jpg2009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 72009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 82009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 92009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 102009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 112009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 122009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 132009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 142009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 152009 JIW Japan Fan Meet 16

These are photos from a slideshow entitled “History of Jung II-woo”

2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show History 1.jpg2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show History 2.jpg2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show History 3.jpg2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show History 4.jpg

These from a looping Slide Show while he shook hands with the fans:

2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show1.jpg2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show 2.jpg2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show 3.jpg2009 Japanese Fan Meet Slide Show 4.jpg


When I read this the first time:

“I wanted to make an event centered on fans rather than an event centered on me. I brought a lot of gifts and I wrote the signs all night, for three days. I prepared it without going to bed as much as a week, so it was serious in that way.”

It made me cry!  I just could not believe that he would care so much…that he would be so kind.  He does not have to do any of that and people would still love him.  Yet his effort, to go beyond the beautiful image he naturally has is what draws me like magnet to him.  That …wanting to do his best, to be a better actor, to sing even though he can barely do it, to treat people really well…this is what makes this man so special!

It was so great finding those short little fan made videos!  And the account by the fan…made me feel like I was there.  It was really sweet and moving!  I pray with all my strength that some day I will get to enjoy seeing him live…shaking his hand and looking at him smile down at me…

This just gave a great idea for a new section. A Fan section…where I can post accounts written by fans of meeting him, like “testimonials” and  gifts offers and artwork made for him.  Right now there are a lot of fans very motivated drawing him after he posted the drawing of one of his fans in his profile photo in his account.  That’s the power he has…the power of his love!