Bossam Stealing Fate. Episode 2. Video and Photo Recap.

This episode aired on May 2, 2021.  Spoiler alert!

Watch all the videos from this episode in order HERE.

My favorite part…

These are the MBN Stills for these episodes:

My Captures:


I am absolutely loving this drama.  There is such strength in all the main characters.  Ilwoo is so good in this rough yet caring character.   It is such a gem of a role to see him in.  He really would not be that charming without his side kick…his beautiful son!  Who is a terrific actor too!  And last but not least.  Yuri is simply superb in this role.  She is totally killing it in her first Saeguk!  She just looks so regal and strong.  How I like to see us women portrayed because that is how usually are!  ^ ^

A week’s wait seems an eternity!