More UJIWP’s of 2007!

Yes…Unidentified Jung II-woo photos of 2007…I can’t believe how much they’ve accumulated!

By the way…I am listening to Mark Hamill in his tribute to Carrie Fisher live from Star Wars Celebration…technology…amazing what it can do for us when used well!  Mark is so entertaining! He’s like my dream grandfather!  I can’t wait to see The Last Jedi!  Luke Skyalker…my favorite hero… (Yes, I’m a StarWars fan!)

OK…back to Jung II-woo…I wonder if he likes Star Wars?!…  and now here are his photos in this galaxy far far away!  Enjoy!  Photo Cr. Internet, DCIlwoo, Ilwoostory Japan, and on photos!

2007 UJIWP Spider set 32007 UJIWP Spider set 22007 UJIWP Spider set 12007 UJIWP Spider set 42007 UJIWP white and barefoot 2

2007 UJIWP white and barefoot 1

2007 UJIWP Young 22007 UJIWP Young 32007 UJIWP Young 12007-ujiwp-young-4.jpg2007 UJIWP Young 52007 UJIWP Young 6

2007 UJIWP Young 72007 UJIWP Young 82007 UJIWP Cap 32007 UJIWP Cap 22007 UJIWP Cap 12007 UJIWP Beat up 12007 UJIWP Beat up 22007 UJIWP BTS 22007 UJIWP BTS 12007 UJIWP Black Jacket2007 UJIWP Gray Suit2007 UJIWP Red Jacket 1

2007 UJIWP Yellow shirt set 12007 UJIWP Yellow shirt 22007 UJIWP Beanie 22007 UJIWP Beanie 12007 UJIWP Track suit2007 JIW Unidn 32007 JIW Unidn 22007 JIW Unidn 1



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