Bossam-Stealing Fate Poster with Jung Ilwoo Released!

March 10, 2021

Yes!  The first poster is finally released.   Ready to dream you are the one stolen away by this rough looking Ilwoo?!

Here is a bit more information:

Directed by Kwon Seok-jang (권석장)

Screenplay by Kim Ji-su (김지수)Park Cheol-I (박철)

MBN | Airing dates : 2021/05/01~Upcoming.  Sat, Sun

Here is article translated via Google about the poster and the upcoming drama.  Source.

MBN’Bossam’ has released a teaser poster for boss Jung Il-woo. In May, the ‘stolen fate’ that Jung Il-woo wraps around his shoulder is expected to change his life.

MBN’s 10th anniversary special plan, Bossam-Steal Destiny (hereinafter referred to as “Bossam”) is a romance drama that unfolds under the background of the Joseon Dynasty under Gwanghae-gun as a livelihood bossam accidentally rewards an ongju.

In the teaser poster released on the 10th (today), Bow (Jung Il-woo), the protagonist of ‘living boss’, focuses his gaze with the harsh charm buried in his free spirit. His sturdy yet intense gaze maximizes the rough charm and creates a unique aura.

Bau’s bottom life, who did nothing to earn money such as gambling, stealing, fighting, and bossam, faces a cataclysm with a mistake of a lifetime. After mistaking the target, Gwanghae-gun’s daughter and the daughter-in-law of Lee Lee-cheom (Lee Jae-yong), the daughter-in-law of power, were bossed. The night he made a mistake, the woman he stole from his shoulder unfolds his tumultuous fate.

In particular, in order to express Bau’s rough life and character, Jung Il-woo made a massive acting transformation. First, I changed my appearance. Representatives are the inadvertently tied up top and a casually grown beard. In addition, the production team’s message is that Jung Il-woo looks like a different person on the set of’bossam’ by injecting a real man’s breath into the acting tone and action.

The production crew conveyed the planning intention, “In this teaser poster, the fate of a livelihood boss, Bau, through the Joseon customs bossam, which became the subject of the drama, was implicitly confronted.” “Please look forward to seeing what kind of story Bau will make with Su-gyeong, a woman who has been bossy,” he said.

Meanwhile, MBN’Bossam’ will be broadcast for the first time in May, and will be released exclusively on OTT in Korea’s leading online video service wave (wavve) at the start of the main broadcast.

By: Bong-Gyu Park sona71.    Photo Cr. Cr. JS Pictures, Eelise