Jung II-woo as Lee Yoon-ho in Unstoppable High Kick.


I have found many more photos of Jung II-woo as Yoon-ho, so I decided to create an extra post for them.  He is one of my favorite characters played by Jung II-woo.  I think it’s because there is something so tender about him…even though he’s this big brute rebel, underneath he is so caring, kind and sweet.  It is such a treat to see the development of this character through out the series…

Bravo Jung II-woo!  SO well done!   Photo Cr. MBC, DCIlwoo and on photos.

2007 HK Yoon-ho 12007 HK Yoon-ho 22007 HK Yoon-ho 32007 HK Yoon-ho 42007 HK Yoon-ho 72007 HK Yoon-ho 82007 HK Yoon-ho 9

2007 HK Yoon-ho 52007 HK Yoon-ho 62007 HK Yoon-ho 102007 HK Yoon-ho 112007 HK Yoon-ho 122007 HK Yoon-ho 132007 HK Yoon-ho 142007 HK Yoon-ho 15

2007 JIW HK Xtra 22007 JIW HIgh Kick BTS 22007 JIW HIgh Kick BTS 32007 JIW HIgh Kick BTS 42007 JIW HIgh Kick BTS 52007 JIW HIgh Kick BTS 62007 JIW HIgh Kick Xtra2007 JIW HK Hanbok 1

2007 JIW HK Hanbok 2

2007 JIW HK Hanbok 52007 JIW HK Hanbok 42007 JIW HK Hanbok 3


2007-jiw-hk-mini-collage.jpg2007 JIW HK Sleep series 52007 JIW HK Sleep series 12007 JIW HK Sleep series 22007 JIW HK Sleep series 32007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 32007 JIW HK Sleep series 4

2007 JIW Collage 7

2007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 12007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 2

2007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 92007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 42007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 52007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 62007 JIW HK Yoon-ho Xtra 72007 JIW Collage 3

2007 JIW Collage 2

2007 JIW Collage 42007 JIW Collage 52007 JIW Collage 6

So good to know we will always have Jung II-woo’s Lee Yoon-ho!  167 episodes of Jung II-woo delights!

2007 JIW HK

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