New England’s Autumn delight with Jung Il woo as the scheduler.

October 17, 2020

As Autumn starts to show its gorgeous colors, I decided to share with you the beauty of the foliage in New England. It is considered to be among one of the best in the world.  I have been able to see it in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and of course in my state, Massachusetts.  Even walking down my street is so beautiful.  It is surreal how beautiful it is… there is no photo that can begin to come close to the intensity of the colors in person… but I will get the help of someone who can enhance the beauty of any photos.  That’s right our wonderful scheduler, Jung Il Woo!  Ready… where to start?  I think I’ll do a mix of this and that!  Like the leaves that go here and there when they fall…

All the Jung Il woo photos come from the drama 49 Days.  It is a great drama to watch at this time, as Halloween and ghost related things approaches…  it is also one of the best roles Jung Il Woo has ever had… he did such an amazing job with it.  His performance is so funny, and heartfelt… one laughs and cries and all emotions in between!

SO let me start by defining what New England is.  New England is the northern east region of the United States comprising the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Boston is the largest city in these states and its European history is one of the oldest in the US as it is in nearby Plymouth was the place where a group of pilgrims from England arrived to in 1620.

I will start with photos from the place that is considered to the best state to see Foliage in New England: Vermont.  I have been there for this spectacle only once.  Burlington Vermont is its center and where most turists make a stop!

What I remember the most was the mountains filled with color…

To New Hampshire I have been many times, to get to Maine!  But I have gone to its White Mountains. So beautiful!  I drove all over!  I felt I was in a dream!

This is the New England College Covered Bridge in Henniker, New Hampshire. Photographed by Scott Snyder in the morning.

This is the Stark Covered Bridge, it was completed in 1862 but reconstructed in 1954. Photographed by Mike Briner.

This is the Flume Covered Bridge in Lincolnm New Hampshire. Built in 1871.  And look who came to see it:

Just kidding!  It’s my photo composition… ^ ^ This is the original:

Houses of Alton Bay at the Southern Tip of Lake Winnipesaukee, also in New Hampshire.  On my bucket list!

Now let’s go to Maine… I have been a lot to Maine because of circumstances of my life!  It is such a beautiful, peaceful place.  Imagine that in the little towns you never have to lock your car door, no one steals!  Yes… it’s so great to know there are places like this in the world still, full of honest people that understand that you can never really steal anything in life, because it will be taken back… somehow… sometime!  Another Universal Law!  Don’t mess with it!  Ask for help before you have to steal!  Someone will always be there to help if you, if you believe it!  God’s resources are unlimited and available to all who need it… all you have to do is ask for them (well and have faith they will come… if you don’t have faith it’s a lot harder!)

This coming up is one of my favorite bridges.  I have seen it in the spring… it is so beautiful and unique!  It is in the Acadia National Park area in Maine.

And of course I really wanted to see our scheduler in it:

Just WOOw!

This is Acadia National Park… it is absolutely gorgeous there!

The photos of Ilwoo above were from episode 18 of the drama 49 days.  This is the scene, and following that you can see the behind the scenes:

He is so adorable at the end!  Now let’s go to my home state, Massachusetts.  I am going to be totally biased and show just Boston and vicinity.  These are my best photos of Autumn here.

This is on my street:


This is a street parallel to my street:

I love walking there!  I feel I’m in a rainbow!  I posted a video of this street last year… do you remember?  Here is the same photo Ilwoo Ssi:

I know… it makes one for get the foliage he looks so beautiful!

Another place I enjoy the foliage is in the Boston Public Garden.  I am so blessed to have it as part of my commute!  So I have documented every corner of this park in every season.  I know every inch of it like the palm of my hand.  So here are my best photographs of the fall there.  they are all from 2008.  A Foliage Spectacular year!

Just WOOw!

And this is perhaps my best Autumn photo ever there…  my favorite:

I love how warm and inviting it is… sit on this bench it is saying.   Do you hear it?  So of course I had to place Ilwoo in my favorite one:

And this was my favorite tree there… well was…

It was so tall and impressive and absolutely gorgeous.  I loved leaning agains its trunk and looking up inside… Sadly it has lost a lot of its branches.  I took this photo of it this past Tuesday:

I know it’s so sad, I don’t understand why they cut so many of its branches in the front… 🙁

To cheer up, these are probably the most colorful leaves in a tree I’ve ever photographed:

Seriously…how amazing is mother nature? I picked up some leaves this past Wednesday on a very short walk, I found all of them in one block near my house…


Always in awe… how perfect they are!  How many designs!

These are all varieties of maple trees!  And this is my favorite maple, I call it star maple!  When you walk on these leaves one feels like one is walking among stars… like the sky:

And now as the final delight, here are all the original photos of our lovely scheduler:

2011 49 Days JIW 102011 49 Days JIW 112011 49 Days JIW 42011 49 Days JIW 52011 49 Days JIW 82011 49 Days JIW 22011 49 Days JIW 62011 49 Days JIW 72011 49 Days JIW 32011 49 Days JIW 12

Talk about mischievous!   Look at that face!

2011 49 Days JIW 132011 49 Days JIW 14

Wondering where this is in South Korea?   Here is a bit of information about it:

The Garden BCJ or  The Byeokchoji Garden   ( 벽초지문화수목원)   Also known as the Botanical Gardens in Paju.

This is a must see, not just for 49 Days but many dramas!  Boys Over Flowers, You are Beautiful, City Hunter and Bride of the Water God to name a few!  This is the place where you see Jung II-woo as the scheduler walking and talking among the statues.  This part of the Garden is called “The Western Garden.”

49 Days at The Garden BCJ .jpg49 Days THe Garden BCJ 2.jpg

This is the official website all in Korean…let me tell you it’s worth the visit just for the photos!!!  Look:

GA_gallery_2_500_4737GA_gallery_2_431_4013Photo Cr. The Garden BCJ

You can get all the information about its address right here.

You can also read a blogger’s account of visiting this garden here.

Well I hope you enjoyed this New England Foliage edition with Jung Il Woo… have a lovely Sunday and start to the week!