Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 6 with English Translation.

2011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 5
August 29, 2020

I just can’t believe August is nearly gone!  I am getting ready for school so I guess it’s true!  Today I completed my CPR (First Aid training).  There are some adaptations because of Covid.  I went to school for a short demo with a small group of my colleagues.  I felt such joy seeing them!  Can’t wait to see my students…  I will probably cry!  How I’ve missed them…  Anyways, ready for the last (Sadly) of the One more Time episodes?  This is my favorite…  I describe why at the end!

One More Time 정일우 – EP06 from DC ILWOO on Vimeo.

One More Time
Episode 6

00:43 while I am shooting my trip to Canada, I was quite nervous at the beginning because I did not know what to do. Thanks to help from the staff, It went much better than I thought and I was able to show myself as a real person. I came to like Canada much more than before. After watching this series, if you have a chance, please visit Canada.

1:17 Vancouver Island, when I first arrived here, my first impression was “relaxing and exciting”. I will spend my time here well and have fun!

1:28 Here is the town called “Chemainus” in Vancouver. If you follow these yellow footsteps, you can see all the murals in here. Now I will follow the footsteps and will see the murals. Lets’ go check out all the Canadian history at once.

2:15 8! I was thinking that it would be something like those inside a cave, but these are very modern.

2:28 One woman is waiting for me.

2:37 In front of here, shouldn’t we do “Indian bab”? (a play we used to do when we were young, hitting someone’s back with palms and guessing whose hand it was)

2:50 This person designed this mural village.

3:01 As I saw how people from the past lived, I was also curious how I was like in the past. How was I? Remembering the past of me is like a mirror that can see the future of me.

3:19 I can see the history and culture of Canada at once and It shows what were the interests for the people back then so it is an interesting place. I think it is the best to have a role for my age, such as a bright character. I want to do Romantic comedy. Any character is important, but there is a french movie called “Love Me If You Dare”. If we have a remake movie in Korea, I would love to be part of it. I like Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t want to direct a documentary, but I like to experience more so I want to travel  with a bike or motorcycle. I think it will be awesome to visit where I haven’t been yet.

4:33 Victoria, A place where people say that the spring comes earliest in North America. Here is a city as it sounds like: cute and romantic. As I followed the streets near the harbor there were painters and people selling stuff. So I went to where the ships dock. Today is the last day in Canada. We will take a boat and see the whales and will end our last day in Canada, revisiting my trips to Canada. I heard that Killer Whales are seen a lot here. I am looking forward to seeing them. /what if you don’t see them?/  well, if I don’t then… just they must come!

5:30 When I was young, I watched a movie called “Free Willy”. Back then, I thought they were just cute animals, but in fact I got to know that they are one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean and very good hunters.

5:50 Oh look, isn’t it killer whales? 3!

5:53 Finally, we can see the killer whales. That one looks like a baby. That kid will also be a spectacular adult later, just like me who set a goal to be the best actor in the future. Hoping for that day to come, I took a picture.

6:14 Wow, good! Oh wow, really good shot!

6:18 I guess I am a lucky guy today.

6:23 I heard it is not easy to see the whales in the ocean, but I saw them today, it feels amazing and I was lucky today.

6:38 as an actor, I want to be a colorful person. Not just focused on one character, but I want to have a wide range of acting roles. I remember all my past roles. High Kick, my love, The Return of Iljimae, My Fair Lady, 49 days. All of them were important works and characters for me. When I think about the drama, I can think of all the memories from that time.

7:12 When I start the role, I watch similar works other people have done, especially I see Synopsis and scripts a lot. By doing so, I practice the way of speech, facial expressions. While I was doing 49days this time, I kept practicing with a recorder, changing my voice tones. I think it helped me with my acting. I also shot myself with facial expressions and practicing readings.

7:42 I want to get the best acting actor award, the most popular actor award, netizen’s award. Now I am not aiming to get any awards, but I am trying to find myself through doing each work one by one.

7:58 As I get older, I want to be someone who can show sincerity to other people. As I always try to be sincere and film the scenes with my whole heart, I really want the viewers to see that.

8:12 My favorite saying is, the old proverb, that “as rice ripe, it lowers its head”. I don’t want to lose my feeling I had when I first started, always be humble. I want to be that kind of person.

8:55 Trip to Canada, if you ask me what this trip was about, I will say that it is “my secret story that has never been spoken before”. The learning time that I can show who I am to the viewers.

9:07 It is my first time riding a motorcycle by the ocean, I feel amazing. Especially I love to ride motorcycles, and the staff prepared this for me. It makes me feel good.

9:55 mostly, I take scenery. In general, I only take scenery pictures. I hardly take pictures of people. At work, I was always the object who was taken, so I try to take photos of scenery, especially the clouds, lights. I try to take different kinds of photographs, and I am thinking of having my own photo exhibition later. That’s why I keep taking pictures wherever I go on  a trip.

11:10 There are floating houses. They say people actually live there.

11:37 oh it is interesting. The bike. These flowers. Those flowers. And there!

12:14 This house looks pretty. It is built with glasses so you can see the sky. The colors of the flowers and the walls are going well together.  The owner has a great taste. The privacy is almost non-existing here.

12:42 And these houses, you attach on the boat, and can move. Isn’t it cool? If you don’t like this neighborhood, then move to Southeast Asia and, if not, move to another… wow, it scared me.

12:56 I find it really “free” here.

13:03 My foreign friends earn money by doing some part time job, and then go on a vacation. Then comes back without money and work and then goes on a trip again. When I see people like that, I wish I was able to be like them. And that’s why when one drama is done, I try to go on a trip abroad.

13:36 Since I was young, I went on many trips with my family.  After I became an adult, I went on trips with my friends. I also traveled to Korea. With friends, I went to Gangwon, Jeju.

14:10 Thank you guys! Have a fun trip! Bye!

14:25 oh! What is it! /1, 2, 3~/

14:30 Ilwoo, you did very well!

14:40 Did well, did well! Really!/ STOP! Wow, should I cry now?

14:49 Everyone, thank you for your hard work! Thanks to all of you, I think we have good footages. Thank you all! Let’s blow together, 1, 2, 3!

15:08 These are all anonymous letters to you. (from the staff members)

15:14 Who is it?

15:20 I am so moved!

(“we only have 15 minutes for this”)

15:30 I will read them one by one and cry.

15:45 We can taste a lot of different beers here. The time has come! I can finally drink alcohol on TV.

16:11 These places, not everyone can come inside.

16:28 He is explaining how beer is made. The beers made here are only available here.

16:57 The beer is not easily made. The smell is very interesting. It is hops. I am looking forward to the tasting.

17:15 I forgot that I came here for the party, because the owner was so enthusiastic about explaining the beer. Canada is an interesting place. But can we really show these secret recipes to the viewers?

17:30 Now we will drink the beers. In Korea, we have big breweries like a factory size, but here it is very small and we can taste the master’s special beers. He will give us 10 different tastes of beers and I hope I don’t get drunk much before the actual party. Let’s go! It feels like i am on a morning show!

18:10 If I do one shot, I turn red, so I will not. It’s so tasty!

18:39 He made this special beer for us. Special. Only we can taste this.

18:52 the beer with a long history tasted amazing. As if the good barley aged well.

19:24 “How was your trip to canada?  Hope you enjoyed this trip, and remember this trip for a long time” and guessing who wrote it.

19:36”While travelling Canada, I was able to see ilwoo’s different sides, and hope we support each other and grow up together”  it’s you, right? You?

19:59 Is it “mind reading” letter?

20:00 “It was good to meet Ilwoo. He was so bright and fun. I hope you become a bright , handsome, human loving actor.”   It is from a guy!

20:23  It was nice to meet you. Hope to see you later when we have another chance.

20:48 I have never gotten letters from travel, it is so touching. Thank you for everyone who led me along the trip. Thank you!

21:22 Thank you my loving fans who watched my “One More Time”. I was too straightforward so I may have behaved something more than I should have, but thank you for watching the whole show.

21:36 Finally, it’s time to take a plane back to Korea. It was a very precious time here in Canada, and I am sure I will remember this time for a long time. I hope this “one more time” is also remembered by you. Bye everyone!


Photos… there are a lot of them!!!  Some may not be from this episode but oh well!

2011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 12011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 22011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 32011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 42011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 62011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 72011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 82011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 102011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 112011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 122011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 132011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 142011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 152011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 162011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 172011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 18.52011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 182011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 12011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 22011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 32011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 42011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 52011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 62011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 72011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 82011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 9

2011 7 OMT Day 5 Whale Watching Tour 12011 7 OMT Day 5 Whale Watching Tour 22011 7 OMT Day 5 Whale Watching Tour 32011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 12011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 22011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 32011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 42011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 12011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 22011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 32011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 42011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 52011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 62011 7 OMT Day 6 Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub 12011 7 OMT Day 6 Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub 22011 7 OMT Day 6 Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub 3


This is my favorite of all the episodes.  I just love how he shares his passions and how excited and moved he is by the village, the whales, the ride of the scooter and the surprise by his staff.

I thought it was fascinating when he talked about how he prepared for his scheduler role trying different voices and expressions in the mirror!  Oh how I wish I could be a fly in his wall to see that!  I love his dedication and how hard working he is… I guess because I relate 100%.  I have learned to stop myself though… and take time to smell the flowers!  I think he has too. The fact that he can be gone from Instagram two weeks or more tells me so.  And I’m so glad for him!  Go live your own personal life Ilwoo… smell many flowers!  We are not going anywhere…

It’s interesting to hear about actors that he likes… I have heard of several ’till now so maybe I’ll make a post about the movies and actors he has mentioned since very young.  I find these probably feed him in a different way than when say I watch one.  For me it’s about identifying more with the character, for him it’s probably that but also seeing the performance, how the character develops, the camera takes, etc.  It’s a different view.  It’s interesting because ultimately depending on what one does, I believe one perceives the world according to that lens… an architect probably notices the buildings and architecture, etc.

Here is the trailer of the movie he loved.  Perhaps he had a huge crush on Marion.   She is gorgeous and such a great actress!  Looks like a fun movie… I can see why he’d like the competition part about it!  ^ ^

And wasn’t he the cutest in reading all the letters from his staff… that was such a nice gesture from them…  just like the staff from Sweet Munchies did all those videos we saw in Instagram.  I made just one screen capture… of this moment… his eyes, his expression says it all…

Jung Il woo in One More Time Episode 6.jpg

… So full of love!

Well I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about what he said during this trip…  For me it made such a difference to know what he says… he shares so much!

Take good care everyone!