Trailer of Bossam-Stealing Fate with Jung Il woo and Yuri in English!

March 6, 2021

So excited to finally see a glimpse of Jung Ilwoo and Girl’s Generation Yuri New Historical Drama.  And it looks so, SO good!   Here it is in Korean…

This is what the Description  of the videos says:

Bawoo, the single dad who lives with his son Chadol.  One day, he kidnaps a widow who has something going on with a Noble Man.  But strangely, the woman is very brave and cold.  It turns out that she is the daughter of a King!  A kidnapper who does it for a living makes a mistake and many things are about to happen to him in this life-changing drama.

MBN 10th Anniversary special drma. “Bossam, steal the destiny” will air on May 1st!

And here it is in English… Cr. KYR125 SUBS.


Because MBN is celebrating its 10th year with this, its first Historical Drama!  Our dear Oppa is right on the Main Drama page!   And you know what this means?  That they will give it a lot of love… ads!   I really hope so!


A Soompi article about the trailer and its contents is also HERE.

I just love the look of it… it’s so artistic too!   Loved the blots of ink and the images in them… so cool!!!