Jung II-woo in an Interview at the First Japan Meet

June 20, 2009

These are photos from an interview and photo shoot held during his visit to Japan for his First Japanese Fan Meet.

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Interview from Chosun:

“Excellent high kick! “As soon as I made a debut on television with a TV debut, Jung Il who showed Imchen as an actor in this year’s” Billboard Irishme “and also showed growth as an actor. I interviewed Jung Il who came to Japan for the first fan meeting held on the 20th.

– There was a lot of action scenes in “Bishouniter Irujimen”, was it serious?

“I went to action school one month before going into shooting, but I had a hard time because I was playing Aikido and sports since my childhood, but it has become memorable, I like wire action.”

– Love scene was also impressive, how was it?

“The director likes the love scene.It is suddenly said” Chew up early “even though it is not in the script (lol) Yun Jin-soo of the opponent is a senior and leads us, problems I was able to do it naturally as a part of acting. “

– Where do you think the charm of attracting Ms. Chung Il’s mind is?

“Fans seem to have seen through drama characters, I read all the fan meeting message cards, but in common we all say” smile is nice “”

– What kind of impression do Japanese fans have?

“There are many active fans in Korea, but Japanese fans will often listen to the story and will watch over like a mother, because they support us even in invisible places, It’s warm and gentle. “

– It looks calmer than age, but what kind of personality do you have?

“There are times when it is bright like something like Yuno of” Kicking High Kick! “And there are times like Iljime.While the range of emotions is wide, I’m working on mind control recently, but mostly it is bright (lol)”

– It is a very friendly and soft image, but have you been mad recently?

“I am not angry, but I am worried about how to return in the first time to meet Japanese fans who are always supporting me at fan meetings in Japan and I am very sensitive It was supposed to be. “

– My friend Lee Min-ho seems to have thought that Jeong Il ‘s first impression “face is a woman”, but what do you think of asking it? How do you think Mr. Chun · Il thinks Min-ho?

“Well, I am manly (lol). We are friends, we respect each other’s privacy.Minho is a manly, frank and heart-loving person.”

– At the fan meeting, you mentioned that there were two people who really liked you like this, but when are you talking about it? Maybe, is it progressive?

“In the past, first love is at high school one year, the second is … not progressive now”

– What happens when you fall in love?

“It is difficult to express myself, you have to ask someone else (laugh)”

– Is there an ideal date, ideal type?

“I never thought of an ideal date, the ideal type will change over time, but recently, people who have consideration, those who understand work and wait, will comfort me People, friendly people are ideal. “

– Has the next work decided?

“I am picking from a number of movies and dramas.We want to do both movies and dramas if the schedule agrees.I think I can see you all in good work early without leaving a blank period too much “

Jung Yi was a honest and courteous young man who still feels like a boy. As an actor, he is growing as well as his height. As for “Bill Irujimetsu”, although the evaluation of the drama was various, the thing which this work brought to Jeon · il was large, and it became one size larger as an actor.

“I would like to appear in a lot of works without choosing works,” but I was impressed with the desire to see another figure as soon as possible. It is the actor who I want you to keep growing like this with the natural body you twinkle.

In addition, “Chiru Il” starring “Bishojo Irujimen” is broadcasting from 7:50 pm every Saturday and Sunday at KNTV on CS broadcasting. We have also decided on the encore broadcast in October.