Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Fourth Edition: Haechi, 2019.

April 16, 2021

Hello!  This is the fourth and last edition of Ilwoo’s previous Saeguks.  Haechi. This amazing drama was based on the real life of King Yeonjo.  It was so intense!  And we finally got to see our prince become King!  Let’s begin by remembering what Haechi means…

Haechi is a lion/dragon like mythical creature with scales that people from the Joseon Era believed to be a guardian.  In architecture it would be placed in front of the entrance of palaces as they believed it would protect it from fires.  People also  believed that it protected the people of Hanyang, Seoul’s previous name.  Haechi has been the symbol of Seoul since 2009.  Here it is in front of Gyeongbokgung:

In the drama Jung Ilwoo plays first Prince Lee Geum and then becomes King Yeonjo.  His character along with Yeo-Ji (Go Ara), Park Moon-Soo (Kwon Yool) and Dal-Moon (Park Hoon) look to reform the “Saheonbu” or the Office of Inspection. An entity of justice among other roles and one that looked to reflect the spirit of Haechi as a protectors of the people even if it meant going above the King.

This drama opens with an unforgettable scene.  Do you remember?  Well let’s just say that many of us were Ilwoo starved for two years as he was completing his military service, and this was beyond water in the desert!  ^^ Here it is:



WOOw!!!  Yeah…

These are the posters:

There are so many gorgeous photos of Jung Ilwoo in this drama, it is so hard to choose… here are my favorite outfits.  He wore the following outfit in episode 2, and had a photo shoot:

Stills from Episode 2:

My poor heart can’t take anymore Ilwoo arrows!  ^ ^

Here is a scene from Episode 2:

So cool!!!

Now let’s see him as Crown Prince… so many episodes of purple delight:

Let’s see this part… it’s so funny:

Such a sweetheart!  So proud of his magazine.

Here he is full purple action:

I really liked the parts with these two characters a lot… I loved how the relationship changed from utter dislike to respect.  Has it ever happened to you that a person that you dislike at the beginning becomes one of your best friends?  Sometimes these people who “shake” or worlds and are the hardest to get along with are the ones that we have much to learn from, I like to call them the difficult spiritual exercises!

Now, what comes after the prince… yes the King!  Haechi was such a joy to watch because finally he got to be a  King!  And what a righteous King he was!  There is one scene that I absolutely love, when he gave the speech… do you remember? The scene when Jung Il woo delivers the speech.  The speech was about how someday when he becomes King, he will make landowners pay taxes for the land they own. He is furious because the nobles are making the commoners pay taxes, when they are already working in their land. And it is their work that is feeding and clothing them.

The effect of the sun light, the music, his voice… and all his words in favor of the common people… that’s when he became the King!

Here is that scene:

Though to see him in full King regalia we would have to wait a few more episodes.  He first had to overcome this dreadful part:

Superb acting…!

Then in Episode 18 when we get to see how our lovely Ilwoo become the Crown Prince… what a colorful, beautiful spectacle.  Supreme!  And Jung Ilwoo looked so gorgeous in that royal red!  Let’s just watch it…

And then… he is the King!

Time out… we have to watch this scene…

Oh… my heart!  This kiss is so slow and romantic… though I think I would combust in anticipation!  ^ ^

And last but not least, perhaps the most gorgeous outfit of all…  he looks so, so, profoundly lovely!

And this is another of my favorite scenes in Haechi…

If you are still ravenous… feel free to visit this drama’s page HERE. There are a lot more photos and information.

Now I feel fully prepared to see Ilwoo’s new drama!  I still have no idea where I will watch it…  I just hope I can see it somewhere, because ravenous won’t even begin to describe how I will feel if I have to wait a long time…