Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Third Edition: The Night Watchman’s Journal (2014)

April 10, 2021

This is Jung Ilwoo’s Third Saeguk (Korean Historical drama).  It aired on MBC from August 4 to October 21, 2014.

These are the posters and some behind the scenes from the poster photo Shoot:


Here is a video of this photoshoot. Notice how caring Ilwoo was of his cohost who had fear of heights.

This is a video from the Script Reading:

And a few photos:

These photos are from the Press Conference:

Now let’s get into the drama… During this drama, Ilwoo wore a very special Hanbok, one where the cloth used to make it was weaved by his mom!  It is so beautiful, here is a memory of that:

And her is a snippet of Episode 5 of him wearing it… so, so lovely he is!  He is with the beautiful actress Seo Yea-ji.

Of all of Jung Ilwoo’s co-stars, the little girl who played the ghost of his mom made for some of  the sweetest scenes.  This little girl was beloved by Ilwoo who even had her come as a guest to his Fan meeting.  Her name is Kang Ji-woo.  Here we can imagine what our dear oppa would be like a father, we are going to see more of this soon in Bossam Stealing the Fate!  Let’s remember Ilwoo with Jiwoo:

The mother often commented in her daughter’s Instagram account how well Ilwoo treated Jiwoo.  I think of all his young co-stars she has been his favorite. WOOndering what this little girl looks like now?  Well she is 13 years old!  Her mom posted these photos of her this year:

I know.. WOOw! Alright!  I wonder if Ilwoo has stayed in touch with her… if there someone that would it would be him!

And now let’s continue enjoying our Oppa… here he is in pink:


Last but not least, here is a treat of the kissing kind.

This is our Oppa first in the scene:

And this is behind the scenes… it is hilarious… just watch:


Yes!  The poor guy fell asleep!  He must have been so tired!  Not even the butterflies of having to kiss an actress kept him awake!

Well, that is all for today!   To read more about this drama, go HERE.

I will leave you with this last photo that he posted in his Tweeter account along time ago!

What a beautiful photo!   What a beautiful man!  ^ ^