Jung Il Woo and Yuri in Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine. Vol 22. No. 249. Interview centering on Ilwoo translated to English.

May 7, 2021

Jung Il Woo and Yuri had a lovely photo shoot and interview in this magazine related to their upcoming drama Bossam Steal the Fate.

Here are their images:

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Update June 3: This is a video by KIR125 Subs focusing on Yuri, but we still can see a lot of Ilwoo! ^ ^

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Such a cutie!

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Update May 26th: A new Behind the Scenes Video from Kwon Yuri’s channel:

Onto the interview.  This is the interview that I found online translated to English centering on Ilwoo’s answers. If you are copying this English translation to another site or using it to translate to another language please credit this site (www.jungilwoodelights.com).  Thank you!


Is it even real to have two main characters look this similar? Yuri and Ilwoo’s encounter is like a fairytale.

Yuri and Ilwoo decided to believe in fate naturally through time. Just like the counter of the two similar looking two actors.

Q. I was surprised by the chemistry and high tension (happy mood) between you too during the whole shooting time. I saw you two joke around with each other and I think you two are getting along well!

Ilwoo: Did you feel that? Haha. In a drama set, I make jokes to Yuri a lot and she takes the jokes very well. Because of that, the atmosphere of the set becomes brighter and everyone is working in a pleasant mood.

Q. The drama, where we can see good chemistry between you two, “Bossam” is due to be on air on May 1st. The concept of “Bossan” which was tradition in Joseon era, and the provocative title is quite fresh to the viewers, I am curious what made you to be in this drama.

Ilwoo: When I first read the script of this drama, I thought it was like a Joseon version of Romeo and Juliet. Actually, the two main characters, “Sukyeong” the princess, and  “Bau”, the abductor can’t be in a relationship, but we get entangled when I abduct her. It was even more interesting because I haven’t done anything about the subject of “bossam(abduction)” before. Above all, I had a strong trust in director Kwon Seok-jang. I’m familiar with the director’s style of expressing his character in detail, so this opportunity to work with the director was very precious to me. Not only Yuri, who is working with me, but all the actors who appear together in the drama, I have a lot to learn from them and they are good people, so I’m feeling very happy at the drama set.

Q: How should you do when you have to act on a new character you have no experience before of. I am sure it’s not easy to understand and focus on your role as “abductor Bawoo”.

Ilwoo: When I decided on this work, I said “I’ll do it” one day, but the next day I said “I can’t do it.” As I get older, I get more scared of bumping into a new situation.  This role was more difficult because it was completely different from the character I’ve been playing. In my 20s, I was busy paying attention to other people’s views, so I acted according to what people wanted and expected from me. But now that I’m into the character, I’m trying to find common ground in it. I thought finding the common things between the role of “Bau” and me was the most important thing this time, and I think it’s my biggest homework as an actor.

Q: Is it your first historical drama for yuri, right? I heard you are doing really well so you even got a title of “goddess of history” from the crew members.

Ilwoo : I felt this while filming with Yuri for about 6 months. Her voice gives people a unique sense of security. Her low-pitched voice fits well with historical dramas. While monitoring her on acting, I thought that no other actress could have done as well as Yuri. When the drama is aired, many people will feel that it is a rediscovery of Kwon Yu-ri.

Q: the more interesting thing about this drama is the subtitle”stole the destiny”. Because it’s a drama about fate, I am curious what “fate” means to you.

Ilwoo : In the past, I used to give meaning to every little thing, but as time goes by, I become dull and rely on things that flow naturally. I am just leaving it to fate. Haha. I’ve been feeling that there are things that you can’t change.  

Q: the more I have conversations with you, I feel that you two are very similar. You two both have youtube channels. I saw both of you filming vlogs just before, I think there will be a lot in common as youtubers.

Ilwoo: I started YouTube because I wanted to communicate more actively with the fans and show them a natural side of me. It’s hard, but it’s fun and fulfilling, and I think it’s one of the biggest joys in my life these days. Yuri is a senior on YouTube, so she talks a lot about content at the drama shooting site. Ha ha.

Q. You two both enjoy cooking and also have contents on easy recipes so viewers can easily do at home.

Ilwoo: Is this fate? Haha (Yuri said the title of the drama is “Bossam”, which is also a food name in Korea.)

Q. When the drama is over, do you have any other things to try or have other contents in mind?

Ilwoo: I’m interested in wine, so I want to get a sommelier license. Instead of just getting a license, I think it will be a better idea if I make videos on youtube with it. These days, I combine everything I do to content production.

Q. I think it will also be a good idea to work together.

Ilwoo: In fact, we have content ready for youtube.

Q. I can feel that you both are healthy in living your lives and energy you have affects others in a healthy way.

Ilwoo: It would be great if you think of me as an actor who has healthy and good energy. I also try to stay healthier on my own. When a drama is over, I fill in the empty parts with the things I wanted to do, and sometimes empty the full parts. What I felt while looking at Yuri was that she was very relaxed. I’m often sensitive in the filming sites, but Yuri has leadership and is flexible. Thanks to that, I rely on her and get comforted a lot. She’s such a thankful friend.

(Yuri said Ilwoo loves to share his own things to other people)

Ilwoo : I share things to only people I like.

(Yuri said I think you really share a lot of things with me!)

Ilwoo: that’s a huge misunderstanding you have.

Q. Yuri has been in an acting role after SNSD, and Ilwoo also started Highkick at a young age of 20 and keeps doing acting jobs. Do you think acting is your fate?

Ilwoo: It was ready a fate to have “Highkick”. I did 4 auditions and I had really bad car accident but I could finish the drama, that is really fate and destiny. In addition to that, I had strong desire of acting so I could endure this whole time until now. I think the love of my fans, the responsibilities I have, and the things I have to protect are making me grow and lead. I will continue to work harder without losing my initial commitment.

Ilwoo: it’s also fate that we met!